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Notorious for his spinning arguments in SANHA’s industry of carrion halaalization, Molvi Navlakhi has vainly attempted to obfuscate the issue in his vile bid to justify SANHA’s granting a halaal certificate for the ‘Israeli’ chocolate cake product. Needless to say, for the sake of the haraam boodle, Navlakhi is clutching at straws to justify SANHA’s haraam ‘halaal’ logo awarded to the product bearing the name of the Butchers of tens of thousands of Palestinian Muslims. 

In his abortive spinning attempt to justify the despicable act of awarding a ‘halaal’ logo for the hated product, Navlakhi stated on Radio Shaitaan: “Where a product meets the halaal criteria it will be certified halaal and you cannot then certify such product not halaal purely because there may be some political expediency that a name connotation that a product may have.” (sic!)

Navlakhi’s first LIE is that “where a product meets the halaal criteria it will be certified halaal”. There is no obligation whatsoever on this carrion halaalizer (SANHA) to certify the ‘Israeli’ cake regardless of it not being made in Israeli. There are millions of products on the market. Has SANHA certified every one of the million halaal products? If not, why? The answer is quite simple. If the boodle is forthcoming, so too will the certification. SANHA certified the ‘Israeli’ chocolate cake because of the boodle the company pays. There is no conundrum underlying the certification of this product. 

What has obliged SANHA to certify the “Israeli”-named product? What Shar’i incumbency has constrained SANHA to certify a product bearing the connotation of Muslim blood, brutality and torture? If it is not the haraam money, what is the other factor which compelled this miserable carrion halaalizer to certify the product, and what constrains SANHA’s spin doctor, Navlakhi to  justify the halaaization of this product? No one is so dim and so dumb as not to understand the motivation for having awarded the ‘halaal’ logo for a product bearing the designation of brutality and murder of Muslims. 

The attempt to pull wool over the eyes of Muslims with his stupid ‘political expediency’ argument befits this spinner of SANHA. Whenever he opens his mouth to justify SANHA’s carrion, he disgorges plain, unadulterated rubbish. The ‘political expediency’ in this case goes to the heart of every Muslim except carrion halaalizers. It is not an expediency of small measure. It is a vital issue at the heart of all Muslims excluding those who have miserably betrayed Muslims, Islam and Allah Ta’ala. They are the ulama-e-soo’ such as SANHA’s conglomerate of evil scholars for dollars whose sole objective is the haraam boodle. 

Navlakhi’s statement that the product cannot be certified “not halaal” is another cunning attempt to pull wool over the eyes of Muslims. No one has asked SANHA to proclaim the product ‘not halaal’. The issue is not whether the product is halaal or haraam. SANHA had no obligation to proclaim the product halaal. If the company had not paid money for the certification, would SANHA have granted its obnoxious logo for the Israeli product? It is clear that the determinant is the boodle. The clamour against SANHA’s certification of the product does not require SANHA to proclaim the product ‘not halaal’. The anger of Muslims is on account of the ‘halaal’ logo SANHA had awarded for the product. No one expects the product to be branded ‘haraam’ if indeed it is free of haraam ingredients. The issue is: Why bestow approval and acceptability to a product bearing the designation of those who are guilty of torturing, murdering and rendering homeless countless thousands of Muslims? 

Disgorging more drivel, Navlakhi said: “We’ve received applications for people that want  to export their products to South Africa  from Israel where we turned down such applications.”

This is another obfuscating attempt of the spin doctor of SANHA. Were those products halaal? If yes, why did SANHA then not certify them? It was the political expediency and the fear of Muslim condemnation which had compelled SANHA to refuse the applications. Just as political expediency had constrained the carrion halaaizer to refuse the applications, the same logic had to be applied to this Israeli chocolate cake product. 

Uttering utter illogic rubbish, and insulting his own brains, Navlakhi said:

“However, he says if a product is made in South Africa, but the raw material for the product is only available in Israel, SANHA will certify the raw material provided it is halaal. However it will not certify if an entire product is imported. An example of such a case in the past, with regards to the Chila Coffee product.” 

In this irrational argument he ties himself in knots from which extrication is impossible. A little faeces is ‘halaal’ for SANHA. While it will not certify a big pile of faeces, it is ready to certify a small amount of faeces. This in essence  is the argument  disgorged by Navlakhi. The raw material coming from Israel is certified by SANHA, not the whole product. Drunk with stupidity – stupidly, the effect of halaaizing carrion – Navlakhi shamelessly made this ludicrous statement in public. After all, he had to cover up for the Israeli Chila Coffee debacle.  But the boodle has blinded these carrion halaalizers. They no longer have any Imaani conscience  left. They are spurred on my monetary motives. 

Any unbiased Muslim whose brains have not been convoluted by an excess of carrion consumption understands the fallacy of Navlakhi’s arguments. All his spinning arguments are devoid of  rational  and Shar’i substance. The fact is that these Carrion vendors have sold their souls for money.

28 Shawwaal 1436  (14 August 2015)


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