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Moulana Allie Goder - Head Imaam Darun-Naim
Moulana Muaath Allie - Co-Imaam
Moulana Zakariyah Philander - Co-Imaam

I would like to formally lodge a complaint about a Pamphlet that has been posted up in the Darun-Naim Masjied.

Please find this pamphlet attached.

On entering the masjied on Friday 9th October 2015 I immediately noticed the pamphlet of this CAPE TOWN "ISLAMIC" COMEDY FESTIVAL. (Na'uzhubillah)

After seeing this HARAAM poster, I felt disappointed and left for Jumuah to another masjied.

I would like to know who grants permission for these type of notices to be posted in the Masjied?

Clearly whoever granted permission for this type of mockery show to be marketed inside the masjied(House of Allah) has no basic knowledge in deen.

Darun-Naim is supposed to be an institution of higher islamic knowledge, but with this type of HARAAM marketing happening right inside the masjied, one can only be concerned that people might start questioning the integrity of the institution.

It has been confirmed by senior ulama that to attend a show like this is absolutely HARAAM.

Mufti Abdul Kader Hoosen who is the ustaad of Moulana Muaath Allie has given the following quraanic verses in opposition to this mockery show,

Quraan Majeed says:

He hath already revealed unto you in the Scripture that, when ye hear the revelations of Allah rejected and derided, (ye) sit not with them (who disbelieve and mock) until they engage in some other conversation. Lo ! in that case (if ye stayed) ye would be like unto them. Lo! Allah will gather hypocrites and disbelievers, all together, into hell


And forsake those who take their religion for a pastime and a jest, and whom the life of the world beguileth. Remind (mankind) hereby lest a soul be destroyed by what it earneth. It hath beside Allah no friend nor intercessor, and though it offer every compensation it will not be accepted from It. Those are they who perish by their own deserts. For them is drink of boiling water and a painful doom, because they disbelieved.


The Ulama-e-soo who are promoting this type of HARAAM show, Namely 'DAR Al-TURATH AL-ISLAMI' should be reprimanded as they are misleading mainly the ignorant muslim youth. And with this type of mockery show being advertised inside the Darun-Naim masjied, who knows how many more have been misled into thinking that these shows are permissible to attend? Darun-Naim should take full responsibility for this.

This absurd poster says "LAUGHING WITH 'LAAGHOE' TO BUILD AN ISLAMIC LEGACY" (Na'uzhubillah)

The main promoters DAR Al-TURATH AL-ISLAMI which is run by Moulana Aduragmaan Khan should be taught that building an 'ISLAMIC LEGACY' based on "LAUGHING WITH LAAGHOE" is tantamount to KUFR.(Ya Allah save us)

I would just like to add that Islam's legacy has already been set by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam),the Sahabah ikram(Ridwanullahi ta'ala alaihim ajmaeen) and the illustrious personalities of Islam in the initial three eras of Islam.

​I humbly request that this poster be taken down and at the very least an announcement be made in Jumuah informing the youth to refrain from attending these HARAAM shows.​

May Allah Subhana Wa Ta'ala protect us from the evils that lurk in our community and keep us firmly on the Siratal Mustakeem. Aameen


Brother Ibraheem
Regular Musali


السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُاللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ
Br in Islam

All three names mentioned in your email are my students and it is shocking that they allow such haram to be promoted in the Masjid. 

Qiyamat is near when such vices are advertised in the Masjid.

A K Hoosen

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twitter: @akhoosen

1 Muharram 1437 (15 October 2015)


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