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Assalamu alaikum

18 Zil-Hajj 1436
2 October 2015


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BOGUS ‘uucsa’ consisting of a medley of miscreants  from the Qabar Pujaari sect, the new brand, deviate, Jamiatul Ulama KZN (Jamiatul Juhala), the modernists of  the NNB Jamiat (No Name Brand Jamiat), and the Carrion Halaalizers of  the MJC of Cape Town, has advertised a function – a merrymaking function  to be held at  the venue of the Qabar Pujaaris (Grave Worshippers), namely, the ‘Soofie Hall of fisq and fujoor in Sherwood, Durban on 6 October 2015.

For the edification of the Muslim community, it is necessary to  inform that UUCSA, i.e. the Genuine UUCSA, the registered UUCSA  which was established in 1970, has not organized this haraam, corrupt  qawwaali function where Islam will be betrayed by the embrace of  fellows of bid’ah and dhalaal.

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The conglomerate of Ahl-e-Baatil has fraudulently usurped the  name of Genuine UUCSA and under this name do these miscreants  endeavour to mislead the Muslim masses. We urge Muslims to beware of these wolves  in sheep’s skin.

A glance at their  invitation will establish that the medley of juhala comprises of:

  • Modernists/liberals craving for leadership and cheap aggrandizement. In this category are the Reverend Abraham Bham (alias l. E. Bham), Y. Patel and Ahmad Mohammedy of the New Brand Jamiat KZN (Jamiatul Juahala). The inordinate craving for leadership has driven them to the confines of intellectual derangement.
  • Grave-Worshippers: In this group is Mr. Y. Chisty to whom the miscreants have assigned the duty of the empty ritual which they dub ‘dua’.
  • Gulenists: In this class are Mr. Ahmed Mohamedy who has dragged the genuine Jamiatul Ulama of Natal into the gutters of degradation, inertia, show and false pride. The Jamiat’s ‘leadership’ position has been too much for this upstart. His brains have gone crazy with the mantle of leadership. No senior could be found to fill the vacuum. The other Gulenist is  Abdullah Khan also of Jamiatul Juhala. These characters have secretly supported the Gulenist movement  with the Zakaat hampers which they assigned to the Gulenists when they went to distribute the Muslim community’s Zakaat  to the regufees in Syria. Insha-Allah, in future articles this aspect of  Jamiatul Juhala shall be further exposed. They must hang their heads in disgrace for their vile conduct.
  • Carrion Halaalizers: In this category fits the chap, I. Taliep of Cape Town’s MJC

The characters taking part in this fraudulent function should be sufficient eye-openers for understanding the  evil and  base motives underlying  this latest attempt by the  clique of  BOGUS ‘uucsa’. Their perennial attempt  has always been to be recognized as the leaders of the Muslim community. There is not a single  deed of  virtue which these frauds have  managed to achieve under their fraudulent  bogus ‘uucsa’ designation.

The distinction of these  BOGUS characters is to waste the community’s charitable funds in parties, useless conferences,  air-travel, pies and samosas, etc. All of them are  deadwood squandering the community’s charitable funds.

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