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A Western Cape group of ulama, dubbing themselves, ‘Darul Ifta Western Cape, is offering free halaal certification.

The function of a Darul Ifta is not to become embroiled and soiled in an activity whose consequence is nothing but Carrion imbroglio and mess. It is indeed most surprising that the status of the Darul Ifta is being debased with the stench of carrion certification. It is a misnomer to pretend that the halaalizing effort will be ‘halaal’ certification. The inevitable consequence of the satanic enterprise of halaalizing the products of kuffaar businesses is carrion halaalizing.

A Darul Ifta is not established for such a despicable activity. Did the ulama become muftis for this miserable money-making shaitaani enterprise which has ruined the morality of the Ummah? This accursed bootlegging practice of halaalizing the meat and chicken products of the kuffaar has made Muslims impervious of the haraam they are devouring. The MJC and the Jamiats must take full responsibility for the deluge of haraam rotten, diseased carrion Muslims are devouring like dogs and pigs.

Now there is this new entity, ‘Darul Ifta Western Cape, which has clambered onto this evil bandwagon for a piece of the carrion pie.  With the expulsion of the MJC from the Carrion Fraternity, this opportunist Darul Ifta’s mouth is watering for a share of the carrion pie. The Darul Ifta which is disgracefully entering into the carrion halaalizing industry should not perpetrate deception and self-deception with its chimera of “FREE HALAAL CERTIFICATION”. We state unequivocally that the catch is worse than the outright carrion fees charged by the MJC, SANHA, etc.

At least, the deception of the other carrion halaalizers is of a lesser degree and has some transparency. But this Darul Ifta whilst deceiving with the claim that “it is free of mandatory charges”, damns itself with its demand for the ‘certified’ businesses to pay their Zakaat and Lillah to this new Carrion Halaalizing entity which has suddenly mushroomed from nowhere. The ‘pledge’ to make over Zakaat and Lillah to the Darul Ifta in lieu of the fictitious ‘free halaal certification”, is haraam deception.

While MJC and SANHA are bootlegging funds which the businesses pay for ‘services’ rendered by these carrion certifiers, the  Darul Ifta will be bootlegging Zakaat and Lillah funds to which it is NOT entitled. Besides the aspect of the fraud of certification, it is within the scope of haraam fraud to utilize Zakaat and Lillah for this confounded shaitaani carrion halaalizing enterprise.

Surely businessmen cannot be so dim in the brains to accept that the carrion certification offered by the Darul Ifta will be free. The price is Zakaat and Lillah which will be bootlegged and justified with some weird nafsaani stratagems. If the so-called ‘service’ or devil’s service is free, what is the meaning of demanding that the fees be paid with Zakaat and Lillah? What type of Darul Ifta is this entity which fails to comprehend its ludicrous demand for Zakaat and Lillah?

Another carrion bluff is the Darul Ifta’s claim: “Thus we do not charge as zakat and lillah are monies that should be discharged by the business sector.” The incongruity and stupidity of this self-evident contradiction are conspicuous. They do charge, but in the same breath assert that their carrion-halaalizing service will be ‘free’. Aggravating their charges is the bootlegging of Zakaat and Lillah funds.

No one has the right to even indirectly constrain people to hand over their Zakaat and Lillah to a specific entity in lieu of even a lawful service.

With not a shred of skin on the face, this Darul Iftas mufti shamelessly justifies the bootlegging of Zakaat and Lillah by revealing the actual motive underlying the entity’s carrion services.  He says:  “These funds will be used to pay out....We have too much ulama without income. Why not regenerate all those available funds and channel it to them.”

It is haraam to utilize Zakaat funds and even Lillah funds to pay ‘inspectors’ of the carrion industry. The Qur’aan Majeed stipulates that it is the Haqq of the Fuqara and Masaakeen, not the right of carrion halaalizers? Zakaat will not be discharged if given to this carrion halaalizing Darul Ifta which will use the monies as ‘salaries’ for its carrion inspectors and other attendant carrion office and luxury expenditure. The Knowledge of the Qur’aan is not acquired for this despicable purpose of bootlegging the community’s Zakaat and Lillah funds. Those who are involved in this contemptible activity are never Ulama.

This vile method of generating income for the “too much ulama” prowling around speaks volumes for the misappropriation of the Deen for contemptible nafsaani motives. Did these “too much” so-called ‘ulama’ study at the Madaaris to leech on the community’s Zakaat and Lillah funds? They are all signs of Qiyaamah. The pursuit of the dunya under Deeni cover is most treacherous and displays the moral depravity of those who can devour Zakaat and Lillah without a pang of conscience stabbing their hearts.

The “too much ulama” who have no income should not become drones. Allah Ta’ala has given them health to utilize constructively. They should work for their living even if they have to cut grass. It will be an honourable way of earning. But to leech on the Zakaat and Lillah of people for rendering a haraam carrion certifying service is an exhibition of the rot in the hearts of such so-called ‘ulama’. They are not ‘ulama’. They are deceits, dacoits, frauds and crooks.

Muslims should understand well that valid supervision of certified factories and businesses is a filthy myth. Not a single one of the Carrion certifiers is able to supervise the joints they are certifying. They are simply feeding the Ummah carrion with their lies and deception. It is haraam piled on haraam. How is it ever possible to supervise the kuffaar plants and even the Muslim outlets which trade in kuffaar meat and chicken products when not a single one of the thousands of certified plants and outlets is under the control and supervision of these horrid agents of Iblees who certify the haraam products for Muslim consumption?

The lie they speak is glaring. The entire system of killing animals from beginning to end is haraam. It is the devil’s system of slaughter. How is it ever possible to halaalize products disgorged by shaitaan’s killing system?

Never should Muslims be deceived by this new entity calling itself Darul Ifta Western Cape. It appears to be another bootlegging carrion halaalizer.

20 Rajab 1437 – 28 April 2016


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