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(1)  Reverend Abraham Bham  of the No Name Brand Jamiat of Fordsburg (NNB Jamiat)

(2)  Darush Shaitaan of Durban, deceptively called ‘darul ihsan’, and headed by the Dajjaal, Zubair Bhayat


The presence of Shayaateenul Ins (Human Devils) is integral to life on earth. This dunya is the arena for the conflict between Haqq and baatil, and this conflict which is the product of Allah’s Scheme, will endure until the demise of this dunya. The presence and appearance of Shayaateenul Ins are therefore not surprising, and for the Ahl-e-Haqq, this illegitimate progeny of Iblees is not a worrying concern. However, the obligation of Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahyi Anil Munkar constrains the exposure of these shayaateen and dajjaajalah. Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed regarding the human shayaateen who are in cahoots with the jinn shayateen:

“Thus have we appointed for every Nabi enemies from shaateenul ins (human devils) and shayaateenul jinn. They mutually inspire one another with adorned statements of deception. If your Rabb had willed, they would not have done this. Therefore leave them and that (haram/deception) which they fraud.”

(Al-An’aam, Aayat 112)


It is beyond human comprehension to fathom Allah’s wisdom underlying the creation of human and jinn devils to be the enemies of His Ambiya (Alayhimus salaam). The illegitimate progeny of Iblees operating under the satanic spell and influence of the jinn shayaateen execute the shaitaani and haraam tasks of their principal, Iblees, who has harnessed them to attain the fulfilment  of his nefarious scheme to subvert Muslims and lure them into the dens of vice, fisq, fujoor and kufr. In our age in this country, the primary agents of Iblees are the Reverend Abraham Bham and Darush Shaitaan, both these entities masquerading as Deeni personnel, when in reality they are either  shayaateen incarnate or the agents of Iblees.

In the latest plot of shaitaan, these two agents have been harnessed in to propagate the fisq and fujoor of kuffaar sport, namely, soccer. The zukhrufal qaul (adorned statements of deception) mentioned in the aforementioned Qur’aanic aayat in the context of shaitaan’s illegitimate progeny (Bham and Bhayat), is to give the haraam kaafir sport (soccer) an Islamic flavour. The fisq (flagrant transgression) and fujoor (immorality) of kuffaar sport are being hoisted in the Muslim community in the guise of it being a ‘deeni’ activity. Hence, these two illegitimate offspring of Iblees, advertising shaitaan’s plot, say in their posters/fliers:

“Mansoor – Youth Power Soccer Camps – Soccer & Salaah”

This is the Bham character’s advert.  The other Iblees, Bhayat, promoting his shaitaani scheme of fisq and fujoor, says in his advert:

“6-A-Side Soccer Tournament - All teams must be accompanied by an Alim/Imam/Madrasah teacher - Darul Ihsan Islamic Services”


Even ignorant Muslims provided they are not under the spell of shaitaan, can readily understand the villainy and evil of these kuffaar sport activities billed as ‘Islamic’ events. It is indeed lamentable to contemplate on the fall of those who profess to be among the Ulama. From which height to which depth of satanism, fisq and fujoor have they fallen! Wallaah! These shayaateen posing as Ulama come conspicuously within the scope of Rasulullah’s Hadith:

“An age will dawn when ………the ulama will be worst of the people under the canopy of the sky. From then will emerge fitnah, and the fitnah will rebound on them.”

Instead of providing Deeni guidance to the masses, these children of Iblees provide satanism, fisq and fujoor in the guise of the Deen. They are confirmed shayaateen let loose in the community and are wroughting havoc to the Imaan and Akhlaaq of the ignorant awaamun naas (laiety) – and all of this satanism in the name of the Deen. Can these shayaateenul ins ever be Muslims?

What is the relationship between kuffaar soccer and Salaat? What ‘power’ can a Muslim acquire from kuffaar and shaitaani sport? The power of the Mu’mineen is derived from obedience and ibaadat. Although kuffaar sport is a kabeerah sin, if it is momentarily accepted to be just futility, then too it is proscribed in Islam. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Of the beauty of a man’s Islam is his abandonment of futility.”


Denouncing play and amusement, the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“The life of this world is but play and amusement whilst the abode of the Aakhirah is best for those who fear (Allah). What have you no sense?”


With the preponderance of halaalized haraam activities – halaalized by the illegitimate progeny of Iblees – the Muslim community stands awaiting the sudden and swift Divine Whip of Chastisement. Allah Ta’ala says in His Kalaam:

“Do the inhabitants of the town have confidence that Our punishment will not overtake them during the night time whilst they are sleeping? Do the inhabitants of the towns have confidence that Our punishment will not overtake them during the day whilst they are indulging in sport (soccer, etc.)? Are they confidant about the Scheme of Allah (i.e. that His Athaab will not overtake them)?” Only a people who are destined to be losers are confidant regarding the Scheme of Allah (that His Athaab will not overtake them).”

Muslims should not allow themselves to be led by the nose by these agents of Iblees into destruction and everlasting ruin. Satanism exudes from Bham & Bhayat like perspiration exudes from the pores. Intelligence is not a requisite to recognize and understand the blatant shaitaaniyat which these vile specimens of shaitaaniyat are propagating and enacting in the name of the Deen. They are worse than the Ulama-e-Soo’ of Bani Israaeel. The evil scholars and evil saints of Bani Israeel at least retained an outward countenance of religiosity, for they did not indulge flagrantly in fisq and fujoor. Their evil speciality was to fabricate false fatwas for only monetary objectives. But the shayaateen of the ilk of Reverend Bham and Dajjaal Bhayat promote bestial lust in deeni hues primarily for nafsaani gratification – to mingle and impress females, to indulge in fisq and fujoor and to gain some cheap publicity to appease the inordinate cravings of ujub and takabbur.

Having ruined their own Akhlaaq and destroyed their own Imaan, they have resolved to take with them to Jahannam as many of the ignorant masses as they can lure and entrap into the tentacles of Iblees. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) has taken a pledge from the Ulama that they will not conceal and befuddle the Haqq – that they will expose and name the agents of Iblees so that the ignorant masses could be saved from the snares of Iblees.


Among the satanic mudhilleen (misguides), zindeeqs (heretics) and shayaateenul ins (human devils) from which Muslims should distance themselves are:

Reverend Abraham Bham, Dajjaal Zubair Bhayat, Menk (alias mufti menk), Ninowy, Tariq Jameel, Zulfiqar Ahmed, Kamaaluddin, Dajjaal Nuaini, Mr. Solomon (alias Suliman Moolla), Molvi Vanker (imam of Umshlanga Musjid, and Ninowy’s agent), and many others who will be named as they are unmasked.

As for the Dumb Devil, silent ulama who condone and promote the shaitaaniyat of the human devils with their silence, Allah Ta’ala says to them:

“Why do their molvis (ahbaar) and sheikhs (ruhbaan) not prohibit them from their statements of sin and their consumption of haraam. Indeed, vile is that which they perpetrated.”

And, reprimanding them severely, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“He who remains silent regarding the Haqq, he is a dumb devil (shaitaaul akhras).”

10 Rabiuth Thaani 1437 – 21 January 2016

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