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Question: Some anonymous skunk purporting to be ‘The Majlis’ commenting on the discovery of urine in a perfume factory in Saudi Arabia, attributed the following statement to “The Majlis”:

“What is wrong with using urine in perfume?”

Then the skunk quotes a Hadith to support the validity of using and consuming alcohol, which he attributes to “The Majlis”. The address appearing on the statement is: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please comment.


There is nothing much to comment on the statements issued by cowards, scoundrels and skunks. The whole world knows that the e-mail address used by the coward/s is not that of THE MAJLIS. Furthermore, the world is aware of our stance on the masaa-il of the Deen. The clarity and equanimity of our views and beliefs preclude any confusion succeeding. For example, no matter how many scoundrels and frauds may issue fraudulent statements in our name claiming that soft drinks are now halaal, carrion chickens are halaal, Sanha is a valid body, women are allowed to attend the Musjid, etc., etc., etc., every level-headed Muslim will understand that such statements are the lies of frauds and fakes.

The two fundamentals which insulate the authenticity of our views and debunk the falsehood and lies of cowards are:

(1) The clarity of our stance which does not admit any fork-tongued ‘fatwas’.

(2) Our internet address (e-mail and website) are known. Any other address will obviously be fake and fraud.

Fraud, lies and cowardice are the salient features of Munafiqeen whom you have appropriately designated ‘skunks’.

27 Jamadul Awwal 1437 (8 March 2016)


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