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We have been inundated with queries regarding the haraam, kuffaar style welcoming reception which had been organized a couple of days ago by characters who have been driven to senility and insanity by their inordinate lust for Riya (show and ostentation). The following is one such query of a Brother who was shocked at the haraam scenes of fisq and fujoor

Assalamu Alaikum.

Please inform us of the Shariah’s ruling regarding Moulana Nazier Desai’s welcoming reception for two of his children who were released from a Saudi jail.

It all started on Friday the 7th October, 2016. Moulana Nazier stood up after Jumah and asked the Musallis present to join the convoy which he was arranging in welcoming his "hero" and "heroine" children on Monday the 10th when they would land at 1-30 p.m. in Port Elizabeth.

Moulana Nazier and his wife flew up to Johannesburg to welcome their kids at Oliver Tambo airport. On Monday, arriving in PE they were met by a large contingent of relatives, friends, TV cameras and the local press. From the family from the terminal hall there was a unison of chanting of Takbeer and the clapping of hands. Money given (R20 notes) were rolled like dagga zols and fitted with ribbons. These zols were handed out at random. There was total mixing of sexes, TV interviews by womenfolk of the Desai family, and banners given to menfolk by women to wear.

The home of the Moulana in the Darul Uloom compound was adorned with hundreds of white balloon, banners etc. On arrival home, doves were released as a symbol of freedom. The interviews at the airport and the releasing of doves in front of TV cameras were all aired on the Afrikaans segment of TV news last night.

Many people are aghast at the haraam antics which they had witnessed coming from those who are supposed to be learned in the Deen, and who propagate from the mimbar. Would it not have been proper and more in line with Islam if   Moulana Nazier had, without all the un-Islamic fanfare, contributed the large  sum of wasted money to the poor  as a mark of Shukr to Allah Ta’ala?

White doves are a symbol of love, peace, and the Holy Spirit. Releasing doves at a funeral symbolizes the spirit being lifted and carried home to heaven on the wings of a dove. It is a purely kuffaar Christian custom.

Another thing people probably don't think about is that homing pigeons were used during World War I and II. So using white homing pigeons for anyone who serves our country has a little extra meaning.

I must stress that Moulana Nazier’s house has a different Erf No. to the uloom which indicates that he bought the property from the uloom, and also his womenfolk were fully clad in hijaab. Muslims of Port Elizabeth are in a quandary at the blatantly un-Islamic display staged by Moulana Nazier and others with him. What does the Shariah say?

When Radio Islam interviewed the released son, he said that he had made 20 Qur’aan khatams whilst in jail and that he used to perform Tahajjud Salaat. Was it proper for him to have mentioned over the radio his personal acts of worship?


We are living in an era in close proximity to Qiyaamah. The immorality and villainy which had been organized and staged by one of the worst specimens of imposters posing as a ‘Maulana’ are necessary corollaries of the ages in proximity to Qiyaamah.  The coonery and clownery which had been organized in total emulation of the kuffaar, reveal kufr deep down in the hearts of these scum molvis who purport to be men of the Deen whilst shaitaaniyyat permeates every capillary in their bodies.

These shayaateenul ins (human devils) who have brought utter disgrace to the Deen with their flagrantly haraam fisq and fujoor are fully within the scope of the following Hadith of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam):


“Soon  will there be in my Ummah people in whom will permeate these ahwaa (evil attributes of lust and shaitaaniyat) just as the disease of rabies permeates every vein and joint (of the body).”

The lusts of Riya (show/ostentation) and Takabbur (Pride) have driven this so-called Maulana into senility which borders on to insanity. This is starkly evident from the fact that he has miserably failed to understand the many flagrant acts of haraam and kufraan-e-ni’mat (ingratitude to Allah Ta’ala) which he has perpetrated in the haraam welcoming kuffaar-style reception for his children. Every prohibition of the Qur’aan and Sunnah has been cast down the drain by men who give bayaans, conduct  bid’ah thikr programmes and adorning themselves with long jubbas, and who advertise themselves as ‘khalifahs’ practising ‘tasawwuf’. What they practise is nothing but satanism fitted with a thin religious veneer to dupe their stupid cronies.

The antics of this miserable, fake ‘moulana’ are so glaringly haraam and stupid that presenting Shar’i arguments in substantiation, would be tantamount to indulgence in futility. Even ordinary laymen fussaaq and fujjaar understand the evil and shaitaaniyat which the entire welcoming reception constituted from beginning to end.

The whole affair was Mal-oon and Mabghhodh – on which was Allah’s Curse and Wrath. Nothing but Riya and Takabbur motivated these miserable people for having organized such a haraam affair of clownery and coonery. The only act missing was painting their faces like coons. They should have gone the whole hog and complete their satansim with paint-facing, for this is an outstanding feature of clowns and coons.

If this ‘moulana’ had any decent Aql (Intelligence), he would rather have deemed committing suicide better than such flagrant and utterly shameless demonstration of fisq and fujoor.

The so-called ‘hijaab’ which you have mentioned is simply part of the Riya show to trade the idea of ‘piety’ when in reality the hearts are rotten with fisq and fujoor.

We say unequivocally that it is HARAAM to listen to the talks and bayaans of this deviate ‘moulana’. He constitutes a grave danger to the Imaan and Akhlaaq of the ignorant and unwary. He should throw off his outer ‘religious’ garb which is an outward facade to dupe stupid people and mislead then into the den of his notoriety.

