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Asalaamualaikum respected Ulama 

A break down of this so called Islamic magazine regarding it's adverts is as follows: 

Page after main cover‎ Mercedes Benz Sandown motors advert

Page 2 Adega Fordsburg (half page)

Page 3 Essops home (full page‎ advert)

Page 4 Al Ameen Qur’an institute in conjunction with Mohammedeya Musjid now offering Hifz ul Qur’an

Page 5 Al Mabroor investments (full page advert)

Page 6 Clean 9 ( quarter page advert)

Page 7 Vawda Jewellers ( full page advert)

Page 8 Roll print labels and Vawda Jewellers ( 2 small adverts)

Page 9 Randeree Jewellers (full‎ page)

Page 10 Aloe Vera 4 health (half page)

Page 11 Al Baraka bank ‎(full page)

Page 12 Maths excellence, cook for life, Cape Town holidays, Shabs pharmacy, Teeman (5 adverts)

Page 13 Chateau Gateaux Patisserie ( full page)

Page 14 Villa de Arabia - book your December holidays now ( half page)

Page 15 Maharani Indian basmati rice (full page)

Page 16 Holiday accommodation Park Rynie, Laletsa lodge, Raeesa's guest house (3 adverts)

Page 17 Africa Muslims agency (full page)

Page 18 ( 5 adverts)

Page 19 ful‎l page advert

Page 20 half page advert

Page 21 full page advert

Page 22 (3 adverts)

Page 23 (2 adverts)

Page 24 (1 advert)

Page 25 (1 advert)

Page 26 ( 4 adverts) including Rajasthan report back)

Page 27 (2 adverts)

Page 28 (5 adverts)

Page 29 (full page advert)

Page 30 (3 adverts)

Page 31 (full page advert)

Page 32 (3 adverts)

Page 33 (full page Al Imdaad advert)

Back and last‎ page ( full page FNB advert)


*** there is not a single page which does not have an advert*** 

This high gloss magazine is a deception and should be banned from the Masajids as it is encouraging trade and is placed in the Masjid to make their jobs so much easier. The name Islam today indicates that this is how Islam is's all of the and very few copy and pasted Islamic articles! 

Was-Salām, Concerned Brother

12 Muharram 1437 – 26 October 2015


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