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Cautionary message to South African Muslims about upcoming Gülen movement (Hizmet) PR offensive!!!

Abdullah Bozkürt, former Editor-in-Chief of Turkey's English daily, Today's Zaman, a Gülenist newspaper, seized by the state on 4 March 2016, will be in South Africa later this week under the pretence of media engagement.

Dubbed as Fethullah Gülen spindoctor, Abdullah Bozkürt has been despatched to convince South African Muslims that all is not true regarding the recent coup in Turkey. From media freedom, to claims that the coup was "staged" by Erdoğan to seize power, to branding the AK Party as sell outs with an evil hidden agenda, as well as vindicating Fethullah Gülen to be a victim of a conspiracy because he stood up to Erdoğan and various other absurd spin.

The self proclaimed head of the South African Turkish community, Atilla Dağ, who is de-facto head of Hizmet here in South Africa, had requested Gülen to urgently send Abdullah Bozkürt to South Africa, as the tide of public opinion by the local Muslim community can be very negative for them, given the general anti American sentiment.

Abdullah Bozkürt being fully aware of the repercussions of the coup, managed to escape arrest, and like Gülen, left Turkey to go into self imposed exile in the latter part of July.

The Hizmet movement is the CIA's version of "moderate" Islam to the world. Fetullah Gülen claims to be a self thought Islamic Scholar and Imam, yet this has never been independently verified by other Ulema anywhere in the world, as the period of his youth (where he claimed to attain such knowledge and elevation) was in the heydays of the oppressive and brutal Atatürk era. If anything, the Hizmet movement is meant to mind control the Muslim Ummah into a certain line of thinking.

Already, Abdullah Bozkürt has managed to rope in local Muslim media to give him a platform and audience to disseminate hid controversial and twisted views.

27 Zil Qa’dh 1437 - 31 August 2016


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