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A Brother from the United States writes:

“Today a massive fundraiser dinner will be held in a Hotel (that itself will cost $5,000 for the evening) for the expansion of a Masjid, Sports Hall and Community Center that will cost a staggering $10 Million Dollars (R150 million).

The masses/sheep have been brainwashed and rallied with the ideology that it is an act of high merit to build a House of Allah with a Haraam Sports Center and Community Center.

One Mufti who does not seem to realise that these types of Fundraising activities are Haraam because they emulate the Kuffaar, writes the following.

"However, they may use an alternative method for fundraising, a method that is free from gambling. For example, the organizers may hold a buffet-style fundraising dinner event and sell tickets at a high price. Those who purchase the tickets may be allowed to eat as much as they wish. As a result, a minimum amount of the cash accumulated will be utilized in catering for the food and the remainder can be used towards fundraising.” (End of letter)

In the Qur’aan Majeed, Allah Ta’ala says:

“When We intend to destroy a town, We command its affluent people. Then they (recklessly) transgress in the town. Then the decree (of His Punishment) becomes confirmed. Then We utterly destroy the town (along with its people). –Al-Is’raa’, Aayat 16)

Despite the calamities which are settling on the Ummah, including the numerous ‘islamophobia’ attacks in America, these miscreants, the brothers of the shayaateen, are proceeding with squandering huge sums of money to erect a nafsaani centre for play and amusement. And, all of this evil is given a Deeni hue and perpetrated in the name of Islam.

In the midst of danger and disgrace, the misguided ones are obliviously proceeding with a venture of pride and ostentation completely unconcerned with the scenario around them and the plight of Muslims in other countries. The moron ‘mufti’ encourages Muslims to eat standing and walking like baboons, hence he mentions the kuffaar stupid practice of ‘buffet-style’ gluttony. This moron cannot be a mufti. His whole conception of Islam is convoluted.

The indulgence in the huge waste by the affluent people is the forerunner of massive Divine Punishment which will still overtake the people as is mentioned in the aforementioned Aayat of the Qur’aan Majeed. The issues of the Deen are being utilized for fulfilment of nafsaani desires and worldly objectives, and this is one of the signs of Qiyaamah mentioned in the Hadith. There is a great surge in this particular sign of Qiyaamah. All over the world, even here in South Africa, the Deen is presented as the ‘objective’ for the waste and haraam being perpetrated in the name of Islam. Projects, shows, festivals, mass moulood functions, mass i’tikaaf functions, mock istisqa’ functions, haraam fund-raising methods, manipulation of women for raising funds, and  many other  merrymaking haraam  activities are organized  under guise of the Deen.

Dark clouds of Divine Chastisement are hovering over the Ummah in all countries, especially in the U.S.A., Europe and South Africa. But, the Muslim communities are blissfully ignorant and choose to remain blind while they dwell in their drunken stupor of reckless transgression – fisq and fujoor. This trend is incremental by the day. Every now and again we observe a new merrymaking haraam function being innovated. The Ulama are among the prime culprits and villains who actively promote all of this haraam activity in the name of the Deen.

The signs indeed point to a huge explosion of danger which the communities will never be able to forget once the Divine Whip strikes.

Pillage, plunder, raping, burning, looting, xenophobia, etc. will utterly overwhelm and destroy Muslim communities. The genocide which Muslims have suffered and still suffer in some Asian countries, will soon overtake Muslim communities in the West. The affluence has transformed Muslims here into veritable devils. Viewing the  flagrant misdeeds of Muslims in the West, it is difficult to believe that they are Muslims. In fact they are not Muslims. They have Muslim names, born in Muslim homes and have a smattering of Muslim rituals in their lives. But in reality they are not Muslims. They are kuffaar of the Zindeeq class. It is mentioned in the Hadith:

“An age will dawn on the people when they will gather In the Musaajid and perform Salaat whilst not a single one will be a Mu’min.” 

We are living today in that age. Wealth is satanically squandered. Transgression has become the accepted and respected norm of Muslim society. Immorality is recklessly perpetrated. The Dark Clouds of Allah’s Athaab are discernable on the horizon

4 Rabiul Awwal 1437 (16 December 2015)


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