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A Brother from Gauteng who had attended the Mega Fraud ‘Dawa’ Hoax which the evil molvis and sheikhs had so passionately promoted to secure their haraam sinister objectives, presents the following salubrious report which should open the eyes of all those who were deceived by the haraam propaganda which the ulama-e-soo’ had hyped and churned up to sell the Nkandla kufr affair with Islamic hues.


I would like to narrate to you some of my observations on the Nkandla Mega-Da’wah event that took place day-before-yesterday in Babanango. I was extremely excited to hear about this grand event in which the King of Zululand would be offered Islam; if he were to accept, his entire tribe would also follow his example. This would be good for Islam in South Africa, especially here in KwaZulu Natal where there is much tension between Muslims and the locals. I resolved to give my full support to this event, and I started passing on the message to family and friends. Even though Babanango was about six hours away from Durban, we would cancel all other appointments, and drive down and witness history in the making on that Saturday, 23rd July 2016.

About two weeks ago, someone showed me the letter of the United Ulema Council (UUCSA) supporting the event, and I was sure that the Muslims of South Africa would do all they can to pull this grand event off. (This was the bogus ‘uucsa’ of fraud molvis and sheikhs. Genuine UUCSA at no stage supported the haraam, kufr mega fraud ‘dawa’ party. – The Majlis) As the days grew nearer, I heard rumblings that the event was not a national da’wah issue, but a Mkhizwe family issue meant to make some ‘Ulema from the local Zulu clan the authority on all Islamic matters pertaining to black Muslims. I brushed it aside because our community is fond of making stories. Others spoke about raising over a million rands and I wondered what this money would be used for? In madressa, my ustadh explained to us how Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam)) simply dispatched letters to the kings and invited them with firmness and conviction to Islam. No money or gifts accompanied these letters. Writing these letters was a duty of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam)), and the kings were to accept Islam purely based on the truthfulness of Islam, not after being bribed as in this case. Never mind, I thought
. Although Muslims are living for about 300 years in SA, it’s better late than never. Let’s ignore these trivialities and move on.

Then came another shock. Although UUCSA (BOGUS ‘uucsa’) had earlier endorsed the programme, many Ulama like Mufti Siraj Desai, Maulana Shabir Saloojee, Mufti Majlis, the Jamiatul Ulama Kzn, and some UUCSA (Bogus ‘uucsa’) Ulama pulled out and advised the Muslims otherwise. UUCSA (Bogus ‘uucsa’) never retracted their letter nor cancelled the event like how they did when they called off the Shiah Al-Quds campaign due to lack of consensus. This was now becoming serious, but I decided to rather see for myself what’s happening. Many Ulama have personal vendettas with each other, and I didn’t want to take sides.

That Saturday morning started off well. Accompanied by my two companions, we reached Babanango just before 12:00 PM. Posters with the words “Mkhize Event” guided us to our destination. I thought this weird as the poster should read “Mega Da’wah to Islam Event” or something like that. Since when is a person’s name attached to da’wah? It’s like saying “Welcome to the Paruk’s Masjid.” Was this after all a grand Mkhizwe family affair? I now readied myself to embrace some of the rumblings which I previously heard.

Upon reaching our destination, we smelt the lovely aroma of food being prepared. I was told that the community of Roshnee had donated 15 cows to the King, and that the King was feeding the cows to the attendees in his name. Do we eat in the name of Allah, or in the name of the King? Isn’t this our biggest gripe with the guys from the mazaar? I resolved not to eat this food. If we can’t eat the food in the name of a dead Muslim saint, how can we do so in the name of a living disbelieving person?

Whilst these thoughts were crossing my mind, a dignitary which I later learnt to be Sheikh Ebrahim (not Bham) Baye Tijani, arrived. He arrived with a whole lot of his African devotees who started going round in circles, jumping and prancing around, and making some type of hadrah zikr. I was very surprised at this. This is the first time I heard of a Tijani and it’s only when I got home and made some enquiries that I learnt that the Tijanis are people you don’t even touch with a ten-foot pole. They are a deviated Sufi order that originated in Algeria whose founder claimed that the Holy Prophet once visited him in broad daylight and gave him the title of Khatim al-Awliya (The Seal of Sainthood).

My Samsung is always in my pocket, and so Google took me to the following site: Please visit it yourself. According to first-hand information, the founder of the Tijanis claimed to have the rank of 40 Prophets in paradise, that he was a saint whilst Prophet Adam was between water and clay, and that he is the partition between heaven and hell. What a load of hogwash! I also learnt that the Tijanis followed the Zaidi Shia school of Thought and that every soul, including those of the Companions (Sahabah), took physical and spiritual support from him.

Coming back to Nkandla, we now seated ourselves in a grand marquee with a well-guarded VIP section wherein all the dignitaries were seated. Islam treats everyone equal, king or peasant, scholar or doctor, so why this distinction? My stomach was now churning! It was only later that I learnt from a newspaper clipping that some of those dignitaries were Nader al-Oqab of Kuwait, Al-Mnadi of Saudi Arabia, Sas al Jabar of Qatar and to my surprise, Sherif Naguid of Egypt who represents one of the biggest Zionist tyrants of this age. The newspaper referred to them as “ambassadors of oil-rich Middle-East countries”. The newspaper also quoted the King to have said: “These people own oil, they should bring us money to develop this country.” So, according to the media, the event was nothing more than an economic commitment by rich Muslims to invest in South Africa. No prominence at all was given to the da’wa aspect, so for Muslims, it was a complete failure. Other Ulama that I could recognize onstage, and who posed for the photo-shoot with the King after the event were Sheikh Irfaan Abrahams of the MJC and Maulana Ebrahim Bham of the Gauteng Jamiat.

