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Having been compelled by the stark reality of the Shariah and the indignation of the Muslim community, MJC, NNB jamiat of Fordsburg and Jamiat KZN – members of BOGUS uucsa – buckled and belatedly and grudgingly accepted genuine UUCSA’s ruling on the Hilaal for the month of Rabiul Awwal. 

In an abortive attempt to defend the initial non-acceptance stance of BOGUS uuccsa, Reverend Abrahama Bham of the NNB jamiat painfully issued a statement in which he disgorged pure drivel based on gross insincerity. There was no need for the stupid statement. Accepting the truth was adequate. But he had to make some silly statement because of the egg or faeces all over his face and body as a consequence of having initially rejected the conspicuous verdict of the Shariah. 

It is necessary for the Muslim community to reflect and understand the shenanigans in which these bogus characters of BOGUS uucsa indulge for nafsaani and worldly motives. Let us now examine the facts of the moon debacle created by the NNB jamiat with its poodle Jamiat KZN, both acting under instructions of a handful of zindeeq sheikhs of the person ‘a non grata, decrepit grouping called MJC of Western Cape.


Reverend Bham of the NNB jamiat with his muqallid, Molvi Ahmed Mohammedy of Jamiat KZN, are acting under the instructions of the MJC, especially on the moon issue. They are not allowed by the MJC to proclaim the Shariah’s verdict without receiving confirmation and permission from them (i.e. from the MJC). This is the fundamental problem which has caused the Rabiul Awwal moon debacle as well as other moon debacles in the past. The NNB jamiat and Jamiat KZN have elected to set aside the Shariah and to kowtow to the MJC. The only motive we can understand for this sick and haraam resolution is a false ‘unity’ for the sake of gratifying their disease of Hubb-e-Jah (love of the fame).


(1)  On the evening of Wednesday 30th November 2016, the Hilaal for the Month of Rabiul Awwal 1438 was sighted by a Hilaal Committee of the National Hilaal Committee of S.A.(NHCSA) which  operates under the auspices of the Mujlisul Ulama of S.A. The sighting was in Grobbershoop in the Northern Cape. NHCSA confirmed the sighting.


(2) Despite the extreme hostility between the Mujlisul Ulama and the NNB Jamiat, an agreement had been reached some time ago to mutually inform one another of confirmation of a sighting. In terms of this mutual agreement, our Hilaal Committee (NHCSA), telephonically conveyed the information of the sighting and our confirmation to the NNB Jamiat’s Mufti Minty. This was just minutes after the sighting was confirmed, and prior to having made the public announcement.


(3) The NNB jamiat’s office responded that they had to first wait for the MJC to make an announcement. Obviously, this nonsense was ignored, and we made our announcement.


(4) There was no undue delay by the NHCSA in informing the Muslim community of the commencement of the month of Rabiul Awwal. This information was proclaimed minutes after the conformation of the sighting.


(5) The NNB Jamiat, drunk with the disease of hub-e-jah, felt that the stupid, cheap and miserable publicity was denied to them by the prior announcement of an entity unrelated to BOGUS uucsa. Thus, the BOGUS conglomerate, specifically the MJC, NNB jamiat and Jamiat KZN triumvirate, had refused to accept NHCSA’s Grobbershoop sighting. Therefore, the 1 Rabiul Awwal despite being established in accordance with the Shariah’s  rules, was regarded as the 30 Safar by the BOGUS characters.  They had absolutely no valid Shar’i reason/grounds for having initially rejected the Haqq which we had proclaimed – first to them, then to the Muslim public.


(6) The agreement of delaying the announcement of confirmation of the Hilaal sighting – the agreement of the MJC, NNB jamiat and Jamiat KZN – until the MJC issues the command, and that will be only if it (the MJC) accepts a sighting, compels the latter two poodle bodies to suppress the Haqq, and if necessitated by MJC intransigence, they would then not inform the public of the new month, rather they will continue blatantly with the haraam stance of concealing the Haqq. Such flagrant kufr comes fully within the scope of the Qur’aanic Aayats:


“Do not clothe the Haqq with baatil, and do not conceal the Haqq whilst you are aware (of it).”  (Al-Baqarah, Aayat 42)

“….Why do you conceal the Haqq with baatil whilst you are aware (of it).”

(Aal-e-Imraan, Aayat 71)


Wallaah! The NNB jamiat characters and their poodles of Jamiat KZN were fully aware of the Haqq. They knew that the sighting of the Hilaal was confirmed by the Mujlisul Ulama, and they fully understand that the Mujlisul Ulama does not submit the Shariah to corrupt policies of expediency nor does it subscribe to the false doctrine of haraam ‘unity’. The two poodles are aware that our rulings are structured on only the Shariah, which are devoid of any type nafsaani politics and expediencies which in actual fact govern the policies of the BOGUS entities. Thus, they had absolutely no valid Shar’i ground for refusing to accept the verdict of the Mujlisul Ulama regarding the Rabiul Awwal hilaal confirmation.

They are guilty of kufr by having deliberately, without sound Shar’i grounds, concealed the Haqq of that evening having been the 1st Rabiul Awwal. They decided it expedient for the sake of their evil nufoos, to perpetuate the kufr falsehood of it still being the month of Safar.

