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Among the cunning  and clandestine supporters of Shiahs lurking within the  Ahlus Sunnah community are  the evil molvis of  bogus ‘uucsa’, MJC sheikhs and NNB Jamiat molvis. Bogus ‘uucsa’s’  molvi Patel of Middleburg  was quick to issue a call for  observing a Shaitaani, Shiah  Bid’ah  ‘Quds’ day to commemorate nonsense.  The quick ‘retraction’ by this bogus entity was constrained  by  public indignation. Muslims who were aware of the Shiah connotations  underlying the stupid Quds day  haraam celebrations and commemoration reacted indignantly to  the bogus entity’s  call. Thus, the evil molvis of the NNB Jamiat  deemed it prudent to  issue their hollow retraction  devoid of sincerity.


We say ‘devoid of sincerity’ because  in reality  the NNB Jamiat molvis, some Jamiat KZN molvis and MJC sheikhs are  supporters of the Shiahs.  NNB (No Name Brand) Jamiat, Jamiat KZN and the MJC together with the Qabar Pujaari Jamiat comprise of bogus ‘uucsa’. Sheikh Igsaan Taliep,  is the    bogus ‘president’ of  bogus ‘uucsa’. He is an open supporter of the Shiahs. Yet these molvis  who  portray  themselves as  Deobandi affiliates lie in an unholy embrace  with  this evil sheikh who have accepted Shiahs with open arms. The retraction therefore is meaningless. It was designed  as a damage control measure to hoodwink Muslims into believing that  these  ulama-e-soo’ of the bogus ‘uucsa’ are not Shiah supporters.  But this image which they are peddling is a blatant lie. They are aligned to a bogus  body whose ‘president’ is a professed supporter of the Shiahs.


While the Ulama of Deoband  believe that Shiahs are kaafirs, the sheikh of bogus ‘uucsa;’ believes that they are Muslims. One Dr.Firoz Osman of the Media Review Network who also appears to be either a Shiah or a Shiah bedfellow, writes:


“Sheigh Igshaan Taliep , president of the United Ulemaah (this fellow  does no know even how to spell and pronounce Ulama – The Majlis) Council of South Africa and Sheigh Moghammaad Moerat, Imaam of Muir Street mosque in Cape Town both very senior and highly respected Imaams not only in the Western Cape but throughout SA in separate Friday ghutbas , Sheiggh lgshaan in Gatesville mosque and Sheigh Moghammad in Muir street mosque, eluded (sic! –The Majlis) to the same points and that was :

1. Sunni - Shia is a creation by the West to divide the Muslim Ummah .

2. If a muslim does not conform to the Shahada that is only time that you must distance yourself from such a person but otherwise a muslim cannot break ties with another muslim .

The Holy Quran states clearly that we muslims should not divide ourselves into different…”

(End of the stupid statement which we have reproduced with  its grammatical and other errors. The doctor character  should undergo a crash course in the English language.)

According to Sheikh Taliep,  “Sunni-Shia is a creation of the west”. This sheikh displays  lamentable ignorance. Whilst the West capitalizes on  Muslim differences, it did not create  either Shi’ism or Sunni’ism.  Shaitaan created Shi’ism while Sunni’ism (i.e. Islam) was revealed to Muhammadur Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam)  by Allah Azza Wa Jal.  The jaahiel sheikh’s  contention that whoever proclaims merely the ‘shahada’ is a Muslim hence it is obligatory to maintain ties, displays his contumacy. Surely he cannot be  so stupid  as to believe that  if  a man denies the finality of Nubuwwat or believes that Nabi Isaa (Alahyhis salaam) is the  son   of Allaah (Nauthubillah!), or  he denies any of the  fundamental beliefs of Islam, then he  is  a Muslims and that he  “conforms to   the ‘shahada’ ” simply  because he recites the Kalimah.


Why then did  the MJC so vehemently proclaim the Ahmedis murtad and kaafir? The Ahmedis, like the Shiahs proclaim the Kalimah of Islam. So why are the Ahmedies kaafir and the   vile Shias not kaafir?  The  Ahmedis, despite being kaafir, do not subscribe to  the  egregiously kufr beliefs of Shiahs. The slanders of the Shiahs against Hadhrat Aishah (Radhiyallahu anha) in particular, and against  the other Sahaabah in general,  ignite hatred  in the hearts of  the Mu’mineen.  Those who befriend  these evil slanderers and kuffaar cannever  have true Imaan.


