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18 Shawwaal 1437 - 23 July 2016




On Cii this morning (23 July 2016), Ml. Mkhize advised Muslim ladies NOT to come to the Nkandla event dressed in black garb because in Zulu culture it is a sign of mourning. Was it a fair advice in terms of the Shariah?


Any Muslim whose intelligence is not deranged with fisq, fujoor and kufr understands that the advice proffered over Channel Shaitaan by the molvi is haraam bunkum.


The event at Nkandla is a merrymaking function dotted and adorned with haraam practices which the ulama-e-soo’ are passing off as ‘islamic’ in the name of ‘dawah’. But in reality there is no genuine Da’wah at this haraam circus. On the contrary, the non-Muslims will be presenting their ‘dawah’ of cultural shirk and kufr rites which the vile molvis and the stupid Muslim participants will have to swallow with respect and honour thereby compromising their own Imaan.


Besides the issue of black female dress, the very presence of Muslim women at this public funfare with its paraphernalia of haraam, fisq, fujoor, kufr and shirk factors and activities, is a major sin. When women are not allowed to attend even the Musjid for Fardh Salaat, then by what stretch of Imaani intelligence will it ever be permissible for them to attend a kuffaar funfare function at which everything from beginning to end is haraam? Cattle-slaughtering is a special rite of shirk and the worship of dead spirits.

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