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On the disastrous issue of the NNB Jamiat of Fordsburg’s  underhand scheme with  the HWSETA (a government body) to fit western kuffaar blinkers on Darul Uloom Students in the  vile attempt to make them acceptable to the western world, a Brother writes:


Several years ago in my local musjid we had a very senior alim(not aligned to NNB) who gave an evening bayaan. As it was years ago I am in doubt between two ulama names so I do not want to commit myself to a name.

During the bayaan he did sidetrack and mentioned SETA accreditation for Darul Uloom courses as he said something along the lines of that under the current Islamaphobia, negative media attention, terrorism claims, etc that accreditation will help us. It was actually quite surprising for a senior alim of that calibre to have made such a statement. 

Now we see all that behind the scenes work was deceptively continuing and NNB infiltrating the ulama. 

I have liaised with SETA previously and current engaging them to accredit engineering seminar courses. To do so there are many rules, standards and regulations that one must adhere to. Even the course material must be structured to be in line with the standard outcomes that they have drawn up. So in essence your course for ease of recognition and accreditation must follow what they want it to cover. 

I find even those who may have supposedly good intentions to be extremely or rather shockingly naive and gullible or maybe downright stupid. Surely they have some intellectual reasoning to understand linking Deeni ilm to such bodies is an absolute disaster. They will essentially be destroying the Deen with their own hands in order to comply with SETA then SAQA(South African Qualifications Authority), then whatever other body they hanker after. 

I may be wrong but I do feel that deep down these scholars have an underlining inferiority complex and seek the status of an accredited diploma, degree, master and doctorate qualification and use this as a launch pad to venture into other fields/careers. 

Those clamoring for such accreditation need a sobering wake-up call or perhaps a sjambokking. 

I suppose these are all signs of qiyamaah that must come to pass. 

(End of the Brother’s letter)


Intelligent laymen who have the Deen at heart are able to see right through the conspiracy spawned by the Islamophobia plot of the U.S.A. To kill the spirit of Islam which pulsates in the heart of every true Mu’min, and to extinguish the ethos of the Haqq which stems from genuine Ilm of the Deen, comes this pernicious scheme to secularize the Knowledge of the Qur’aan thereby producing zombie molvies who will bootlick the kuffaar and surrender Islam to the demands and dictates of the western master. May Allah Ta’ala save this Ummah from the machinations and villainy of the ulama-e-soo’.

27 Jamadul Ukhra 1437 (6 April 2016)


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