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Elections and voting – baatil advice

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Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu

The jamiat KZN has a pamphlet of theirs in Musjid al Hilaal imploring Muslims to vote in the forthcoming elections. They refer to a fatwa on the permissibility of voting.

The Jamiat then goes on to state that if Muslims will be complacent, thereby inferring if they do not vote, then we will suffer the consequences of bad people being placed over our heads to rule over us.

I understand there may be a difference of opinion from the time of the partition of India and Pakistan. Also some people advocate the lesser of the two evils etc., giving permissibility to participate in democratic elections which is against the system of Allah Ta’ala. The Jamiat makes no mention of this.

Muhtarram Moulana Saheb whilst I believe democracy to be haraam, those advocating voting i.e. the Jamiat are overlooking the following:

1. Every Muslim (and non-Muslim) candidate has a photo of him plastered on the streets. This according to even the Jamiat is haraam. Therefore the Jamiat's stance that we should vote for people who will represent the interests of Muslims, I feel is hypocritical. How can a faasiq represent the interest of Muslims? The Jamiat tries to warn us that if we do not vote for these Faasiq Muslims, then Allah Ta’ala will punish us with bad rulers? That is, a faasiq is good for us and we should vote for him, or else we will be punished by Allah Ta’ala Who is in control of all affairs, with bad rulers.

2. There are now even Muslims female candidates – naoozubillah -  plastering their faces on billboards in Durban, dressed with the ‘hijaab’ like models seemingly to attract Muslim voters and inferring that they represent Muslim interests.

The Jamiat makes no mention of either the females in ‘be-purdagi’ who will mix with ghair mahram non Muslims and  Muslim faasiqs, if they are voted for and are successful. And most probably travel without a mahram as well.

Neither does the Jamiat KZN make any announcement or advices  regarding the haraam photos that these Muslims both male and female are placing on the billboards.

Does the jamiat commit kufr by stating that if we be complacent then bad rulers will be placed over us? Does the Jamiat commit a grave sin by attempting to scare the Muslims through their Islamic authority?

COMMENT BY THE MAJLIS: Yes, certainly the Jamiat KZN is guilty of a great sin and deception by misusing their position to scare Muslims into haraam voting.

Is the Jamiat openly supporting transgressors and photography which they believe is haraam and deceiving Muslims into voting for them?

As these kufr elections are a few days away if The Majlis would inform the Muslims of the dangers which the Jamiat KZN is advocating as well as naseehat on these elections, it would be of benefit to us in South Africa.

(End of the Brother’s letter)



Instead of fulfilling its Waajib obligation of Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahyi Anil Munkar, which obligation Allah Ta’ala has imposed on the shoulders of the Ulama, the miscreant Jamiat KZN has joined ranks with other Mudhileen to canvass support for a kuffaar political institution which has absolutely no relationship with Islam.


Furthermore, in the current scenario, the Shar’i principle of Dhuroorah (absolute need) does not apply by any stretch of honest Shar’i logic.  Stooping to a level lower than even the gutter levels of non-Muslim politicians when they embark on their electioneering campaigns, the Jamiat KZN with brazen audacity propagating its  baatil agenda, says in its stupid haraam pamphlet which it is circulating as a cheap election campaigner:

“It is permissible to vote for a candidate that has the following qualifications:

The candidate will serve the interests of the Muslims.”


Firstly, the Jamiat KZN’s advice is absolutely bereft of any Deeni content. Whereas the primary obligation of the Ulama is to endeavour that the masses reform and strengthen their bond with Allah Ta’ala and whereas it is the bounden duty of the Ulama to divert the minds and hearts of Muslims from the dunya to focus on the Aakhirah, the Jamiat KZN which has become convoluted and transformed into Jamiatul Juhala (the association of ignoramuses), has descended into the shaitaaniyat of deflecting Muslims from the Maqsood of life on earth. This Jamiatul Juhala has donned the mantle of cheap fussaaq, fujjaar and kuffaar politicians who have absolutely no truck with Islam, and whose lifestyle, ideas and ideologies are evidence for their athiesm.


The elders who are all in their graves never dreamt of establishing the Jamiat for the despicable and baatil activities in which the Jamiat KZN is indulging. The morons of the NNB Jamiat of Fordsburg have succeeded in imposing their lewd philosophy of minority on the junior, inexperienced and incompetent moronic leadership of the Jamiat. There is indeed a great vacuum in the Deeni leadership of Natal.  When children are at the helm of Deeni affairs, it is a sure sign of Qiyaamah.


The ground and the horizon all over are bereft of any signs of viable Islamic leadership.  All the true Ulama have departed. We are now left with ghutha, the epitome of which in this country consists of the NNB Jamiat, the MJC and now joining their haraam ranks is the decrepit, floundering Jamiat KZN.


