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Does an asthma pump invalidate the Fast?

Answering this question, a jaahil molvi, Khalid Dhorat, of Channel Shaitaan disgorges the following Salafi flotsam:

Khalid Dhorat

Why isn’t the puffer for asthma regarded as breaking the fast?

I would like a detailed answer: why isn’t the puffer that is used by people who have asthma regarded as breaking the fast?.   Published Date: 2010-08-14

Praise be to Allaah.

The puffer is a container in which there is a liquid medicine composed of three things: chemical substances (medical preparation), water and oxygen.

When pressure is applied to the puffer, the medicine comes out in the form of a mist. If the patient takes a deep breath in when applying pressure to the puffer, this mist enters the airway (trachea), but some of it remains in the pharynx, and a very small amount of it may enter the oesophagus.

Some contemporary scholars are of the view that using a puffer invalidates the fast. They said: Because the contents of the puffer may reach the stomach via the mouth, so it breaks the fast.
But most contemporary scholars are of the view that using this puffer does not break the fast, and this view is the correct one. They quoted a number of things as evidence for this:

1. The basic principle is that the fast remains valid, and this fact cannot be altered except when there is certain proof. Whether part of the mist from the puffer reaches the stomach is something uncertain: it may enter the stomach or it may not, because the basic principle is that this substance goes to the respiratory system, but some of it may enter the stomach. With this uncertainty we cannot say that it invalidates the fast. This is the answer to the evidence for the first opinion.

2. Assuming that some of this medicine does actually enter the stomach, it is forgiven, and does not invalidate the fast, by analogy with rinsing the mouth and using the miswaak.

With regard to rinsing the mouth: when the fasting person rinses his mouth, some of that water remains in his mouth, and some of that water may go down to the stomach. Hence if he rinses his mouth with water in which there is a radioactive substance, that radioactive substance will appear in his stomach after a while, which confirms that some of the water used for rinsing the mouth does go down into the stomach. But this part that goes down into the stomach is a very small amount, which is overlooked in sharee’ah. The ruling is that the fast is still valid if one rinses the mouth. The amount of medicine from a puffer that reaches the stomach – if any – is smaller than the amount of water that reaches the stomach when one rinses the mouth, so it is more likely that it does not break the fast.

As for the siwaak, it contains a substance that dissolves in the saliva and goes down into the pharynx, and then to the stomach. But Islam overlooks this, and does not regard it as invalidating the fast, because it is a small amount and is not intentional. Similarly the part that may go down into the stomach from the puffer is small, and the patient does not intend for it to enter the stomach, so it does not break the fast, by analogy with the miswaak.

Thus the strength of the second view is apparent. This is the view favoured by our contemporary scholars: Shaykh ‘Abd al-‘Azeez ibn Baaz (may Allaah have mercy on him), Shaykh Muhammad ibn al-‘Uthaymeen, Shaykh ‘Abd-Allaah ibn Jibreen, and the scholars of the Standing Committee. We have quoted some of their fatwas concerning this in the answer to question no. 37650.
See: Majallat al-Fiqh al-Islami (vol. 10, in which there are a number of articles about modern things that break the fast); Muftiraat al-Siyaam al-Mu’aasirah, by Dr. Ahmad al-Khaleel, p. 33-38.
Islam Q&A

(End of the corrupt, baatl Salafi view)

Salafis are freelancers who suck ‘fatwas’ from their thumbs and toes. They extract Ahaadith at random from the Kutub and mutilate the narrations with their corrupt opinions to fabricate their baatil ‘fatwas’. 

Any vapour intentionally inhaled, breaks the Fast. Thus, smoke, if inhaled intentionally invalidates the Fast. When an asthma pump is used, physical substances are ingested via the usual food passage. The intentional ingestion of the slightest bit of any substance invalidates the Fast. This is the ruling of the Shariah stated by the Fuqaha since time immemorial. This Fatwa of the Shariah cannot be abrogated by the stupidities of the Salafis and the neo-Salafis such as the Channel Shaitaan molvis. 

There is absolute certitude that the inhaled substance travels down the throat. This is ample for invalidating the Fast. If one is conscious of a drop of water slipping down the throat whilst making Wudhu, for example, it invalidates the fast. The argument of a ‘small amount’ is baseless. Regardless of the slight quantity, if it goes down the throat and one is aware thereof, the Fast breaks. 

The analogy with the Miswaak is fallacious. The after-effect of the Miswaak has been transformed into saliva, and according to the Shariah, swallowing one’s saliva does not invalidate the Fast.  It is baatil to analogize   food and the inhaled substances with the after-effects of the Miswaak. The Shariah explicitly decrees the invalidation of the Fast  if  some water, regardless of it being a “small amount” slips down the throat, but the Shariah tolerates the after-effect of rinsing the mouth, hence the Fast  will not break since the after-effect of rinsing the mouth has been transformed into saliva which has a separate hukm. The “basic principle” of the Salafis is bunkum. 

The neo-salafi Khalid Dhorat of Channel Shaitaan has the support of only ‘contemporary’ wayward ‘scholars’. He has not managed to present the fatwas of the Fuqaha of the Salafus Saaliheen era. He has failed to cite the Fatwa of the Hanafi Math-hab, but he parades himself as a Hanafi, yet he quotes Bin’Baaz and Uthaymeen who have no status in the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah. He should openly declare himself a salafi, and not dupe the masses by masquerading as a Hanfai while promoting the baatil views of the Salafis. 

The Salafi book, Majallat al-Fiqh al-Islami from which the jaahil molvi quotes is not a reliable kitaab. It is a book of the Salafi deviates. It has no authentic status in the Shariah. 

The Mas’alah is clear. The use of an asthma pump breaks the fast. However, if there is a need to use it, it will be permissible. Qadha of the broken fast will have to be incumbently kept. Do not be misled by the jaahil molvi of Channel Shaitaan.

11 Ramadhaan 1437 (17 June 2016)


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