(7)  But, the NNB jamiat and Jamiat KZN having been thrown into a quandary buy the Haqq of the glittering Shariah failed to abide by the Haqq because they were on the MJC’s leash. Whilst they were aware of the Haqq and whilst they had no option but to accept it, they were gagged by the MJC. They had to await instructions from the Zindeeq sheikhs – the Mudhilleen of the MJC before the muzzle could be removed from their mouths.


(8) Floundering in total confusion and uncertainty, the Reverend Bham in the name of BOGUS uucsa, issued the following haraam/baatil statement on Wednesday night, the Night the Hilaal was confirmed: 

“The New Moon for the month of Rabiul Awwal Shareef has not been sighted. ….Discussions are continuing and a decision will be finalized tomorrow.” 

His nafsaaniyatjahaalat and kitmaanul haqq boggle the mind of sane and sincere Muslims.


(9) Then very belatedly, the next day, deep into the 1st Rabiul Awwal, the Reverend issues a   stupid, labyrinthal statement conceding the validity of the Grobbersholop sighting, and abortively attempting to defend their earlier refusal. This belated acceptance came despite the fact that NO NEW evidence had come to light to constrain the BOGUS to change its earlier haraam stance. They now decided to accept the sighting of Grobbershoop on which we had based the verdict of 1st Rabiul Awwal, and which they had rejected earlier, despite the fact that their two Qabar Pujaari molvi groupings remained firm in their rejection. Thus, although  BOGUS uucsa  failed to reach  the much desired ‘consensus’ and  baatil ‘unity’, the MJC and its two poodle bodies (NNB jamiat and Jamiat KZN) broke ranks from the Qabar Pujaaris and accepted that Thursday was the 1st Rabiul Awwal 1438.


(10) Grudgingly accepting the Grobbershoop sighting, the Reverend said in his statement:  “Now on the matter with regard to the sighting of the moon for Rabiul Awwal, while a number of member bodies (of BOGUS uucsa) have accepted this sighting of the crescent as reported from NC (i.e. from Grobbershoop), there are others (i.e. the two Qabar Pujaari molvi groups) that have decided not to accept this sightings.”

The crucial question is: On what basis did these morons reject the confirmation of the sighting when it was conveyed to them a few minutes after Maghrib on the evening of 1st Rabiul Awwal, and on what basis did they decide to accept this very same sighting?

It must be emphasized that NO new evidence came to light since the time of their rejection until the time of their acceptance. Thus, the basis for having rejected the Grobbershoop sighting was ostensibly non-conformity with the Shariah. In other words, the Grobbershoop sighting could not be confirmed by the frauds because of what they believed to be lack of Shar’i evidence/grounds. 

Now we demand to know, the basis on which the rejection was reversed and transformed into acceptance. What are the Shar’i grounds for the belated acceptance? Nothing new came to light. In fact, our man in Grobbershoop, outrightly rejected to even speak with the NNB jamiat’s Molvi Minty and Reverend Bham when they contacted him. Despite the refusal of Grobbershoop to even discuss with the NNB jamiat, what has constrained them to accept the sighting? And, what had compelled them to break ranks from their Qabar Pujaari bedfellows who are members of their BOGUS false ‘umbrella’ body of ulama-e-soo’? 

The two very noteworthy factors which the Muslim community must remember are: 

(1)  There was no new evidence for their irrational decision to reverse their rejection

(2)  The fact of breaking ranks with their Qabar Pujaari bedfellows, indicates the intense pressure bearing on the NNB jamiat and Jamiat KZN.


The reason for the irrationality and for creating a split amongst themselves was the indignation and pressure of the Muslim community.  They (the NNB jamiat and KZN Jamiat) had made a laughing stock of themselves for their display of puerility and ignorance – for failing to reach consensus on an issue which was settled more than 14 centuries ago. The Hilaal is not a mas’alah   having developed in this era. The rules applicable to it were decided and settled during the age of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). The Fuqaha have explained the rules in detail. It is nafsaaniyat and shaitaaniyat which cause the needless confusion and discord which the BOGUS deceits perennially churn up.


(11) The only rationality displayed in this stupid moon saga by the BOGUS characters, was the stance of the Qabar Pujaari molvis who remained firm on their rejection. Although the Grave Worshippers have no Shar’i grounds for their rejection, they acted rationally by steadfastly refusing to accept the sighting. The reason for their rejection is the Shar’i principle: The word of a kaafir is not acceptable in matters of the Shariah. 

Now according to the Qabar Pujaaris, Deobandis and also the MJC characters are all kaafirs. Hence, the confirmation issued by the Deobandi ‘kaafirs’ may not be accepted. Since we all are kaafirs according to the Qabar Pujaaris, their stand is understandable


(12) Imagine the great inconvenience and confusion which this BOGUS uucsa would have created for the Muslim community if this was the Hilaal for Eid. Whilst we would have immediately informed the Muslim community of the confirmation of the Eid Hilaal, the Bogus chaps would be locked in their silly haraam ‘teleconferences’ kicking up a storm in a teacup, struggling to accept or to reject. 

As long as the BOGUS molvis refuse to abide by the Shariah, there is bound to develop discord and confusion regarding the hilaal of Ramadhaan and Eid. The only way to avoid such confusion, is to resolve to abide by the Shariah, NOT by MJC haraam directives, and not for appeasing the Qabar Pujaaris.

5 Rabiul Awwal 1438 – 5 December 2016


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