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Q. Please comment on the new practice of going to Musjidul Aqsa to observe Nafl I’tikaaf as a means of supporting the Palestinian people. This year a horde of modernists who have no Islamic appearance have gone to Aqsa ostensibly to observe nafl i’tikaaf. Is there any Islamic merit in this?


A. Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“In fact, insaan (man) has insight over his nafs even though he presents excuses.”


These people who are on a holiday jaunt, justifying it with ‘i’tikaaf’ and ‘support’ for the suffering people of Palestine, are following some new religion, or they are plain stupid, or just cunning. They dwell in self-deception if they are so stupid to believe that their fraudulent ‘i’tikaaf’ is an act of ibaadat.  Most of those who go to Musjidul Aqsa for this stated dishonest purpose are using it as a subterfuge to justify their haraam nonsense. 

Firstly, I’tikaaf is an Ibaadat which was ordered by the Shariah more than fourteen centuries ago. While it is permissible to visit Musjidul Aqsa, never has the Shariah ordained undertaking a journey with all its evils for the purpose of staging a nafl ‘itikaaf in Musjidul Aqsa. Suddenly in this 1437th year of the Hijri era some morons and slaves of the nafs have conjured up this new nafsaani bid’ah act. 

Secondly, all those who maintain that they go to support the Palestinians are evil liars. I’tikaaf is an act of Ibaadat like Salaat which is not executed to support any person. Ibaadat has no political connotations whatsoever. It is discharged purely for Allah Ta’ala. 

Furthermore, if these lying morons were sincere in their claim, they would have contributed all the money to the suffering Muslims. They would not have gone on a holiday jaunt to make merry. The thousands they squander for the tour should be given to those whom they believe are in need of support. What support is offered by the morons who make merry, eat and excrete? Why do they not contribute all the money to the suffering Muslims. 

They are bereft of sincerity, bereft of intelligence, and full of deceit. According to the Qur’aan Majeed, they say what is not in their hearts. The ‘support’ excuse is a satanic ruse to justify all their haraam activities in which they indulge on their merrymaking tour. They indulge in haraam from the day they leave home until the day they return. There is no goodness in their stupid show of ‘i’tikaaf’. They are making a mockery of the Deen, and they project their mockery in the name of the Deen.

22 Ramadhaan 1437 (28 June 2016)


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