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A Student Molvi who had attended one of the haraam meetings of the haraam NNB Jamiat of Fordsburg, states his views in the following letter which we reproduce verbatim:

Bi Ismihi Taala

Assalaamu alaikum Muftisaheb

Being South African Muslims , the Palestinian struggle has always been close to our hearts. However many sincere and concerned muslims are extremely dissapointed, disgusted and outraged with the betrayal statement issued by the No Name Brand Jamiat of Fordsburg (formerly called Jamiatul Ulema Transvaal),  sowing the seeds to sanctify the haraam, cursed idol of Nelson Mandela. They are using their once "holy and trusted"  platform as a means to slowly desensitize the gullible masses until this idolatry and interfaith stance sinks and becomes embedded in their hearts. It appears that like in other Muslim lands, the Athaab of Allah Ta'ala is fast approaching and ever imminent.

I as a layman once attended one of their ulema meetings. The meeting was nothing more than an evil design to sanctify them becoming television celebrities. I was appalled at the blatant chicanery and sharp practice which was employed. We were at the outset warned that their self-appointed stooge "Mufti panel" had already issued the fatwa condoning them to become TV IDOLS and that the meeting was not to contest or oppose the fatwa. Thereafter the speaker tried his best to convolute the issue with spurious proofs which were glaringly illogical and at times even negative of Tauheed.

The cordless microphone was then handed over to the Ulema in the audience. It was heartbreaking to bear witness that less than a handful of brave Ulema stood up and tried their best to refute the fatwa. They were all acknowledged by nothing more than a blank smile from the panel chairing the meeting coupled with an occasional and sometimes even lewd joke to water down their presentations. To add to the nightmare, other Ulema stood up to commend their bold satanic step under the cloak of "embracing the technological age." One Moulana even asked "Where in the Nusoos does it come that TV is haraam." Roughly, I estimated well over 200 Ulema present. The whole meeting and the silence of the majority was taken as a rubber stamp to forge some form of unanimous decision to dupe the masses and to go ahead with their evil intentions. Whereas all major Darul Ulooms and senior Ulema signed a petition refuting their stance and clearly stating that it is haram.

For those of us who perceive the effect and danger of these deceivers and misguided individuals in leadership positions, how can we individually protect ourselves from the Athaabe Aam? If we have the means does the situation necessitate us to form some type of a movement which forbids this type of condoned evil?

And Inshallah we will be guided.


13 Sha’baan 1437 (20 May 2016)


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