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An irate moron in support of the fisq and fujoor ‘open day’ event organized by the  fussaaq / fujjaar trustees of the Houghton Musjid in Johannesburg, disgorging his jahl, writes:

“Regarding your comment on the Open day hosted by Houghton Muslim Association, I must say that I am greatly upset at your lack of understanding regarding the event. The event is not an opening ceremony but an open day used to promote understanding of Islamic beliefs.......” 

In fact, the ‘open day’ event of fisq and fujoor is worse than the haraam open ceremonies which miscreants organize for Musjids to gratify their nafs. The ‘open day’ haraam event organized by the fussaaq trustees of the Houghton Musjid is not an event to “promote understanding of Islamic beliefs”. Islam cannot be promoted by adopting haraam methods. Acts of fisq and fujoor are inspirations of Iblees. The organizers of the haraam, immoral event are entangled in the tentacles of shaitaan, hence they view their Satanism and satanic act as an event “to promote Islamic beliefs”. 

The stupidity of the jaahil trustees who may perhaps be zindeeqs, is shocking. They crave to be trustees of a Musjid, yet they are lamentably stupid – so stupid that they fail to understand that even a Muslim is not allowed to enter a Musjid without wudhu. Now what does the intelligence of a sane Muslim decree regarding kuffaar who are perpetually wallowing in the state of janaabat? And, what does the sound Aql of the Mu’min say when kuffaar women, immodestly dressed and wallowing in the filth of haidh and janaabat defile the Musjid with their pollution? 

It appears that the brains of these zindeeq trustees are soiled with janaabat, hence the filth of kuffaar janaabat is perceived to be fragrant. They must hang their heads in shame and resign their posts. They are totally unfit to be trustees of a Musjid. 

The structure of the Houghton Musjid is among the Signs of Qiyaamah just as is the Ormonde Musjid, hence both Musjids are in the control of fussaaq and fujjaar who utilize the Deen for the attainment of their nafsaani objectives, thus they come fully within the purview of the Hadith:

“The dunya will be pursued with the amal of the Aakhirat.”


That is- the Deen and the structures of the Deen will be used to gain despicable worldly and nafsaani goals. These signs of Qiyaamah are unfolding right in front of our eyes. 

Another salient sign of Qiyaamah are moron trustees of Musjids who abuse the Musjid and even the funds of the Musjids for haraam activities. A man asked Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam): “When will be the Hour (of Qiyaamah)?” Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) responded:  “When amaanat is destroyed.” The man asked: “How will amaanat be destroyed?” Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “When an affair is assigned to those who are unfit, then await the Hour.” 

This Hadith has full applicability to these juhhaal, fussaaq and fujjaar trustees who believe that they are qualified to be Musjid trustees, solely on the basis of their money and worldly positions. The molvis who participate in these haraam functions are also in league with shaitaan, for they aid and abet in the evil and flagrant transgressions of these vile trustees who defile the sanctity of the Musjid and squander huge sums of public funds for self-gratification and self-aggrandizement. 

The open day fisq and fujoor function is a disgustingly disgraceful event. A Musjid is an abode which is dedicated for the Ibaadat of Allah Azza Wa Jal, but these evil, unqualified and unfit trustees have transformed the Musjid into an amusement centre for the kuffaar. The Musjid is not a tourist attraction. It is not a place put up for show. The Musjid is the HOUSE OF ALLAH which is open every day. There is no day that a Musjid has a ‘closed’ day. It is open and should be open 24 hours X 365 days for Ibaadat. It may not be opened for defilement – to be defiled by kuffaar wallowing in janaabat, haidh and kufr. It is a massive shaitaani deception to believe that Islamic beliefs could be promoted in ways and methods which are haraam, fisq and fujoor.

The vermiculated brains of these juhhaal trustees see goodness in Satanism. This is their satanic ideology inspired into them by Iblees. Having fallen victim to the snare of Iblees, the trustees of the Houghton Musjid have transformed the Musjid into a centre of dhalaal, fisq and fujoor, and this too is a sign of Qiyaamah as stated by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam):

“Soon will there dawn an age when nothing will remain of Islam but its name. Nothing will remain of the Qur’aan but its text, The Musaajid will be elaborate structures, but devoid of hidaayat....”


In this Hadith are depicted the Houghton Musjid, the Ormondo Musjid and the Gulenist ‘musjid’ of Midrand. All of these Musaajids are figuratively speaking in the category of Musjid Dhiraar. The Musaajid are being prostituted by the juhhaal trustees for their personal despicable aims and objectives. 

Anyhow, the reality is that, after all, Rasulullah’s predictions have to materialize. And this is what we are witnessing today.

5 Muharram 1437 (19 October 2015)


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