Jamiatul Juhala (Jamiat KZN) claims in its baatil advice to the Muslim community that it is permissible to vote for the candidate who will serve the interests of the Muslims.

hese moron molvis of Jamiatul Juhala perhaps are labouring under the misapprehension of all Muslims in the community being morons like themselves, hence they proffer  unrealistic advice in bootlicking attempts – bootlicking the politicians because  they (these miscreant molvis) fear their  own shadows, and they do so because their hearts are bereft of khauf for Allah Ta’ala, hence they kowtow and lick the boots of  those  possessing imaginary power, forgetting that it is only Allah Azza Wa Jal Who has power and  it is only He who bestows honour and respect. Thus the Qur’aan Majeed asks these bootlickers:

“What! Do you search for Izzat (honour and respect) from them? Verily, Izzat is only for Allah.

In another Aayat, the Qur’aan states that the Izzat is ordained by Allah Azza Wa Jal for the Rasool and the Mu’mineen. But these moron bootlickers of the fussaaq, fujjaar and kuffaar politicians grovel  for  honour and protection at the feet of shadows – at the feet of those whom they believe  have power – at the feet of those  whom they believe to be in control of our Destiny. They display an attitude of stark Kufr.


Besides the Shar’i status of the actual system of voting which shall be discussed further on  in this article, did these moron molvis not stop to apply their brains  before they  blurted out their stupid advice? Which candidate of any political party will correctly serve the interests of the Muslim community?  As for the so-called ‘Muslim’ candidates of whatever party they may have offered their allegience, they are at the best, fussaaq, fujjaar, and juhala who have no affinity with Islam. They are in the game for their own selfish and shaitaani ends and objectives. There is not a single ‘Muslim’ municipal councillor or a member of parliament who has Islam at heart or who has ever supported Muslims in any Deeni requirement. On the contrary, these foul characters stab the Muslim community in the back by treacherously and clandestinely offering advice to the rulers to either ignore or veto our requests for Deeni reforms and  requisites. Whilst there are numerous ‘Muslims’ in the municipal and government circles, they all are  haraam deadwood – a shaitaani liability on the Muslim community and  treacherous enemies of Islam.  The community should not be deceived by their Muslim names which are mere masks of deception. The Jamiat KZN has also now become a mask of deception leading the ignorant ones  along the path of Jahannam.


Who is the candidate who will serve the interests of Muslims?  Who is that faajir, faasiq who  has Islam at heart? If  any ‘Muslim’ candidate truyly has Islam at heart, and if he truly understands what Islam is and what is the objective of Islam,  never will his  haraam picture be displayed  on lamp poles and in toilets.  He will never be found to be in a mixed crowd of men and women. He will not be kowtowing and bootlicking.  He will not soil himself in the  deluge of  haraam, fisq and fujoor which are imperative requisites of elections and governance. At every turn there is fisq, fujoor and kufr.


Whilst the Jamiat KZN  advises Muslims to vote for a canditate  who will serve the interests of Muslims, it  does not  advise who these candidates are.  Since there are no such candidates, the  moron molvis  failed to proffer this advice. They rather, in their bootlicking  stance,  imply that every  person should simply vote for  any candidate of the party the Jamiatul Juhala is  supporting. Every candidate will at the best be a faajir/faasiq for whom voting is haraam. When the gaze is diverted from Allah Ta’ala, then there is no one to serve our interest. The Qur’aan Majeed states:

“And, if He (Allah) withholds (aid) from you, then who is there besides Him to aid you?”


And, the fundamental  requisite for Allah’s aid is  obedience to His Shariah. But, every act and every step in  the elections supported by the Jamiat KZN is in  brazen conflict with the Shariah. The categories into which the candidates fit are fisq, fujoor and kufr. Furthermore, not a single candidate of  any political party who had been elected had ever served the interests of Muslims. On the contrary, they have been  impediments to Muslim interests, especially at municipal level. The Jamiat KZN’s  advice of ‘Muslim interests’ is stupid hot air blown to dupe  Muslims.


The next  imagined qualification  for a candidate according to  Jamiatul Juhala is:

“The candidate will not be an obstacle  in practicing the Laws of Islam.”

This is indeed a laughable and a ludicrous  mockery of intelligence.  If the Jamiat’s molvis  have managed to  convince themselves of the ‘veracity’ of their sef-deception, others are not fooled by  this  stupid  hallucination of  this ‘qualification’. Ostensibly, this is supposedly to be a qualification for a Muslim candidate. But every step and the very appearance of the ‘Muslim’ candidate are obstacles to the Laws of Islam and in conflict with the Shariah. Just look at their ugly snouts emblazoned on street posters. The entire system, ideology and methodology of elections and governance are in  conspicuous conflict with the Shariah. What are the hues of Islam which these moron molvis discern in  the institution they are supporting and advising Muslims to support?


Citing fom Fataawa Mahmoodiyyah, the Jamiat KZN says: “The candidate will protect the Muslims from oppression.” Firstly, the scenario in India is vastly different from  the situation in South Africa. It is stupid to extract an advice from Fataawa Mahmoodiyyah which was applicable to India, then apply it to  the Musim community in South Africa. This stupidity illustrates  the deviation and jahl of the Jamiat’s molvis.


