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In a statement, captioned ‘Halaal & Kosher’, SANHA, the carrion halaalizer displayed lamentable hypocrisy. We are not contesting the facts pertaining to Halaal and Kosher enumerated by SANHA in its statement. However, it has to be pointed out that under ‘deeni’ guise, SANHA is advertising its condemned carrion image. In the bid to resurrect its stinking carrion  reputation, SANHA is using and misusing a  Deeni issue.

In its statement, SANHA  states with  profound hypocrisy: “The Divine  laws of Islam are indeed perfect as taught to us by the  perfect Exemplar, the Noble Prophet (peace be upon him). Consumption of Halaal is a key to one’s Salvation.”

Everyone who is aware of SANHA’s haraam carrion  reputation and shenanigans can see right through the  hypocritical ‘deeni’ veneer, and recognize the hollowness and falsehood of  this profession and pontification.  To what extent is SANHA observing “the perfect Divine laws taught to us by  the Noble Prophet (peace be on him)”? Let us briefly examine  the “perfect Divine laws” pertaining to Thabah (Islam’s Slaughtering system). These “perfect Divine laws” are:

  • The chickens should not be hung upside down
  • The chickens should not be  electrocuted
  • The chickens should not   be killed in motion
  • The chickens should not be faced away from the Qiblah. When slaughtering, the chickens must face the Qiblah
  • The slaughterers must not face any other direction. They too must face the Qiblah
  • The chickens should not be immersed in scalding water prior to  removal of the entrails

Which one of these “perfect Divine laws” is SANHA observing in its carrion-halaalizing industry? Every act in SANHA’s Devil’s system of killing is in violent conflict with the “perfect Divine laws” of Islam.

According to the “perfect Divine laws taught to us by the perfect Exemplar”, Salaat is the  central Pillar upholding the structure of Islam  and Imaan. But, this vital and essential Pillar of Islam is brutally violated by SANHA’s fussaaq  killers just as the “perfect Divine laws” pertaining to Thabah are being brutally violated by these fussaaq killers under SANHA’s directive. Salaat is grossly neglected. Even Jumuah and Eid Salaat are neglected. Taraaweeh Salaat is taboo for the  chicken-killers. All of these gross violations of the “perfect Divine laws” are tolerable and acceptable to SANHA for the sake of coining the haraam riba boodle.

One of the demands of the “perfect Divine laws taught to us by the perfect Exemplar”, is kindness to animals. In stark and violent conflict with the “perfect Divine laws” is the abject cruelty of the horrendous system of breeding, feeding and rearing the artificial broiler chickens. We have described the satanic brutality of this system in several articles and booklets in detail. These are available from us. Every step in the breeding and rearing of these chickens is in violent opposition to the “perfect Divine laws taught to us by the perfect Exemplar”.

With what face and with what conscience can SANHA speak of  the “perfect Divine laws” of Islam, when it scornfully rejects each and every step, rule and law in Allah’s system?  Conscience is alien to those who halaalize rotten, diseased carrion. Hypocrisy  is brimming  from all the apertures in the bodies of the SANHA carrion clique. Nifaaq  overflows  from SANHA’s mouth, ears, nostrils, from every pore and from SANHA’s  filthy hind aperture.  SANHA, this vile carrion halaaizer, is manipulating the Deen for its despicable monetary objectives. After all, we are living in close proximity to Qiyaamah. Among the signs of Qiyamah according to the Hadith of the most perfect Exemplar (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) is that “the dunya will be pursued with acts of the Deen.” This is the motivation for SANHA hypocritical statement.

11 Rabiuth Thaani 1437 – 22 January 2016


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