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Assalamu Alaikum

10 Rajab 1436
18 April 2016


The Western Christian conspiracy to dominate the Ummah and extinguish Islam has been an on-going perpetual scheme since the defeat of the Roman empire by Islam. The Crusader wars which were initiated to achieve this goal have not ended. The only difference is that the West has adopted a new methodology and shifted the stage of conflict after they realized that it was not possible to eliminate Islam on the Battlefield as their colonization of the Muslim lands has proven. But, they succeeded in achieving their objective to a large extent with their new scheme of colonizing the brains and the hearts of Muslims. 

They succeeded in this nefarious plot by dismantling the Islamic educational system and imposing their own atheistic, secular system in all the lands of Islam which they had succeeded to colonize in consequence of the flagrant rebellion against Allah Ta’ala and the blatant immorality – fisq and fujoor – of the Ummah. Since the Ummah had appointed the Western kuffaar as their leaders, Allah Ta’ala made them our rulers, and to this day they are ruling all the lands of the Ummah. All the governments, rulers and kings at the helm of affairs in Muslim lands are kuffaar with Muslim names. They are the worst type of Munaafiqeen. The Nasaara of the West have achieved its greatest success by having colonized the brains and hearts of the Ummah. 

This satanic colonization was with the tool of western secular education which comes with its ethos of atheism, liberalism and immorality of the worst kinds. Their plot envisages mellowing Islam – watering it down – making it responsive to accept the ethos and spirit of western atheism. Thus, via the universities and other western secular educational institutions with their ‘Islamic’ studies faculties, which are faculties of kufr, they gave practical effect to colonizing the brains of Muslim students.

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