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"0 my Rabb! These my people have taken this Qur'aan as a mahjoor." (Qur'aan)


On the Day of Qiyaamah, the above Qur'aanic statement will be Rasulullah's complaint in Allah's Court. He will complain to Allah that his people had made the Qur'aan Majeed into an object to buffet about and to shun. They will kick it as a football is being kicked, hither and thither. There are many ways in which both the kuffaar and Muslims kick the Qur'aan Majeed as if it is a football. But the kicking of the Muslims is the worse. The kicking of the kuffaar although lamentable and grievous, is expected. But when Muslims kick the Qur'aan Majeed as if it is a football, then sincere Muslims suffer terrible heartache.

In a Hadith it is mentioned that even the Qur'aan Majeed will complain to Allah Azza Wa Jal on the Day of Qiyaamah. It will lament:

"0 Rabbul Aalameen! Verily, this, your servant had taken me as an object to buffet (kick like a football). Now, You (0 Allah!) decide between us."

In this era in close proximity to Qiyaamah, there develops a new fitnah every day — fitan (fitnahs) innovated by the so-called scholars — the ulama-e-soo' — the reverends, pundits and the villains who masquerade as Ulama. The latest fitnah which is on the increase is Qur'aan defilement by means of kuffaar-style competitions, Qur'aan merrymaking shows, Qur'aan concerts, etc. where the Qur'aan Majeed is subjected to mockery and prizes are doled out in kuffaar style.

On the 30 July 2016, the Turkish temple, dubbed ‘Nizamiye Masjid' in Johannesburg — Musjid Dhiraar (The mosque of harm and treachery) — will be organizing a Qur'aan-kicking feat where several facebook crank molvis will be exhibiting their voices to impress a stupid crowd of fussaaq, fujjaar, faasiqaat and faahishaat. The Qur'aan Majeed will be manipulated under Deeni guise to entertain the immoral crowd, and the entertainment will be provided by a miserable couple of fussaaq clowns, namely, Menk, Ayoob Essack, Basheer Patel, Rashid Dhabelia and perhaps some other fussaaq morons.

About these foul fussaaq qaaris who treacherously trade the Qur'aan Majeed for a miserable monetary price, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) warned the Ummah to beware. In the age close to Qiyaamah, there will be devils performing to the crowd with the Qur'aan in the Musjid. Shayaateen will mingle with the people in the Musjid and recite the Qur'aan and deliver lectures to them. This Hadith perfectly applies to the conglomerate of villain facebook molvis and sheikhs whose profession is to coin haraam boodle by performing to the gallery.


Allah Ta'ala revealed the Qur'aan Majeed in the cold, dusty desert Cave of Hira for the hidaayat for mankind. But these shayaateen munaafiq qaaris are making a football of Allah's Kalaam. In stark emulation of kuffaar shows and competitions, they use and misuse the Qur'aan to achieve their satanic worldly and nafsaani objectives. These fussaaq qaaris who will be performing their `qiraat' stunts in Musjid Dhiraar are among the munaafiqeen. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

"Most of the munaafiqeen of my Ummah are its qaaris" 

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) further said about these vile shaitaani qaaris that in Jahannam there is a Valley called Jubbul Huzn (The Pit of Grief). The intensity of the heat of this Pit constrains Jahannam itself to supplicate to Allah Ta'ala 400 times a day to save it from the unbearable blazing and scorching heat — unbearable to even Jahannam itself. This Pit of Grief, Rasulullah (Sallallallahu alayhi wasallam) said, is reserved for the facebook qaaris who display their putrid a'maal (misdeeds with a deeni facade) for the public. They dance and sing for the gallery for the gaining of haraam boodle. Allah Ta'ala says in the opening verse of Surah Baqarah:

"This Kitaab is a guide for the Muttaqeen."

Only those servants of Allah who have Taqwa obtain hidaayat from the Qur'aan, for they utilize the Qur'aan Majeed to gain the objectives of the Aakhirah. In diametric conflict, these devil facebook molvis manipulate the Qur'aan Majeed, kicking it like a football for public entertainment for the sake of worldly objectives, namely, haraam boodle and cheap publicity and a false glory in which to bask their filthy bloated egos.


