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A Brother from Cape Town who was trapped in the midst of the stampede horror in Mina, describing the mini-Qiyaamah scenario, writes:

“The stampede lasted for more than  an hour.  Some people died while standing and no one could do anything for them. My mind couldn’t completely wrap itself around the Ahadeeth about the horrors of Judgment Day, until I lived through this incident of horror.

After some time, after pushing, shoving, crushing and suffocating, the garments of the pilgrims started coming off. Many of them became completely naked. But   the horror of the situation didn’t allow anyone to look at the nudity of the others. Indeed, this depicts what Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had informed us about from the calamities and horrors of the Day of Qiyaamah.

While I was standing I could feel corpses under my feet.  After some time I felt something nudging at my feet.  I did not know what it was. It kept occurring until I realized that it was a woman who was still alive and she was biting my foot to alert me that she was still alive so that I may save her. Alas! Unfortunately I was not able to do anything. Nafsi nafsi (Myself! Myself!) was the only  concern which overshadowed everything else.

I remembered the Qur’aanic verse which says that on that Day of Qiyaamah, a  person will flee from his brother and his mother and his father and his wife and his children. Every person will be preoccupied with his own plight.   Even if that was my own mother, I would not have been able to do anything for her.

In the end Allah Ta’ala, in His infinite Mercy, willed that I be saved so that I may narrate for Muslims some of the horrors that I lived through in an incident of sheer horror that lasted perhaps an hour.  Now how will  be the Day which will be 50,000 years long, and the horror of the stampede will not be the extent of  the smallest atom in relation to the horrors, torments and calamities of the Day of Qiyaamah?

It is  hoped that  this serves as a wake-up call and a warning for all of us.

Yaa Rabbul Aalameen!  Save us  from the horrors of  that Day. Aameen


“I was trapped in the midst of the stampede.  I am unable to describe the scenes of horror which took place. People were being relentlessly shoved and crushed under foot in the stampede. I only saw maut (death). Inexplicably, I found myself stark naked. Innumerable people, men and women, were stark naked. The ihram garb and even the clothes of the females simply peeled off.

Although I was convinced that my maut was imminent, it was only Allah’s mercy, that I did not panic. Although I was completely naked, I prayed to Allah Ta’ala to allow me to be of some assistance to others. I am thankful to Allah Ta’ala Who allowed me to help a number of people in distress. By His grace I emerged safe from this unforgettable horror episode. All praises unto Allah Ta’ala.

25 Zil Hajj 1436 – 10 October 2015


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