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The name of the Musjid in Lenasia is supposed to be ‘Noorul Islam’ (The Light of Islam). However, the vile, shaitaani molvis of the NNB Jamiat (No Name Brand Jamiat of Fordsburg) have converted the Musjid into an abode of bid’ah from which emanates nothing but ZULMAT (spiritual darkness) – a darkness breathed into these vile molvis by Iblees himself. The evil and villainy perpetrated by these vilest of fussaq in the country right inside the Musjid are paving the way for the ultimate commission of zina on the Musjid’s mimbar as predicted in the Hadith of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). 

The immorality, fisq, fujoor, bid’ah and kufr  are on a sharp and rapid increase in the Ummah all over the world. This is the era of Dhalaalah , i.e.  deviation from Siraatul Mustaqeem leading straight to Jahannam. This is an era  in which shaitaan is resting in peace since he has handed over his  functions of evil to the molvis of this age. All of these NNB clique molvis and most of the molvis and teachers in darul ulooms today are all the agents of Iblees La-een Mardood. 

At the so-called ‘seerah jalsah’  organized by the agents of Iblees  right inside the Musjid,  vile and major sins of  video and  television evil were being committed in the name of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). All of the haraam and evil  perpetrated inside the Musjid was the  filthy shenanigans of the  molvis of the Devil.

A VERY DISTRESSED AND CONCERNED BROTHER” who incidentally happens to be anti-Majlis, felt constrained to write the following letter to us:

“As salaamu alaikum Respected and Honourable Ulama 

At the outset I would like to clarify that I am not part of some right wing or fanatical group or someone who agrees with the approach and the labelling of people by the Majlis, I am stating this so that people understand the context, but I feel there is no other platform to state the real truth. I am a lover of all the Ulama and therefore the points below should be understood as a message of real pain and concern from deep down my heart. I am also not an Aalim nor a scholar of Deen but an ordinary layman with not much else and the weakest individual in the ummat of Nabi Muhammad (SAW). 

What really concerns me is the extent to which the filth of photography, videoing and TV has degenerated, in the name of Islam. The very same Ulama who years ago would vehemently and vocally criticise meelad, weddings and other functions due to such reasons are the same Ulama affiliated to Darul Uloom Deoband who are the leaders in this filth today. They are even Asaatiza in world renowned darul ulooms of our country who are well respected and revered internationally. What a sad state of affairs. They are the same ulama who talk of obedience and following the sunnah and inculcating taqwa yet they indulge in such major sins openly. Is it not possible for them, given their status in the community, to immediately walk out of such functions, even if it be in a Masjid? 

The most recent of these functions was the Seerah Jalsa held on 30 January 2016, in Lenasia in a huge masjid where videoing of the entire event was being done. I attended this event in the initial days but not in the last few years as I do not reside in that town. What I heard yesterday morning (Sunday) was shocking. Our respected akaabireen full on video and as I said, respected senior Asaatiza from leading institutions, participating in such a function. Can the principals, management and shura committees of our Darul Ulooms not instruct and insist that the Asaatiza adopt a certain code of behaviour and face consequences for bringing the Darul Uloom and most importantly our Deen into disrepute. Corporates adopt these codes with their employees for worldly matters and maybe Darul Ulooms need to also to protect our Deen, otherwise what noor and roohaniyat will there be in the ilm they impart to their students-saying one thing and doing something else. I am really hurt and pained by this as I keep on scolding and reminding my own family on these evils, but then we have these double standards from our very own respected and senior Ulama affiliated to Darul Uloom Deoband through our esteemed Darul Ulooms in our very own country, which then confuses our families on what is right. This filth must stop. Ulama must break away from Ulama bodies perpetrating such filth and evil. My opinion is and this is just my opinion, that these individuals are out to impress the females, knowing that they are being videoed and even televised. Just like how we would admire the news presenters’ movements on TV in our ignorant days, we hear of women commenting on the looks and the style and the dressing of these Ulama on the channels like ITV.

I really feel we have to pull out the gloves and tackle this filth and evil head on.

Was salaam     Very distressed and concerned brother.  (End of letter)


The brother has provided his name. In the interests of the haqq it is only appropriate  that  the brother should  allow us to reveal his identity.  By remaining under cover the filthy NNB fussaaq molvis will peddle the propaganda that the aforementioned letter is  the work of The Majlis when in reality, it is a letter from one of our detractors. Allah Ta’ala is The Witness!


Whilst this brother  states his aversion for naming the  hoodlum  shaitaani molvis, he feels now constrained to name them. Although he has not mentioned them by name, the whole world  is aware of the  hooligans  and of the Musjid (Noorul Islam Musjid in Lenasia). Pretence is another shaitaani deception.  The purpose of  proclaiming the Haqq  is also to alert the unwary Muslim  public – to  save them from falling into  the evil clutches and traps of the agents of Iblees. The leading agents of Shaitaan  today in South Africa are the NNB clique of  vile molvis. They are  evil molvis – rotten to the core. The  rot of shaitaaniyat and dhalaalh   gushes  from their every  bodily aperture.


Some years  ago it was difficult for people to understand how Ulama  will be the tinders of Jahannam and how they will be the vilest  vermin under the sky as mentioned by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) in the following Hadith: 

“Soon shall there dawn over the people an age when nothing will remain of Islam but its name. Nothing will remain of the Qur’aan, but its text. The Musaajid will be beautifully adorned structures (such as the Ormondo and Turkish ‘musjids’ of Dhiraar), but will be bereft of guidance.  The worst of the people  under the canopy of the sky will be their ulama (such as the NNB Jamiat molvis). From them will emerge fitnah, and the fitnah will rebound on them.” 

Some years ago this Hadith may not have been comprehensible. But today, its meaning is clearer than the sun’s rays. These vile molvis have converted the Musaajid into venues of dhalaal. Instead of Muslims being guided towards the Aakhirah from the Musaajid, the Musjid platforms are being satanically manipulated to direct people to Jahannam. 

Another extremely lamenting and fearful aspect in  this saga of villainy is the presence of  so many “Dumb Devils” in our midst. This designation – this labelling, whether the brother and his ilk  abhor or love – is a naming exercise of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam)  who said about such Ulama who maintain silence and see the Shariah being trampled, abused and mutilated right in front of their eyes:

“He who maintains silence  regarding the Haqq is a dumb shaitaan.”


The sincere, but  devilishly silent Ulama should heed  this warning of Nabi-e-Kareem (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). They profess to be Ulama. They have set themselves up as guides of the community, yet they  adopt a satanic silence when the ahkaam of Allah Ta’ala are brutally trampled on and mutilated. Their  shaitaani policy of ‘hikmat’ makes them complicit with the evil molvis who flagrantly and  shamelessly   destroy the Deen and mislead the ignorant public.

21 Rabiuth Thaani 1437 (1 February 2016)


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