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A brother writes

Assalamu Alaykum

Muhtaram Maulana,

I heard a number of recordings of the recent SAUF conference held in Lenasia. I was totally appalled and disgusted at the filth that was disseminated by the hypocrites on the stage. The filth needs no elaboration.

I was a person who was initially very critical of The Majlis and its views. However, in recent years, I have realised my error and I am very grateful to Allah for allowing me to see the truth and the reality that The Majlis is correct in these views. May Allah reward you and keep you steadfast. Ameen

Since seeing that the Fordsburg Jamiat has now taken the stand to move away from Deobandiyyat and Hanafiyyat, I would like to find out if you feel that the time has come to openly call for a complete boycott of this devilish organization that is currently opening the doors of fornication, irtidaad and kufr.

Jazakallah u Khayran

(End of letter)

Our Response

When a sincere man misunderstands something, then sooner or later Allah Ta’ala inspires his understanding to enable him to see the Haqq. Alhamdulillah, this has happened to you. Allah Ta’ala guided you.

Yes, the NNB Jamiat of Fordsburg being a baatil grouping which misleads Muslims, should be boycotted. It is not permissible to contribute any funds to them. They abuse the funds for their haraam activities

18 Safar 1438 – (19 November 2016)

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