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It has come to our notice that the Murderer of thousands of Ikhwaanis (Members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt), Sisi who has installed himself as the president by a military coup, is sending a delegation of his ulama-e-soo’ to visit South Africa in a bid to rally the support of the South African Muslim community. They have misread the pulse of the Muslim community of this country.

The Egyptian embassy of Sisi in Pretoria has arranged with the MJC to act as host for the Egyptian delegation headed by one shaitaan, criminal, Mufti Shawki who had endorsed the death sentence for President Muhammad Morsi. In Durban, the hosting of the bloody delegation has been imposed on the KZN Jamiat who happens to be a member of Bogus uucsa run by the MJC and the NNB Jamiat of Fordsburg.

It is the duty of Muslim bodies to protest against the visit of the evil delegation of Sisi. The matter has to be raised with South African government who has the constitutional obligation of refusing visas for the members of this evil delegation. Granting travel visas for those who murder, uphold the death sentence and endorse death sentences is unconstitutional in terms of South African law. Therefore, the delegation of Sisi should not be granted visas.

Should visas be granted or if such visas have already been granted, it is then the obligation – in terms of the Shariah as well as according to the constitution of the country – for the Muslim legal fraternity to make an application to the High Court to cancel the visas and to debar the vile delegation from South Africa.

21 Zil Hajj 1437 – 23 September 2016


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