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Today's Jumuah bayaan in our local Musjid in Lenz was given by a Molvi who is a 'khalifah' of the late Ml Ebrahim Mia. They operate the 'Khanqah Zakariyyah' here, and are holding a weekend fanfare which they dub "Islahi Jalsah". There are placards all over the street corners in Lenz advertising the function, just like the Urs and Meelad crowd do when they hold their festivities. 

During the 'bayaan'​, which was a publicity stunt to invite the masses to their Islahi Jalsah-cum flea market-cum weekend festival, the molvi saheb made some very dangerous statements. 

In trying to magnify the 'greatness' of Sheikh Zakariyyah rahmatullahi alaih, he said:

"Fazaail A`maal is the Kitaab most read, after the Qur`aan Majeed" - In this sweeping statement he basically relegated the other great works in our Deen. He placed this contemporary work above the Sihah Sitta and all other Great Kutub. 

He also stupidly, whilst describing a dream of Moulana Makki where he spoke to Nabi sallallahu alaihi wasallam - I need to add here that whilst describing this scenario he spoke as though this dream was absolute truth and gospel, stating that this Ml Makki always 'spoke' to Nabi sallallahu alaihi wasallam. Apparently Nabi sallallahu alaihi wasallam told this Ml Makki in his dream that he (Ml Makki) should inform Sheikh Zakariyyah that he is 'most spoken' about in the heavens after Allah Ta`ala and Nabi sallallahu alaihi wasallam!!!!!!!

By one ignorant, brash regurgitation, he basically relegated the entire galaxy of Ambiyaa alaihimus salaam, Sahabah radhiallahu anhum, Tabieen and Tabe Tabieen rahmatullahi alaihim ajmaeen to be a stage below Sheikh Zakariyyah rahmatullahi alaih!!! 

As if that was insufficient he also said that Sheikh Zakariyyah rahmatullahi alaih exhorted his followers to establish the halqahs of thikr in the musaajid!!!!! Now, I am not sure if this statement is exactly as Hadhrat Zakariyyah rahmatullahi alaih uttered or if he truly intended the loud thikr that his stupid followers have initiated in our Musaajid nowadays, but if it is, then they would all be branded bid`atees. 

Judging by the above statements, I must say that I am truly flabbergasted that 'our' Ulama have already stooped to this low ebb and are aping the qabar pujaaris already. EXACTLY as the bid`atees elevate Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilaani etc. and are guilty of deification, the deobandi bid`atees are also fast becoming, nay already are guilty of, 'peer parasti'. 

I always thought that when the 'big' deobandi sheikhs that propagate loud thikr and other bid`ahs, pass on, their followers will gradually fall into the 'peer parasti' trap and become qabar pujaaris.

Alas! After today's Jumuah talk, I fear that this has already become a reality. The grave worship and justification thereof is just around the corner. All they need now is the nudge of some dream of one of their charlatans. 

May Allah Ta`ala have mercy on us, but I fear that these deobandi ignoramuses will transcend the evil of the Meelad crowd - The Meeladis elevate Nabi sallallahu alaihi wasallam to a stage equal to Allah Ta`ala through some of their beliefs, but judging from what I heard today, these deobandis will soon be elevating their sheikhs to that level. Nauthubillah!!! 

Never mind the bid`atees, these deobandis are mimicking the shiahs who couple the name of Hadhrat Ali radiallahu anhu to that of Allah Ta`ala and Nabi sallallahu alaihi wasallam. These deobandi quacks are coupling Allah Ta`ala and His Nabi sallallahu alaihi wasallam to their shuyookh!!!! Thereby discounting the entire galaxy of personalities in Islam. 

May Allah Ta`ala have mercy on this Ummah. The Hadith of Nabi sallallahu alaihi wasallam has become a reality:

"Islam started forlorn and will soon return to the forlorn state."

