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"This is the response I sent on the social media group :

Assalamualaykum - there is a court interdict against illegal , criminal use of the UUCSA name which TM is registered to Mufti AS Dessai - The Jamiat Fordsburg resorted to Kuffaar court first to expunge the trademark of Mufti AS- the Bogus UUCSA supported kufr and blasphemous Muslim Marriages Bill despite Muslim Lawyers Association , Majlis, Jamiat KZN, Jamiat Gauteng , and majority of Muslim South Africans (as the stats were before court ), vehemently opposing it and highlighting the reasons why the bill would fail -The Jamiat Fordsburg and criminals who continue - rather pathetically , using UUCSA name to support the American puppet grand mufti of Egypt despite again, MLA and other Muslim organizations being against , ----I attended court in WLC- judge Dessai did not say anything we raised was spurious - maybe because Jamiat Fordsburg were refused permission to stand before court parading as UUCSA, and now stand as Jamiat Transvaal and MJC, after they sent a kaafir white man who knows nothing about Islam to talk on behalf of Muslims, our people are being tricked - as it stands before court today in that case , UUCSA is Mufti AS - maybe when SANHA and MJC stop branding haraam Orion etc halal, they'll be candid!

If anyone from JHB Jamiats bothered to come to court instead of talk rubbish n waste time on not so grand  mufti , they'd actually know what's going on.

First MMB, now grand mufti - South African Muslims know well who's causing divide !

Abu Bakr Omar  CA (BA LLB, UJ)"
(Son of attorney Zehir Omar)

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