Qiraa't exhibitions and Qur'aan competitions are haraam acts emulated from the kuffaar. There is absolutely no precedent and no basis in Islam for these evil merrymaking entertainment exhibitions. These entertainment shows are in violation of every teaching and principle of the Shariah. Tilaawat of the Qur'aan Majeed is a private act of ibaadat designed by Allah Ta'ala for Roohaani elevation and for communion with Him. It is not meant for public exhibition and to use and misuse in the manner in which these illegitimate sons of Iblees are kicking it. The Qur'aan Majeed is not a profession for the acquisition of monetary objectives. These devil molvis who flit about the world from country to country during Ramadhaan to perform their mock `taraaweeh', have only one conspiracy for their haraam `taraaweeh' journeys, and that is to sell the Qur'aan for a miserable price. They are paid many thousands of rands, in addition to other haraam perks, to recite the Qur'aan. They are frauds, crooks and scoundrels of the worst order. They are the kind which will prostitute their own mothers for the acquisition of the haraam boodle. In the current era, these facebook devil molvis are the vilest curse which has settled on the Ummah. Perhaps they are the personification of the immorality of the Ummah. Whatever they are, one fact is confirmed and most conspicuous – they are shayaateen in human form – wolves in sheep's skin. They are marauders and robbers of Imaan.


It is haraam to attend any of these Qur'aan competitions, qiraat sessions and merrymaking jaunts.

The Nizamiye so-called masjid, is a temple of villainy. It is another curse on the South African Muslim community. In the name of Islam these Gulenists are gnawing at the foundations of the Deen, and in their employ as their shaitaani agents are the likes of Menk, Moola, Patel, Essack and Dhabelia. This cabal of iniquity are responsible for villainy and evil which ruin Akhlaaq and destroy Imaan, and they perpetrate their shaitaaniyat and devilish plots in the name of Islam to entrap the jaahil public. It is an easy matter to trap the juhala, for they are the worshippers of the nafs who are further shoved down the quagmire of fisq, fujoor, bid'ah and kufr by the evil mafia thug-molvi clique who flaunt the Qur'aan Majeed to secure their pernicious agendas.



Following hard on the heels of the male devils, there has mushroomed a group of she-devils –faasiqaat – who are also organizing a Qur'aan competition in emulation of the competition organised by Gulen's temple in the Midrand. On the 20 August 2016, the group of Faasiqaat will be performing at their concert in a brothel hotel in Johannesburg. Some notorious faasiqah so-called `shaikhas'—Shaitaanahs – from the Middle East will be leading the haraam circus organized to desecrate the Qur'aan Majeed and to exhibit the jahl and female wiles of the conglomeration of faasiqas and faahishas. 

On the occasion of the devil' expulsion from the heavens, Iblees supplicated to Allah Ta'ala to provide him with traps with which he would be able to ensnare mankind into his tentacles of vice. Since Iblees had become accursed like these faasiqaat and faahishaat, fussaaq and fujjaar who make a mockery of the Qur'aan and Deen with their accursed competitions of merrymaking in pursuit of worldly designs, he required tools to ply his ignoble trade of deception and destruction on earth, hence he made dua for powerful implements to assist him in the execution of the functions and obligations demanded by his religion of Satanism. Accepting shaitaan's supplication, Allah Ta'ala said: "Women will be your traps." 

In his latest ploy to destroy Muslims, Iblees has fielded his female traps under Qur'aanic and Deeni guise, hence we find these unfortunate, miserable group of women with lesbian tendencies streaming shamelessly into the public domain to exhibit themselves in a manner which no women in the annals of Islam had ever ventured or even contemplated. When it is prohibited for women, fully clad with unattractive jilbaab garb to attend even the Musjid for the Fardh Salaat, then by what stretch of logic, even satanic logic, can it ever be permissible for them to stream out of their homes, dressed in satanic finery and adornment, scented and perfumed like prostitutes to participate in a so-called Qur'aan competition at a venue of zina and liquor — a kuffaar hotel where pork, fornication, liquor, music and vice of a variety of kinds are flagrantly perpetrated? It is difficult to accept that these vile female specimens of creation are indeed Muslims. They are real zaaniyahs according to Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Only zaaniyahs and those with lesbian inclinations have the shamelessness to project themselves in the public domain. May Allah Ta'ala save Muslims from these droves of male and females shayaateen which are proliferating in the community.

7 Shawwaal 1437 - 12 July 2016

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