The seating arrangements in the marquee, to my horror, had no separate ladies and men section. It was mixed. This open violation of Allah’s law, as well as the huge television cameras and the glitter and dazzle of the marquee was too much for me, and I wanted to leave immediately. But my companions quickly found seats in one corner and we sat down, eagerly waiting for the Adhan for Zohr. Well, we waited and waited, till about 3:15 PM when we were finally allowed to break. More on salaat in a short while.

The programme was OK, and I loved Mama Mkizwe’s speech and Maulana Abbas’s invitation to the King to embrace Islam, but all this was diluted when the King took the podium. He stressed, in Zulu which I understand very well, that Jesus and Abraham was the same and that we all belong to one race, the race of humanity. I’m not learned, but this is a multi-faith belief that all religions are equal. We came to invite the King to Islam, and here he is telling us that Islam is just a religion like any other. For a Muslim to believe in such a concept is open disbelief (kufr). Please correct me if I am wrong because this is what my Maulana at the Masjid told me. Not one of the many learned Ulama stood up and objected, during the speech and thereafter. If this blatant distortion was not enough, the King asked everyone to observe royal protocol and to stand in his honour. Everyone stood up when we know that this is wrong in Islam. Anyway, he started singing Christian songs in praise of Jehovah. Everyone stood up, males and females, Muslims and non-Muslims. What a mockery! I advise everyone to repeat their shahaadat after this. We came to invite to Islam, here many left without Islam, without even knowing it!

In the vote of thanks, the Mkhizwe family was lavishly praised, but not a word on behalf of the Muslim community of South Africa or even for those in Roshnee who donated the cows. It seems the Muslims of South Africa were briefed differently and the King differently.

By this time, I wanted to make my salaat, but there was no Adhan. Those few of us who wanted to perform salaat were led to a small tent besides a small hut where we had to take turns to perform salaat. Our meeting with Allah in salaat took place in a location a million times inferior too our meeting place with the King. Who are we fooling here? Not more than 5-6 people could pray at a time there on some discarded mats. Giving da’wah by neglecting salaat is no da’wah at all. I was hugely disappointed and lost all faith in the organizers and the Ulema who endorsed this programme.

Not to forget, no function is complete without food, and everyone was expecting a decent treat. As they say, to dine like a king. But here too, we were disappointed for two reasons: the locals of Nkandla were not allowed any food, and the masses were given a simple styrofoam container of food, to eat standing, sitting, sleeping or just to take home. On the other hand, the dignitaries were fed in style. It seems this meeting with the King only served the purpose of showing how great he is, or great his religion is, and how insignificant we are. As long as we throw the money, all is fine.

The aspect that broke the camels back was that many black Muslims and black Ulama who attended the function felt side-lined and belittled. According to many of them, this was a clannish show of one tribe above another, an exercise in dominance which could light the fires of strife in the townships for years to some. Besides inter-clan tensions, it strains Indian-African relations even further, allows the Shi’ah and  corrupt Sufis place within the Ahlus Sunnah and promotes a  multi-faith agenda. None of these agendas were in the letters which Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam)) sent to the Kings of his time.

We returned home late that night, completely broken, sad and demoralized. I’ve written this first-hand account for everyone to note what a failure this function was, how the commands of Allah were recklessly violated, how many Ulema were part of this catastrophe to Islam so that we come to know that the we are now right in the middle of the worst of eras, where even our Islamic leaders are our biggest traitors. I sincerely hope that it was all a huge mistake and they undo the damage that they have done.

May Allah Ta’ala forgive me if I portrayed anything wrong as this was the best I can do for the Muslims of South Africa. (End of the Brother’s report)


Do not expect FRAUDS masquerading as ‘ulama’ to retract and repent for their evil betrayal of Islam and the Muslim community. These scoundrel molvis and sheikhs had duped Muslims into believing that the Mega Fraud Hoax ‘dawah’ was an event planned and organized by them for the specific purpose of inviting the king to Islam. It has transpired that these human shayaateen in ‘ulama’ garb had ABSOLUTELY NO SAY AND NO INPUT in the making of this event which had absolutely nothing to do with Da’wah. They bribed their way in with 15 cows. It was an event organized by the king for an objective other than to hear about Islam. Islamically, it was a moral and spiritual disaster.

The evil molvis and sheikhs jumped on to the bandwagon, and true to their disease of hubb-e-jah, they intentionally deceived an ignorant and unwary public by hoodwinking them to believe that the event was specifically organized to present Islam to the king. Far from it – very far – extremely far. The reality was totally the opposite.  The  treacherous buffoons of bogus ‘uucsa’ and other jaahil entities had to sit in humiliation, bowing, kowtowing and bootlicking, devouring carrion and abstaining from Salaat to listen to the kufr inter-faith ‘dawah’ of the king who invited the molvis to accept his inter-faith religion.

The 15 cows acquired with Lillah funds and offered at the altar of kufr constitute a lamentable, ludicrous and disgraceful episode of mockery of Islam. At every step, the molvis and the stupid Muslims who had participated had been constrained to bootlick and grovel. And that is because Allah Azza Wa Jal has deranged their brains with RIJS (FILTH). Says the Qur’aan Majeed about such disgraceful molvi/sheikh scoundrels:

“Thus does Allah cast RIJS on those who lack intelligence.”

Further describing these buffoons, the Qur’aan Shareef says:

“Indeed, the worst of walking creatures by Allah are those who are deaf, dumb and blind – those who have no aql.”

22 Shawwaal 1437 (27 July 2016)


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