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Vaccine facts you can’t ignore

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Vaccine facts you can’t ignore

It wasn’t hard for me to grab your attention with that headline, was it?

Vaccines are a hot topic and there are very passionate people on both sides of the “to vax or not to vax” issue. 

I am not here today to try and convince you of anything.  Where you stand on the vaccine issue is your own business.

What I am here to do is to educate you on some facts about vaccines that you may not be aware of, but should know about:

1) Vaccine manufacturers are completely exempt from liability
Vaccine manufacturers were granted exemption from liability arising from vaccines by the Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986.  If anyone is harmed or killed by a vaccine, the manufacturer cannot be sued.

If you or your child is harmed or killed by a vaccine, you must go to the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (“Vaccine Court”) to plead your case and request monetary compensation.  Vaccine Court is paid for by a 75-cent surcharge imposed on all vaccines.

As of this date, the NVICP had paid out $3,475,949,909 (nearly $3.5 billion) for damages and deaths caused by vaccines.

2) Vaccines are not tested for safety
Vaccines are not tested for safety or effectiveness using the double-blind, placebo-controlled method like all other drugs.  Vaccines are only examined to see if they prompt the creation of an antibody to the particular antigen (virus) in the vaccine.

Moreover, no testing has been done proving the safety of multiple doses of different vaccines given at a single time, as is common with childhood wellness visits. 

In addition, there has been no study of the synergistic, collective, long-term effect of the current CDC schedule of 70 vaccines from birth to age 18. 

Vaccines have not been tested or proven safe for use in pregnant women.

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24 Muharram 1438 (26 October 2016)

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