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Some miscreant, wayward modernist juhhaal entity, in a statement, says:

“We are very pleased to share with you that Dhul-Hijjah 2016 (1437) will start on Saturday, 3rd September in all countries of the world! Hence the whole world will celebrate Eid al Adha 2016 on Monday, 12th September 2016”

Even days prior to the ending of the month of Zil-Qa’dh, this juhhaal entity, setting itself up as the ‘authority’ of the Muslims of the world, made this blatantly haraam, anti-Shariah statement which has no validity in Islam.  The prior claim of this bogus group of miscreants is a haraam attempt to supersede the Shariah which has prescribed the rules for the determination of the Islamic months.

The juhhaal base their opinion on some astronomical calculations which are not permissible for determining the Islamic months. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) has explicitly stipulated the ending and beginning of the Islamic months with either the actual sighting of the hilaal or with the completion of 30 days in the event of the hilaal not being visible.

Today is the 29th Zil-Qa’dh. It is the obligation of Muslims to search for the hilaal at the end of the 29th day. If the hilaal is sighted this night, then tomorrow, Saturday 3 September 2016 will be the 1st Zil Hajj. Islamically, the 1st Zil Hajj, if the hilaal is sighted, will commence after Maghrib.

Whilst there is almost certitude that the hilaal will be sighted in South Africa tonight due to the age of the moon, this is not absolute. No one can usurp the Power and Decree of Allah Azza Wa Jal. But the juhhaal modernists are attempting to usurp Allah’s Power by hallucinating absolute certitude in sighting the hilaal tonight in every single country on earth as if they have acquired ‘Wahi’ from Allah Ta’ala.

If it happens to be overcast in the entire country and no Rooyat (sighting) is reliably reported, then the 1st Zil Hajj will be on SUNDAY 4 September 2016, NOT on Saturday 3 September as the morons have hallucinated in their attempt to supersede the Shariah.

We do not accept news of hilaal-sightings from outside South Africa, hence only our local situation will be the determinant. If the hilaal is sighted and confirmed, tomorrow 3rd September (Saturday) will be the 1st Zil Hajj and Eidul Adha will then be on Monday, 12 September 2016. If the hilaal is not sighted in South Africa tonight due to adverse weather conditions, Eid will be on Tuesday, 13 September regardless of what transpires in Saudi Arabia.

The age of the moon is absolutely of no significance. The morons who proffer the age of the moon as a determinant, are signs of Qiyaamah. According to the Hadith, in times in proximity to Qiyaamah, morons will exclaim with surprise the largeness of the hilaal of the 1st night and seek to sow fitnah by saying: It appears to be the second night...

Muslims should not pay attention to the baseless opinions of the modernist juhhaal whom shaitaan has employed to create fitnah in the Ummah.

29 Zil Qa’dh 1437 – 2 September 2016


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