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A concerned Muslim parent from Zambia writes and offers the following Naseehat:


Alhamdulillah, Muslims have prospered in this country over the past two decades. However, currently, we are experiencing bleak times. The value of the Zambian Kwacha has halved in the last three months. Prices of imported goods have doubled. Load shedding is getting worse by the day. And to top it all, the rains have not yet started.

All these adverse conditions have led to a slump in business. Factories are operating at low capacity. Many Muslims have become debt-ridden over night and those that have managed to stay afloat are struggling to do so. All these conditions are a direct result of our A’maal.

It is our fundamental belief as Muslims that all conditions good or bad come from Allah Ta’ala. Adverse conditions at times are a direct punishment from Allah Ta’ala for our transgressions. At times adverse conditions are a wake-up call from AllahTa’ala, warning us to rectify our lives or else face even bleaker times in the near future.

Therefore, we should take these adversities with a pinch of salt and rectify those areas of our lives by which we are fueling the anger of Allah Ta’ala. There is a need for us to rectify ourselves both individually and collectively.

There are certain evils which are taking place in the community which are perpetrated by a few individuals. It is not adequate for the rest to turn a blind eye at the evils of a few. Failing to carry out our duty of “forbidding from evil” is also sufficient to draw the wrath of Allah Ta’ala.

One would have thought that the current adversities would have been sufficient for us to change our lives. However, everyone is more concerned about looking for a “quick-fix” to the current situation by reciting collective Tasbeeh in the Masajid, and no one wants to acknowledge the “elephant” in the room i.e. the need for us to repent from our extravagant lifestyles in the disobedience of Allah Ta’ala.


On the night of Saturday, the 21st of November, the LICEF graduating girls of 2015 are holding a graduation “dinner”, “prom”, “ball”(call it whatever you want!). The function is being held at Fallsway Events. Despite attempts by LICEF administration to prevent it, the event is scheduled to take place, because the girls have already left LICEF and are not bound by any decision of the LICEF administration.

The following evils are due to be perpetrated at this event:

1. Thousands have been spent on ball gowns and dresses for the event. This is very similar to the proms held at non-Muslim schools where much emphasis is made on the ball gown. The hall has also been hired at a huge cost.  Allah Ta’ala says, “Those that are extravagant are the brothers of the Shayateen.” (Al-Quraan). Our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world are dying of starvation and we are practically throwing our money down the drain!

2. A professional photographer has been hired for the event. We are more than aware that photographs are prohibited in Islam.

3. A Disk Jockey (DJ) has been called and music has been planned for an “after-party” after 21:00hrs.

4. A photo exhibition of the girls’ school life will be presented. Once again, photography is prohibited in Islam.

5. The non-muslim teachers at LICEF have been invited for the event. However, the Muslim teachers have conveniently been left out for fear of them objecting to the evils taking place.

6. Such “proms” are against the teachings of Islam and are the ways of the non-Muslims. By allowing such events to take place, we will be guilty of imitating other nations.

The above are just some of the evils which are planned for the event.

How can we as Muslim parents allow our teenage daughters to attend an event all alone at night without knowing what will be taking place?!

It is high time we take responsibility. It is the responsibility of parents to keep a check on the behavior of their children. It is the responsibility of friends to keep a check on the behavior of friends. It is high time that the community takes responsibility for the actions of its individuals. All of us are Shepherds and we are all responsible for the behavior of our flock!

“Has not the time come for the hearts of the believers to be affected by Allah's Reminder” (Al-Quraan)

Is there anyone who is ready to step up to the plate?




It appears that the Muslim community all over the world has resolved to continue recklessly with flagrant fisq and fujoor – vice and immorality. All perception of the Deen has been effaced from the hearts of Muslims, and they are being actively supported in their immoral villainy by the worst villains under the canopy of the sky, namely, the vile juhala-‘ulama’ – the scholars for dollars – the ones who sell even their mother’s  down the drain for the  gains of the dunya and the nafs. 

They are the television molvis and the facebooks scoundrel molvis, sheikhs and muftis – all tinders and fuel of Jahaanam where they will have to circumambulate their own intestines  which will be  extricated from their bodies and cast in their presence. 

The world has not seen any species  of humanity worse than  these ‘ulama’ (juhala)-e-soo’. We seek refuge in Allah Ta’ala from the evil of these agents of Iblees, and in the words of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) we state our fear for them:

“Verily, I fear for my Ummah the aimmah-mudhilleen.”

They are the vile ‘ulama-e-soo’.

11 Safar 1437 - 24 November 2015


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