The jaahiel sheikh, the other MJC  evil, sheikhs and molvis, the NNB Jamiat molvis and the Jamiat KZN’s molvis are not ignorant of  the  dastardly kufr and filth of Shiah beliefs and slanders.  Despite their full awareness of  Shiah villainy, they find it comfortable and pleasurable to consort with them and to lie in bed with  these evil  slanderers of the Sahaabah. As far as the MJC ulama-e-soo’  are concerned, the motivation is the boodle. Friendship with the Shiahs, supporting them and praising them  are lucrative sources of income. The Iranian government sponsors   such  weak of Imaan Sunnis who are prepared to   do their bootlicking and  spread their fitnah propaganda. Thus the motivation of the MJC is hub-e-maal (love of money). This lust is the primary objectives of these carrion-halaalizing sheikhs.


The primary motivation of the NNB Jamiat molvies is both hub-e-maal and hubb-e-jah (love  of money and love  for  fame). Some NNB Jamiat molvis suffer  from the despicable malady of a voracious appetite for  cheap publicity, hence their snouts appear all over the show in immoral media. The objective of the Jamiat KZN for consorting with the Shiah sheikh Taliep and Qabar Pujaaris is hub-e-jah. There are no other reasons  for  the false unity  forged among baatil groups. But their fitnah will rebound on them.


Any Muslim who does not distance himself from the Shiahs is  not a true Muslim. If someone  had to say to one of these  Shiah-supporting sheikhs or molvis: “Your mother is a whore! You are an illegitimate  son of a whore mother!” , what will be their reaction? Will they seek unity with this slanderer? Will they dine and wine  together with the slanderer? Will they  sit together smiling and making merry? But if these  very same  villainous  epithets are hurled against Hadhrat Aishah (Radhiyallahu anha), Hadhrat Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthmaan (Radhiyallahu anhu), then these  miserable  sheikhs and molvis can find ample room in their hearts for consorting with these slanderers  whose brains are vermiculated with  the  vermin of kufr.  What face  will  these Shiah-supporting sheikhs and molvis  be able to present to Allah Ta’ala and Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) on the Day of Qiyaama?


Is this  bogus ‘president’ of  bogus ‘uucsa’ so  dense in the brains  that he  fails to understand that people who  slander the Sahaabah, who  deny the authenticity of the Qur’aan Majeed, who deny the Imaan of the Sahaabah, including the Ashrah Mubush-sharah, who believe that  Allah Ta’ala sends Jibraaeel (Alayhis Salaam) with Wahi (Revelation) to  their imams on whom they have conferred all the attributes of Nubuwwat,  who believe that their imams are just as sinless as the Ambiya (Alayhimus Salaam),who halaalize  adultery, etc., etc., cannever be Muslims?


The radio VOC stated regarding Quds day:


“In August 1979, the late founder of the Islamic Republic Ayatollah Khomeini declared the last Friday of the Muslim holy month of Ramadhan as  the international Quds Day.”


In terms of Shiah belief, Hadhrat Jibraeel (Alayhis salaam) must have   brought divine revelation  for decreeing the last Friday  of Ramadhaan a stupid Quds day. All of these  Quds Day upholders are  bootlickers of the Iranian Shiah  regime.  There is absolutely no Islamic significance to this haraam, Shiah bid’ah.  The bogus ‘uucsa’ molvis  miserably failed to  apply their brains to understand the stupidity and falsity of the Quds day stupidity.  On what basis  did theses morons  fabricate another day of worship and that too the last Friday of  Ramadhaan?  Since   this entity is bogus, it fabricates only what is bogus. The bogus Patel ‘secretary general’ of the bogus ‘uucsa’ has made a mockery of himself with his attempt  to promote  a Shiah  event. He has also  committed fraud against  Allah Ta’ala for interpolating  a fraudulent   occasion in the holiest days of Ramadhaan. It is haraam to celebrate  this stupid Quds day of the Shiahs.

29 Ramadhaan 1437 - 5 July 2016


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