(End of letter)



Undoubtedly,  these quack ‘peers’ who hallucinate that they are spiritual guides, are in the process of  measuring up to the Barelwi Qabar Pujaaris  or even surpassing them in the practice of Bid’ah which will ultimately culminate in qabar puja (grave-worship). The miscreant ‘deobandi’ sheikhs who have lost  in entirety the Path of Tasawwuf, are  emulating the Barelwi Bid’ati-Qabar Pujaaris  in  the latter’s methodology which had preceded the Barelwi  ideology of  Qabar Puja.


The Bid’ah of these so-called ‘islaahi’ jalsahs is  the ploy of shaitaan, which he has adorned for these quack and crank ‘deobandi’ peers who have set their ignorant followers on the path of Qabar Puja and Shirk. Every  honest and sincere follower of the genuine Ulama of Deoband knows that these ‘islaahi’ jalsahs are an entirely new phenomenon innovated by these  moron ‘sheikhs’ hankering after Hubb-e-Jaah and Hubb-e-Maal. Since they are bankrupt  in Tasawwuf, they  seek to carve for themselves the image of  Sufis with their bid’ah halqah thikr, islaahi’ jalsahs and  other merrymaking functions and festivities. 

It appears that this particular ‘islaahi jalsah programme has been  organized by the miscreant ‘deobandi’  quack peers to vie with  the recent  opening of a Barelwi Bid’ati  musjid called ‘Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jailani’ mosque, in Lenasia where  the ‘deobandi’ miscreant peer’s  ‘khaanqah’ operates. There is currently intense competition between Barelwi Qabar Pujaari Bid’atis and so-called ‘deonbandi’ miscreant  peers who are  dwelling in confusion in their bid to establish their  cult of dhalaal (deviation). 

The ‘daleel’ of dreams is a popular ground of justification of bid’ah. Since they are  entirely bankrupt in Shar’i dalaa-il, these  frauds masquerading as shaikhs of Tasawwuf, both Barelwis and so-called ‘deobandis’, fabricate  dreams or hallucinate dreams  for conjecturing  justification for their evil practices of bid’ah. They utilize these hallucinations  to override the  clear and emphatic injunctions of the Shariah. They are currently scraping the bottom of the barrel. Soon they will be  licking under the barrel just as the Barelwi  grave-worshippers are practising. 

People of Ilm – genuine Shar’i Ilm – evaluate  practices and institution  on the scale of  Shar’i dalai-il, the foundation of which comprises of the Qur’aan and Sunnah. Dreams have no share in the formulation of  Shar’i institutions. Shaitaan too appears in these people’s dreams in the form of  ‘buzrugs’ displaying his traps of  ‘noor’. 

An institution/practice has to be incumbently  measured and scaled in the light of the Shariah. If it is in conflict with  Shar’i dalai-il, it has to be necessarily condemned as Bid’ah Dhalaalah regardless of the personality who has  fabricated, imagined and introduced it. Allaamah Abdul Wahhaab Sha’raani (Rahmatullah alayh), the  9th century  Shaafi’ authority, said:


“He who  holds on to the rarities (obscurities and perculiarities) of the Ulama, verily he has made his exit from Islam.”


Dreams are  worse than even the nawaadir (rarities) of the Ulama. Dreams  which conflict with  Shar’i dalaa-il are the effects of shaitaan. These  bid’atis and grave-worshippers raise the structure of their religion of bid’ah and shirk on the hallucinatory grounds of dreams. The entire merrymaking proceedings of the so-called ‘islaahi’ jalsah are in conflict with the Shariah.  These jalsahs are bid’ah dhalaalah. The ignorant and the unwary are  being led  along the path of Hell by these quack and crank ‘sheikhs’  who are  totally ignorant of Tasawwuf. They  do not know even the meaning and objectives of Tasawwuf. Their ignorance is fuelled by the twin maladies of Hubb-e-Jaah (the craving for name and fame) and Hubb-e-Maal (the craving for money). It is an easy and a dastardly  act of villainy to fleece stupid mureeds of their money in the name of religion. May Allah Ta’ala protect the Ummah from these wolves in sheepskin who  ravage, pillage and plunder the Imaan and the Akhlaaq of the ignorant and unwary.

26 Jamadul Awwal 1437 (7 March 2016)


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