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The following shocking revelation by a concerned Muslim of Benoni is a disgusting portrayal of the decades of fisq and fujoor of the ulama-e-soo’ of the Benoni Muslim Jamaat (BMJ), who have been running the Musjid and Madrasah affairs in Benoni. 

“Assalamu alaykum,

In our town, (the town is Benoni – The Majlis) afternoon Madrassah classes are conducted in the Masjied complex. The classes are intermingled between boys and girls, some of whom are Baaligh.

Recently, a young girl and a boy were caught secluded in a toilet. The Ulama (the evil molvis of the BMJ – The Majlis) were shocked and outraged. (Shocked for what? They are the very causes of the zina, fisq and fujoor which have destroyed the morality of the pupils attending the madrasah-school. – The Majlis)

The girl was immediately expelled and the boy is also about to be expelled. (Why did they not expel the scoundrel boy also immediately? – The Majlis)

Some Ulama (of the BMJ) suggested that the boys and girls be segregated as there are enough classrooms etc. Others are unwilling to take this step and maintain that segregating the girls from the boys will be difficult. (Leave alone calling these villainous thugs, ‘ulama’. Are they even Muslims? – The Majlis)

Many people in our town are shocked that even Zina is being committed in a Waqf premises and that too in the shadow of Allah’s House under the noses of Ulama. (The shock of the people is stupid. The people too are complicit in the ruin of the morals of their children. When even baaligh boys and girls are in the same classroom, what is expected? Do you expect churning out saints or immoral devils?

Some of us who are speaking out are branded as “Majlisi” and are regularly referred to as extremist by Radio Islam (Radio Shaitaan) etc. (All of these ‘some who speak out’ are spineless dumb devils to have maintained silence after making feeble sounds and offering muffled opposition. A hue and cry were necessary to bring the moral thugs of the BMJ to book and to their senses. For decades have they ruined the morality of generations of children with their haraam school and madrasah arrangement.

Our advice to the community of Benoni is to boot out the scoundrels who have allowed the moral rot and corruption to have reached this sewerage and gutter level where zina is committed right inside the madrasah premises in the Musjid complex. This is not an issue to hush-up or to sweep under the rug. The situation is absolutely rotten to the core just as rotten as the BMJ molvis are. 

Of great concern is the absolute silence of The Jamiats and the senior Ulama.” (These Jamiats have degenerated into Satanism. They have lost all of their Islamic bearings. They are in fact the architects of fisq and fujoor. Expectation of any goodness emerging from these ulama-e-soo of these villainous jamiats is a distant pipe dream. They are sinking in the quagmire of filth and haraam which they have created for themselves –The Majlis)

13 Muharram 1437 (27 October 2015)

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