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A bootlicking molvi, known as ‘Mufti Tariq Masood’ -  licking the boots of the baatil, oppressive, anti-Shariah Saudi regime, in his evil attempt to be in the good books of the Saudi authorities to ensure the availability of Saudi perks, resorting to flattery, states:

“Many people are saying regarding the calamities which have  occurred during Hajj this year – firstly a crane crashed, then the calamity in Mina, then a building caught alight – that these are Signs of Qiyaamah, and that Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had said that there will be a storm. This is erroneous. All these incidents are natural occurrences.

In such a huge gathering of more than 40 lakhs (400,000) such incidents are normal. One should not become overly worried and concerned on this account. Despite the Saudi government making  full arrangements, these incidents do happen. It is very difficult to manage such a huge crowd.

Some people revile the Saudi government. However, it should not be so. The Saudi government does whatever is in its power, and the arrangement they make is extremely  beautiful.

Regarding these calamities such as the  falling crane disaster – this was natural. From Allah  came the rain, and lightning struck. It was not in anyone’s power to prevent this happening. The rumours which are being spread about the  incident in Mina are the machinations of mischief-makers. Some people do not abide by the  rules laid down by the management. When we were on Haj we too observed this…”


This  narrative is designed by a typical bootlicking  molvi to curry favour  with the Saudi regime. The stupid ‘mufti’ has  disgorged  such stupid bunkum which leaves intelligent people aghast.  The derangement of his intellect is appalling. Without a  moment of reflection – without applying his brains, the jaahil avers that  crushing to death underfoot of more than a 1000 Hujjaaj and injuring  more than a 1000  are “perfectly normal” episodes.  Only a brain whose equilibrium  has been disturbed by extreme nafsaaniyat can ever  believe that trampling to death more than a thousand people engaging in Ibaadat is a “normal” occurrence.  This  jaahil ‘mufti’ should  efface himself from the surface of the earth for  making such a vile copro-statement to gain the favour of the Saudi authorities  for whatever  immoral  designs he has in mind.

While the crane disaster can be attributed to a natural cause beyond human control and ability, the Saudi authorities whom the jaahil is out to woo for their money, do not  assign the crane disaster to natural causes. According to them, the cause of the crane-disaster was the negligence of the Bin Ladin  contractors who had failed to follow the rules, hence this company has been banned from further  building activities. Whatever the reality may be, the indisputable fact remains that the crane disaster was a punishment from Allah Azza Wa Jal. 

The jaahil ‘mufti’ who appears to lack the ability to distinguish between faeces and food,  would have  portrayed  proper Aql if he  could only have understood that the string of disasters which  has afflicted  the Saudi regime and the hujjaaj in recent days was Punishment from Allah Azza Wa Jal. He stupidly and abortively seeks to  negate the predictions made by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) on  issues of this nature. 

The ignoramus further demonstrates with audacity his stupidity by praising the hallucinatory “most beautiful arrangement” instituted by the Saudi regime for the welfare of the Hujjaaj. The arrangements made by the Saudi regime are stupid, inadequate, lacking in  correct planning, vastly wasteful and  unnecessary  despite having squandered billions of dollars to enrich the kuffaar, primarily the U.S.A.  Far from having  created a ‘beautiful’ system, the Saudi regime has created more hardships  and more stupidities for the hujjaaj  with all its extravagant and unnecessary  building operations  with which it has defiled even the Ka’bah Shareef, and utterly destroyed every semblance of the Deen. They have not left a semblance of sanctity in the Holy Cities with the haraam Americanization and Europeanization cultures which they have introduced in the Holy Cities of Islam thereby transforming Makkah Mukarramah and Madinah Munawwarah into shadows of Paris and New York. 

Whilst the First Cause of all happenings is undoubtedly, Allah Azza Wa Jal, the secondary causes may not be  fobbed off. In so far as the Taqdeer  of Allah Ta’ala is concerned,  our  minds with their finite  parameters are unable to fathom nor are we supposed to probe beyond the confines of  the limited abilities of our created minds. But, we are under Qur’aanic command to apply our intelligence  to investigate the secondary causes, to derive   constructive lessons, to repent and reform our morally rotten and corrupt lifestyle  which in fact is the secondary cause for all the disasters which are a prelude  for the  greater disasters which  are hanging over this Ummah like a dark cloud. 

An intelligent scrutiny of the  systems  created by the Saudi regime  to supervise and control the crowds  during the Hajj season will illustrate the  stupidity permeating whatever the regime has arranged ostensibly for the welfare of the Hujjaaj.  They have created  cattle-cages  for  millions of people. They have hemmed in hundreds of thousands of people in solid steel barricades without providing any valves of escape in an emergency. If  the stupid designers of the system had  possessed sound  brains, they would have  erected   huge gates  all along the  length of the barricades, to be opened in an emergency. If there had been large gates interspersed along the entire length of the barricades, these could have been opened to enable the crowds to  spill out of the cages into freedom, thus avoiding the stampede in which more than a thousand hujjaaj were massacred.

The massacre was the consequence of two separate huge concourses of people  converging. In the first place, this was not supposed to happen even according to the system  of the Saudi regime. Each barricaded lane is set aside for a one-way traffic, not for  two massive crowds moving towards one other on a collision course. What has to be investigated  is: Why were the two groups moving in opposite directions   trapped in the same barricaded lane? It is utterly  false, stupid and an  insult to intelligence to  claim that the hujjaaj had  flouted the rules hence they found themselves on the same lane where another crowd was advancing from the opposite direction. 

And, if  there had occurred some error – in fact there was no error -  why did the 100,000 security personnel on the scene not  immediately  address the developing  problem. There are, or there are supposed to be, dozens of watch towers from which the security personnel  can monitor the crowds. Why did the  security personnel in the watch towers fail to  see and understand the disaster in the making when they could clearly see the two crowds converging? The moment the one crowd had entered the wrong lane, why did these  stupid, arrogant and indolent   security personnel not  react and set in operation  measures to  avert the  impending disaster? 

It should be understood that the massacre did not happen at the Jamaraat.  The climax of the disaster in the making occurred when two peaceful crowds of people were converging from different directions in a cattle-cage where the one crowd was not supposed to be. The regime must take full responsibility for the disaster. 

Undoubtedly, the disasters which have afflicted the regime and the hujjaaj are Signs of Qiyaamah, but the jaahil ‘mufti’ licking the boots of the Saudi regime is blind and stupid. He is beset by a stupidity of the nafs which is lured by the perks the Saudi regime offers to its bootlickers. 

In the final analysis Muslims should understand and not opt for deliberate blindness and stupidity that whatever has happened is on account of gross transgression against the Law of Allah Azza Wa Jal. The evil and filth of the Ummah are being punished in incremental stages. First comes the little warnings which will be followed by massive disasters which will obliterate whole communities and lands. The Qur’aan is emphatic and explicit in this. And, for the “Sunnah of Allah, you will find no change.” 

It is our fervent Dua that Allah Ta’ala forgives all those who have died in the disaster. May Allah Ta’ala bestow to them the ranks of the Shuhada, Aameen Thumma Aaameen

15 Zil Hajj 1436 – 29 September 2015

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