The advertisement of 20 Qur’aan khatams and Tahajjud over Radio Shaitaan highlights the Riya which permeates every “vein and joint like rabies”. Drunk with the lust of riya, the fellow could not afford to miss the opportunity of advertising his hallucinated ‘piety’. To him, making 20 Qur’aan khatams in a year and performing Tahajjud Salaat are accomplishments for advertising. Empty vessels make the most sound – “full of sound and fury signifying nothing”. In his abortive and stupid attempt to portray buzrugiyat for himself, he succeeded in only exhibiting his shaitaaniyat.

The lust of riya blinds the intelligence, rendering it incapable of correct functioning, hence this  fellow even made reference to what he had perceived as ‘torture’ inflicted on him in the Saudi prison. Whilst torture in the  proper meaning of the term – physical torture –  which is  a normal  practice of all the brutal regimes, was not inflicted on  the character, he sought to convey the impression that due to his hallucinated ‘buzrugiyat’ he had managed to remain resolute when he was tortured. The only ‘torture’ which was meted out to the prisoners of this type consisted of shackling, blindfolding, normal  prison-cell discomfort, and photographing him in the toilet whilst engaged in the affairs of the toilet, for this is standard Saudi procedure.

Assuming that greater torture was inflicted, intelligence demanded silence at this stage. His crave for riya and the limelight compelled him to forget that he has a brother and a sister still in the Saudi prison. Without a care for their safety, he readily jeopardized their position with his claptrap talk, and so did the father of these two children. The antics and statements of the miscreant molvi convincingly portrayed him as an egotistical narcissistic character who shamelessly trample on the tenets of the Deen whilst presenting himself as a ‘khalifah’. Indeed, this haraam welcoming demonstration confirms him to be a khalifah of Iblees.

Every Imaani inhibition to fisq and fujoor was mercilessly and shamelessly pummelled and trampled on, and scandalously violated by this evil welcoming cabal. Whose example is a molvi supposed to emulate? The example of the Sahaabah or of the kuffaar? He had clearly made his abominable choice by publicly and flagrantly adopting the kuffaar style of welcoming a person. If he is a Muslim at heart, why did he not search through the Ahaadith and Islamic history to understand how a Muslim should be welcomed? Can this miserable molvi present a single example of the type of shaitaani reception ever accorded to any Islamic personage in the annals of Islamic history? Muslim prisoners – Sahaabah, Taabieen and others – had been released after long periods of imprisonment and torture. How did they celebrate their release? How were they welcomed by their relatives and communities? Their celebration and welcoming consisted of silence, shukr to Allah Ta’ala and Salaat in privacy. There never was the slightest sign of funfare – kuffaar funfare as these wicked people had demonstrated when they gave vent to their riya lists.

Surely, this unfortunate molvi is aware of the years of exile and internment in Malta of our Akaabireen such as Hadhrat Shaikhul Hind Maulana Mahmudul Hasan and Hadhrat Husain Ahmad Madani (Rahmatullah Alayhima) who were brutally tortured by the British barbarians. Hadhrat Shaikhul Hind’s back bore the terrible marks of the torture which was inflicted with a hot iron. How did they celebrate when they were released from Malta? Were they welcomed with kuffaar balloons, buntings, kuffaar style banners, zols of money doled out ostentatiously, intermingling of sexes, Muslim women pretending to be ‘hijaabis’ mixing with kuffaar males, kuffaar style motorcades,  releasing pigeons, kuffaar style, haraam photography etc., etc.?

Did this molvi acquire his concept of kuffaar style ‘ahlan wa sahlan’ from Hadhrat Masihullah (Rahmatullah alayh)? Truly, shaitaan is this evil character’s sheikh. Even ordinary Muslims and even fussaaq are aghast at the vile perpetrations which had been perpetrated at the haraam shaitaani welcoming reception organized for no reason other than for the gratification of the lusts of riya and takabbur. The molvi has been driven to senility bordering on insanity by his inordinate lust and voracious appetite for riya.

Since a host of Kabeerah sins had been committed flagrantly in the public with the attempt to give it an ‘islamic’ flavour, the need for the strongest public criticism has become imperative. The egotist has ludicrously illustrated his inner villainy which we are sure has opened the eyes of numerous Muslims who were under the false illusion of the ‘piety’ of the ‘khalifah’ of Iblees.  Such molvis are a threat to the Imaan of simple and ignorant Muslims. May Allah Ta’ala save Muslims from the villainy of those who corrupt Islamic morality and rob them of their Imaan. They are in reality shayaateen in human form.

An anonymous  former ‘fan’ of  the molvi, disgusted and disillusioned at the haraam kuffaar antics he had observed at the welcoming reception, published the following poem to vent his feelings:

We always held you in high esteem
We were always part of your team
You were the shinning beam guiding us along the straight  path taking us from darkness into light day in and day out

The Saudi's failed them and jailed them
We prayed for them and you cried for them
ALLAH tested them the Saudi lambasted them our prayers never stopped for them

11 months past and half your test was passed, then came your post which was full of boast, you called people to the airport which was actually a sin pot

Men and women mixed freely
You chanted ALLAH'S name  seeking fame ,you entertained pics and gave in to shaytaan's tricks
Women in hijaab ,hands covered with black gloves released white doves ,white balloons imitating those who frequent the saloon

It was a time to put our heads to the ground to make shukar all around  but you held yours up high and made the headlines
You made the news ,there is no difference of views you have no excuse for the power you abused
You lead us astray, to ALLAH we pray that you stop this moral decay and forgiveness be granted because you stooped lower than low and went from
HERO to ZERO !!!!

12 Muharram 1438 - 14 October 2016

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