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19 Jamadul Ukhra 1437 – 29 March 2016



The NNB Jamiat (i.e. the No Name Brand Jamiat of Fordsburg), fraudulently and deceptively using genuine UUCSA’s  name, is currently  in bed, in an unholy   embrace with HWSETA in a sinister  plot  to treacherously colonize and monopolize Ilm-e-Deen (the Knowledge of the Deen).

HWSETA (Health & Welfare Sector Education & Training Authority) is a government entity which governs and regulates education. The conspiracy is to bring all the Darul Ulooms and Institutions of Islamic learning under the influence, control and jurisdiction of the non-Muslim governmental authorities.

The NNB Jamiat has already treacherously betrayed the Deen, corrupted and contaminated the Ilm of the Deen at its madhouse so-called ‘madrasah’ where the Qur’aan and the Hadith have been made subservient to secular education. A scrap matric certificate doled out by atheists is an incumbent requisite for admission  to the madhouse hybrid ‘madrasah’ of the NNB Jamiat. Now this treacherous sell-out – traitor to Islam – has taken a hideous step of kufr  to further  undermine Islam   with its attempt to colonize and monopolize the Knowledge of the Deen  with the aid of the non-Muslim governmental entity.

Fraudulently operating under the name ‘uucsa’, the treacherous (Baaghi/Munaafiq) NNB Jamiat is plotting to monopolize  the dissemination of  Islamic Knowledge; to fabricate a westernized curriculum and to have the final say as to who are  Ulama. Obviously ‘ulama’ in the  concept of the Baaghi-Munaafiq will be  zombies who ‘graduate’ after doing a course of  satanic  study in which  their brains and hearts will be  enclosed in a straightjacket of  such  western liberalism  which necessitates an interpretation which will  kill the spirit of the Qur’aan and Sunnah. All the pristine Ahkaam of the Shariah will be submitted   to a western oriented concept of  ‘religion’.

An idea of the shaitaaniyat envisaged by the NNB Jamiat Iblees, is the following ingredient taken at random from  its draft curriculum:

  1. 1. “Identify the specific  legislation relevant to the rights of children and youth and describe this from an Islamic perspective; (Such as: Children’s Act, Norms and Standards)
  2. Identify and explain with examples the four pillars of the United  Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and relate this to the Islamic world view;
  3. Identify violations of the rights of children and youth;
  4. Indicate the actions that must be taken to deal with violations of rights from an Islamic perspective.

Entry Requirements: NQF Level 3 with English Communication

Top Elements to be covered include:

  1. 1. Explain the rights and responsibilities of children and youth relevant to the Bill of Rights;      ...........

7.  Describe social equality as it applies to the child and youth and is consistent  with basic human rights and child rights;

Identify violations of the rights of children and youth.

Identify and interpret the appropriate verses from the noble Quran relating to the principle Islamic beliefs.”

The Students will be indoctrinated with  the concepts of kufr, fisq and fujoor.  There is a vast chasm  between  rights as expounded by islam and rights spawned by the brains of  atheism and western liberalism. What compatibility is there between opposites which  are mutually repelling?

The above are a couple of  stupidities taken at random from a curriculum loaded with hogwash and drivel, “full of sound and fury signifying nothing” – signifying bunkum and humbug from the Islamic perspective. The  hybrid kufr  curriculum is an attempt to westernize  Islamic Knowledge in a similar way as the kufr MMB (Muslim Marriages Bill) is an attempt to  make the  Shariah subservient to the  kufr law of the country.

It is haraam for  the Darul Ulooms to  submit to this treacherous proposal which is a shaitaani plot to  undermine the Deen by the production of zombie ‘ulama’ who will interpret Islam  to suit the western palate. The plot of shaitaan is to fetter Islam to western thinking and interpretation, hence the agents of Iblees such as the NNB Jamiat has been co-opted to give practical implementation to the plot. HWSETA in its letter to some Darul Ulooms states:

“The religious sector is a vast and dynamic sector, the  HWSETA, indentified and decided to develop occupational qualifications for four religious groups at this stage of the process.

The HWSETA engaged with the Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Hindu communities to develop qualifications for the religious  practioner within these sectors.

From all the religious groups only the Jewish group did not  commence with the development of any qualification.”

In fact, the Jewish community has displayed  sagacity and sound brains and has abstained from this venture to avoid compromising its religion. It should be noted that HWSETA did not engage with the Muslim community on this or any other issue. It engaged with a bogus entity which is fraudulently utilizing the name of genuine UUCSA.  The NNB Jamiat of Fordsburg has thus deceived the  HWSETA, and tricked it into believing that  its bogus ‘uucsa’  represents the Muslim community.

Indeed, it is absolutely ludicrous and haraam for a Darul Uloom to  submit to this plot and to compromise the Deen and its Ilm for whatever crumbs the authorities will dole out in lieu of  purchasing the Soul of  the Deen.

Insha-Allah, we shall comment further on this haraam alliance and plot  in which the NNB Jamiat of Fordsburg  fraudulently using the name of genuine UUCSA is satanically implicated.

The Ulama of the Darul Ulooms should not  be so gullible as to  fall victim to this pernicious conspiracy of Iblees.  To allow the Ilm of Wahi and the system of Islamic Knowledge inherited from the Sahaabah to be regulated  by a non-Muslim government is absolutely ridiculous and haraam.

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