Far from protecting or even being able to protect Muslims from oppression, every candidate is inimical to Islam.  The duty of the Ulama is to constantly remind the


Muslim community that the oppression of governments is the consequence of the oppression we commit against our own souls  and the Law of Allah Ta’ala.


Bootlicking is not the answer for  the oppression of the rulers.  The solution is to  submit to Allah Ta’ala as true slaves.  Promoting an institution is not permissible at the cost of  violating Allah’s Laws. Every step and act in  electioneering, elections and voting is in confict with the Shariah. The moral and social lifestyle of Muslims is absolutely putrid and corrupt.   Besides Inaabat  illaah (turning  with repentance and obedienxce to Allah Ta’ala), nothing and no one one can save Muslims from oppression because  such oppression will be a facet of Divine Chastisement.  When even molvis are ignorant of this reality, what   shall be said about the lamentable and pitiful  condition of the ignorant masses who are  shoved  further into the quagmire of jahaalat, fisq and fujoor by  the juhala molvis and sheikhs of this age? Since these jaahil molvis have lost their Imaani bearings, the truths of  the Ta’leem of the Akaabireen remain  for them incomprehensible hieroglyphics. They have become experts in only talking drivel, bootlicking,  compromising the Shariah with illegitimate bedfellows, halaalizing carrion , riba, pictography, fisq and fujoor.  These evils have become their salient features. Islamically they are not just stagnant in their thinking, they are incrementally retrogressive. They no longer have the ability of  distinguishing between Haqq and baatil.


In their electioneering campaign, the Jamiat KZN says: “The importance of local government cannot be over emphasised.” What about the importance of obedience to Allah Ta’ala by following his Shariah? They lack the brains and the hearts to emphasize the evils in the community. All the immorality and villainy of the community are condoned and even promoted actively by the jaahil molvis of the Jamiat KZN, NNB Jamiat and Darush Shaitaan of Durban. The masses in the country have voted in those whom they believed to be the best candidates. But at every wrung of government, central and local, there is a glut of corruption. All governmental departments, including municipal institutions, have become practically dysfunctional.


There is no hope for reform. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Your deeds are your rulers.” All sincere Muslims will concede that the A’maal of the Muslim community – of its molvis, sheikhs and masses – are absolutely corrupt. The community is rotten to the core. It reeks of fisq, fujoor and even kufr. There can therefore be no hope for betterment and reform in the institutions of the rulers.  On the contrary, all signs indicate towards a deterioration in the present state of corruption. The fitnah and fassad of the Muslim community are the signs of major disasters to befall us. Bootlicking is not the solution.


Voting is accompanied by major Shar’i violations of fisq and fujoor. Voting for fussaaq, fujjaar and kuffaar; promiscuous intermingling of sexes, total violation of all rules of Hijaab; haraam pictography; mingling with fussaaq and fujjaar; Muslim women  transformed into faajiraat by luring them into the public domain of scoundrels  by scoundrel molvis and  juhala sheikhs; participation in the hooliganism which is a salient feature of elections; bootlicking and kowtowing, etc.


The jaahil molvies of the Jamiat KZN have stripped every vestig of Imaani haya from their faces. Their haraam electioneering campaign does not distinguish between men and women. They shamelessly encourage their mothers, daughters and sisters to come out into the evil public domain to rub shoulders with fussaaq, fujjar and kuffaar males in the streets and  at the polling booths to cast their stupid votes. Only men bereft of every semblance of khauf-e-ilaahi have the audacity and recklessness of   prostituting the hayaa and paakdamani of their own mothers and daughters.


The Muslim community in South Africa is not pinned between two evils to constrain Muslims to adopt the lesser evil.  The current situation does not justify indulgence in haraam, fisq and fujoor on the basis of  the principle of the “lesser of the two evils”. We have so far not been placed in such a predicament by Allah Ta’ala.  Our only succour is Allah Ta’ala, and the only way of  achieving  Allah’s  Nusrat and Aafiyat is by  turning to Him with repentance and obedience. There is absolutely no other avenue and no solution.  Our safety is not in adopting an un-Islamic system beset with  evils and injustices. Participation in sin and transgression under compulsion is permissible to the degree of necessity only like consuming pork. But participation in the current elections is not compelled on Muslims. It has not reached the pork stage. Rather, abstention is our constitutional right. Since participation is not compelled on us, it is HARAAM to voluntarily plunge into the cauldron of fisq, fujoor and kufr.


Muslims should understand that the Jamiat KZN, like the other shaitaani jamiats and organizations, is no longer a body of Ulama from whom Deeni guidance may be sought. The molvis of the Jamiat KZN have become haraam bedfellows of other haraam entities. Now there is only zulmat  (spiritual darkness) emanating from the Jamiat KZN. They are now confirmed MUDHILLEEMN about whom Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasalam) said:


“Verily, I fear for my Ummah  the aimmah mudhilleen (molvis and sheikhs who  mislead Muslims)”

21 Shawwaal 1437 (26 July 2016)


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