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To call this character who has been elected the mayor of London, a ‘Muslim’ is ignorance and bootlicking. A Muslim can become the mayor of London only if he submits to bootlicking and abandons his Imaan. A Brother from London expressing the reality underlying the election of this character disguised as a Muslim, writes: 

There is much discussion and excitement amongst the Muslims, including the "Ulama", in the UK regarding the appointment of the first "Muslim" mayor of London.


Sadiq Khan, like all others of his ilk, is clearly being lined up and propped up in the eyes of the public as the model British Muslim - one who approves of gay marriages, despises niqab, a willing poodle for the zionist agenda, and so on. And, any Muslim who appears even slightly different in colour and taste to this carefully designed model will be naturally filtered and sectioned off as "extremist".

Extremely hard and brutal times are in store for us "practising" Muslims in this country. And we deserve it thoroughly for all our flagrant indulgences in Haraam and Mushtabah (doubtful) matters, our justification of those matters, and our pandering to deviant groups for the sake of some absurd, innovated concept of "unity" that has no place in Islam. If only we would have maintained the purity, strictness, fundamentalism, and "backwardness" of the first Deobandi Ulama who had arrived here and who were undeniably successful - by Divine Nusrat (Help) and Protection only - in establishing the countless Masajid, Madaris and Makatib whose fruits we witness all around us today, then nothing could have harmed us now.

Most of these Ulama who were paragons of Taqwa and Wara' have passed away. Now, we who are far away from Taqwa and Wara' and completely undeserving of Allah's Protection, are inevitably set to become Lambs to the Slaughter - absolutely literally. A holocaust of far greater magnitude than the one the Yahood were subjected to just a few decades ago, and the one the blue-eyed, blonde-haired Bosnian Muslims were subjected to just a few years ago, all enacted by the very same Kuffaar "civilisation" whom we seek to emulate, is fast heading our way.

There is only one way to deserve Allah’s Nusrat and Protection once again, and everyone who reflects for a moment knows this deep inside. But that means introspecting and abandoning our numerous worldly indulgences. No one is prepared to make that sacrifice. It is infinitely easier to squander our time baying like pathetic, whining dogs at the increasingly brutal Kuffaar machinations which are merely a fitting punishment for us dispatched by The Most Just.

May Allah grant us the Tawfeeq to direct our concern and attention to the root cause of all our problems, and May Allah make us deserving of His Nusrat and Protection.

(End of the Brother’s letter)


Muslims who may be elated by the election of a man whom they have assumed to be Muslim, should understand that only a person who conforms to all the haraam, immoral and kufr laws and culture of the British kuffaar can subsist in the devil’s post. One cannot occupy a post of shaitaaniyat while being a Muslim. 

The very first act of kufr which the munaafiq displayed was to attend the temples of the kuffaar. Only a man in whose heart kufr is embedded can enjoy a position of kufr. How could Muslims ever be so stupid as to accept that this man is a Muslim when conformity with every fisq, fujoor and kufr which are integral to British/Western culture, is an axiomatic requisite? The enemies of Islam who have planted, nourished and groomed this mayor for Muslim consumption are gleefully celebrating their victory while stupid Muslims are dancing under shaitaani misconception. 

The simple and logical fact is that this supposedly ‘Muslim’ mayor will have to actively espouse all the filth, immorality and kufr which the British authorities have conspired specifically for the elimination of Islam.

4 Sha’baan 1437 (11 May 2016)


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