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(molvis, sheikhs and scholars for dollars)

A Brother from New York who used to be a follower of one of these Mudhilleen sent us the following letter which we are reproducing verbatim. He has requested us to correct the spelling errors/grammar. However, we have retained the originality of his letter without effecting the slightest change.

Assalam o Alaikum Hazrat,

I have been reading your articles and personal experiences of brothers about Modern Ulama or (Sholars for Dollars and Juhhal) as you say. I did not have the courage to absorb this and kept quiet keeping in mind the respect of Ulama as they are the successor of Rasool Allah SAW and I heard that one who bashes Ulama, their face turns away from Qibla when put inside the Qabr.


My sabr has now crossed all limits and I like to draw your and the world’s attention to a serious affair concerning Mufti Muneer Ahmed Khoon. He runs a Khanqah, Al Muneer Foundation, Darul Iftah, Ruqya center and Darul Uloom in NYC. He is the Global moon sighting fame. Recently titled as Mufti Azam America by Mujlis Ulama America.


I used to sit in his majalis and attended his dars in Karachi and was very inspired by his lectures. He used to do a group Zikr every Sunday. He is the Khalifa and Son in law of Maulana Yousuf Ludhyanwi Shaheed (Rahmat Ullah Alayh) and ex-Khalifa of Hakeem Akhtar of Ashraf ul Madaris in Karachi.  He was really a pious person with visible noor glowing on his face all the time. He was under constant threat by opposition and migrated to USA to his Sister and Brother in Law. He wrote some books in opposition to Ahle-Hadees and was promoting Haqq.


I was in contact with him occasionally until I discovered a paradigm shift in his lifestyle and modernism in his acts. He made a facebook page to connect to people and started attending sport events and mixed Eid and other gatherings. His pictures constantly started appearing on facebook. He also started the interfaith dialogue and peace rallies. I once saw his picture with a t-shirt and p-cap turned backwards. I remember He was the one who wore Imamah and Sunnat style plain white dress when He was in Karachi and kept telling people not to wear un-islamic dress with cuffs and buttons. Nowadays he is wearing colored shawlwar kameez with cufflinks.


He once had a lady receptionist who attend and divert his public calls. I heard that this was the reason that Hakeem Akhtar withdrew his Khalaft from him. He also put a fees payable by credit card one had to pay if they want to talk to him.


He has created a whatsapp group and posts his messages with his pictures. He runs some deeni shows on TV channels with Music in intro and end. Once he posted his picture with his hands raised for dua and Gumbad-e-Khizra in the back. Many a people asked to make dua in Madinah, He replied that He is not in Madinah and it was some Rabi Al Awwal greeting. Very recently he has posted pictures of Women reciting Milad without observing Pardah and pictures of him attending a barsi program and people sitting on chairs on round tables reading Quran for the deceased.


A lot of people call him and tells him that they saw Rasool Allah SAW in dream with Mufti Muneer and that He is doing good job. Lot of people says that when they see them in dream their difficult work is done. He also thinks that his khidmat for deen is accepted and praised by Rasool Allah SAW (Naoozubillah).


By doing all this and using facebook, whatsapp, TV they say that the deen will be spread to masses. What kind of deen is this and what are these Ulama trying to achieve. Is He trying to spread this deen where:

1.       Is TV and Music Halal?

2.       Is organizing and attending Barsi Halal?

3.       Is charging money to talk to people Halal?

4.       Is mingling with women Halal?

5.       What about Sunnah style dressing?

6.       What are they trying to promote? Which deen is this?

7.       Is this the deen of Rasool Allah SAW and Sahaba RA?

8.       If all of this is Halal then is it really Islam and how will they justify this in the day of Qayamah?

All these pictures are available in His facebook page and whatsapp group. One can go and see all what I have written. There is much I can write about him but this is a glimpse.


Please respond and spread this so that Allah protect us from this kind of deen and accept Haqq. Also, people should attach to Haqq.


You can re-write this and correct any grammar and spelling mistakes.



(End of the Brother’s letter)


Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Imaan is suspended between fear and hope.”

May Allah Ta’ala keep our Deen and Imaan intact until the very last breath of life. No one knows what the morrow holds for him.

8 Rabiul Awwal 1438 – 8 December 2016


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