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“What! Are the people of the cities confident that Our Punishment will not overtake them  during the night whilst they are sleeping?

“What! Are the people of the cities confident that Our Punishment  will not Overtake them during the day whilst they are indulging in amusement?

What! Are they negligent of the Scheme of Allah (that they are safe and sound and oblivious of His Athaab)?

Only people who are losers will have (such) confidence.”


Soon after the calamity of the Punishment of the sandstorms, hail, lightning and the Crane-Killer, comes this Athaab of the Fire. These are warnings from Allah Azza Wa Jal of greater Punishment if the Saudi regime and the masses  of transgressors do not heed and  reflect with intelligence.

All of them are defiling the sanctity of the Haramain Shareefain (the Holy Musjids and its sacred Precincts  in Makkah and Madinah). The evil regime and the evil and jaahil  ‘pilgrims’ whose primary objective is  holidaying, are rudely and obscenely violating the Holy Places with their  evil and sins.  They have transformed the Haramain Shareefain into holiday resorts and market places.

The evil of photography, cellphone sins and videography, etc.,  taking place recklessly and shamelessly right inside the Holy Musjids and in front of the Ka’bah, even whilst making tawaaf, are shocking and alarming. People no longer  go to Makkah and Madinah for ibaadat. The primary motive is haraam fun, business, show and pride. There is utterly no reverence shown to the Ka’bah,  the Holy Qabr of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), and the Holy Musjid.

As long as these evils are  perpetrated, the danger of  greater calamities to befall is looming. May Allah Ta’ala guide this errant, miscreant, disobedient Ummah. Muslims have become  totally blind and oblivious of the villainy and immorality they are  perpetrating in the holiest places on earth.

“When We intend to destroy (the people of) a city, We command its affluent ones (i.e. give them rope and respite). Then they recklessly commit immorality therein (in the city). Then We (suddenly) destroy them utterly. (Qur’aan)

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4 Zil Hajj 1436 – 18 September 2015

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