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Nowadays the Deen is utilized and mis-manipulated  for nafsaani motives. The latest victim to suffer the fate of mockery is Salaatul Istisqa – The Dua/Salaat for rain. While this act of Ibaadat is Masnoon, it should be executed in the Masnoon method.


The Masnoon method of performing this Salaat is as follows:


"Salaatul Istisqaa" is the Salaat enjoined by the Shariah in the event of a drought. Istisqaa' means to petition for water. Salaatul Istisqaa' consists of two raka'ts and the method of performing it is as follows:

The entire Muslim community should gather on the out-skirts of the town in the veld. Everyone should put on simple garments and set out for the gathering-place on foot. Little children and old people should also go along. Not a single kaafir should be taken along. It is not permissible to permit the kuffaar to participate in this mo-mentous occasion. Two raka'ts will be performed in jamaa't. Salaatul Istisqaa' has neither Azaan nor Iqaamat. The Imaam will recite the Qiraa'at audibly (jahr). The Imaam will thereafter recite two Khutabhsas on the Day of Eid. After the Khutabhs the Imaam will stand and face the Qiblah. He will raise his hands and petition Allah Ta'ala for rain. All those present should also make dua for rain.

This procedure of Salaat should be repeated for three consecutive days. Salaatul Istisqaa' should not be performed for more than three days.

  • 'If after having performed Salaatul lstisqaa' on the first day, it rains, then too, complete the three days.
  • It is best (mustahab) to fast on these three days.
  • Drought is the effect of sin committed in abundance. It is a form of Allah's Punishment. Hence, during a drought everyone should resort to istighfaar and taubah in abundance and discharge whatever rights are unfulfilled or usurped, be such rights in regard to Allah Ta'ala, e.g. Salaat not performed, Zakaat not paid, or be these rights in respect to people, e.g. debt deliberately not paid, wealth of others usurped or taken in a haraam way, etc.
  • It is Sunnat for the Imaam to invert his chaadar (the outer sheet which he wears), i.e. he should turn the inside out. This is to be done while making the dua for the rain after the two Khutbahs have been recited.



O Allah! Give us rain, abundant, wide-spread, producing herbage, benefiting without doing injury, in haste without delay. 

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