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Q. According to Shaikh Ibn Taimiyyah, Shaikh Uthaymeen and even  Imaam Ahmad Hambal it is permissible to  have   special forms of greeting  on the Day of Eid, e.g. ‘Eid Mubaarak’. According to them, the Sahaabah, when meeting one  other on Eid  would  Taqabbalallaahu minna wa minka. So why does The Majlis say that it is bid’ah? And what is the status of musaafahah on the Day of Eid?

A. We say that it is bid’ah because in reality it is bid’ah notwithstanding what is said in the article you have sent.

Firstly,  the argument does  not pertain to the  dua, Taqabbalallaahu....... The  argument concerns the  ingrained  greeting of ‘Eid Mubaarak’ which  has become  a grounded custom which has perhaps greater importance on Eid Day than even the Masnoon Salaam.

There is no basis for the ‘Eid Mubaarak’ greeting.  Why  do they  present as daleel the Taqabbalallaahu narration? Why don’t they   rather say Taqabbalallaah.....’ ? Why  abandon what they say is Masnoon for  a greeting which is not Masnoon?

If the Taqabbalallaahu dua was of   importance, the Fuqaha would have enumerated it in the Mustahabbaat of the Day of Eid. But whilst they  list the Mustahab acts for the Day of Eid,  absolutely no reference is made to the  dua or greeting.  None of our Akaabireen  had practised any  greeting/dua  act on the Day of Eid.

Why did Imaam Ahmad (Rahmatullah alayh) not initiate  the Dua although he would respond? He  did not initiate it because it was not Sunnah  to do so. We are under no obligation to  follow Imaam Ahmad (Rahmatullah alayh) in responding to  a greeting which we consider to be bid’ah.

The views of Uthaymeen and Ibn Taimiyyah are of no significance. They are deviant Salafis who have abandoned the Math-habs of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah. When even a well-established Sunnat is accorded a status close to Wujoob (compulsion), then it becomes bid’ah.  This  principle will have greater application for an act which is not even Mustahab such as the Taqabbalallaahu.... dua. Ibn Taimiyyah’s argument is exceptionally  weak, in fact baseless. It is sufficient for abstention that a practice is not Masnoon.

Our Akaabireen have always ruled that musaafahah on the day of Eid  is bid’ah. This is because of the Wujoob factor.


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