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Women In The Masjid

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In an article circulated on the internet by the Cape Radio station Voice of the Cape, some baseless bunkum views  have been propagated under the caption:

'Patriarchal mindset drives ulema: Academic'.

Insha'Allah, a detailed response to rebut the stupid views will be issued soon.  Here we have chosen to refute just one gross falsehood which appears in the article  written by one lost soul called Tasneem Mohammed.  In her article she alleges that one Mr. Tayob from the Centre of Contemporary Islam at the University of Cape Town,  attributed the following comments to Maulana Ali Moosagie:


"In a PHD dissertation a few years ago, Dr.Maulana Ali Moosagie argued that the Deobandis have taken stronger position on women in the 'male space', based on its patriarchal ideologies. The underlying theory of this perspective is that men want to "preserve their own salaah" and keep women away from their gaze. "There has always been this idea that women are a "temptation" for men, But it seems to me that maybe men should stay at home and let women pray at the mosque," he quipped. "Its clear that there is a strong determination to keep women away from society and keep Islam public life entirely in the hands of men. They do not want to have women participating, they do not want any challenges…and that's how it is being perpetuated. I have to admit…they have been successful."


In response to these blatant lies which have been attributed to him, Maulana Ali Moosagie, states:

"I just completed a word search on my dissertation, NO SUCH COMMENTS – LIES." (This was Maulana Ali's first e-mail refutation of the falsehood which either the woman Tasneem Mohammed or the character Tayob had attributed to him).

"I cannot recall ever making those comments. I assume that its some joke. Let the author quote the precise reference." (This was Maulana Ali's second's refutation  which followed a few minutes after the above letter.)

"I am absolutely sure that I did not write what has been falsely attributed to me. No retraction is required for I simply DID NOT MAKE THOSE COMMENTS. I don’t know who this Tasneem lady is. I shall attempt to make contact with the radio station.  My dissertation did not delve into the issue of women going to mosque." (This was Maulana Ali Moosagie's third letter refuting the falsehood which either the Tasneem woman or the Tayob character had attributed to him.)

This brazen fabrication of falsehood and its audacious attribution to Maulana Ali,  are a voluminous testimony for the degraded level of skullduggery to which these university   'academics' sink .

Insha'Allah, our refutation of the baatil and stupidity which Tayob is propagating with regard to the issue of women and the Eidgah, will be issued very soon.


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