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Lamenting the extreme corruption and Deeni destruhtction caused by the villainous facebook / youtube molvis and sheikhs, a Sister from Pakistan writes:

“Assalamo Alykum

For quite sometime I have been reading about the Scholars for Dollars like mufti menk, peer zulfiqar sahab and other ‘famous’ (notorious) ulama and muftis going to Dubai to give bayaans, travelling first class, staying in five star hotels and getting handsome monetary gains, on the website of The Majlis. But now the scenario is changing very fast with even the unknown muftis, ulama and the so called buzurgs (cranks and frauds), mostly from Karachi, (and also from South Africa and other countries) going to Dubai, Malaysia, England, and even the poorest of countries such as like Burma.

It is indeed a mystery and  bewildering as to who calls them and arranges for their bayaans which are devoid of any Roohaniyat and bereft of Allah’s and his Nabi Rasoolallah sallalaho alaihay wasalam's love. (The same  people who are  the followers of Iblees are calling them.) Have the muftis, ulama and the self-acclaimed buzurgs lost all sense of shame and Emaani dignity? (They are shameless deceits who  utilize the Deen for their despicable nafsaani and monetary lists.)How can they stoop so low? And to top it all they come back to their cities and give bayaans on Tawwakaland Dunya ki Haqeeqat.

After this they display on their websites Dubai Bayan, London Bayan, Kualalampur Bayan, so on and so forth. Inna lillaahi wa inna ilaihi raajioon!

Even in their own city they keep falling on the feet of the influential elite neighbourhood masjid committee’s persons to keep their bayaans in such masjids. Only Allah knows their niyyats and intentions. But all this leaves one wondering that why don't they just stick to their own masjids or give bayaans in the down-trodden areas of the city, even their own neighbourhood and gain the respect of people.(There is no monetary gain and no gaining of fame and expression of base promptings in these poor areas.)

In all this global and domestic trotting they don't have any time for either their own families or the public. Their children are bereft of any Islamic character. They dress in western style pants and shirts, with no Akhlaaq (moral character) at all. They don't even have the basic manners which even the non-deeni parents give to their children, like being polite and respectful.

All this is absolutely sickening. Giving bayaans on Tarbiyat of Aulad (moral training of children) week after week and not giving an atom of tarbiyat to their own kids!!!

To top it all, quite a few muftis, ulama and buzurgs (deceits, crankers and robbers of Imaan) go for Umrah and Hajj on the most expensive packages and say: “Our well wishers and those who love us have sent us on these trips”. This is outrageous. If they have so much love for Allah and his Rasool sallallaho alaihai wasalam, why don't they ask their well wishers to open up small maktabs in the interior of Pakistan and appoint Ustadhs with reasonable monthly salaries to teach basic deen to the ignorant people who do not know even the Kalimah, and are easy targets of the qadiyani, christian and other missionaries for conversion?

Another serious issue is that of pictures. Nearly all the muftis and ulama (All of them are shaitaani morons) have their bayaans and speeches on You Tube, and the most shocking part is a video on You tube in which a person announces on stage that: Now Mufti Taqi Uthmani Sahab's grand daughter will recite a poem. After this announcement comes the grand daughter - 10 or 11 years of age, clad in a shalwar, kameez and dupatta with her face uncovered , and recites the famous poem Ilahi teri chaukhat par (O  my Allah, I am at Your threshold.  In fact, these frauds are at the threshold of shaitaan –Hypocrites!). Seated on the stage are all the muftis, ulama and buzurgs (all clowns and coons) enjoying this recital.

Mufti Sahab, how in the world did Mufti Taqi Uthmani Sahab allow this, being the Sheikh ul Hadith and writing the translations of the Qur’aan and scores of other deeni books? How does he teach about pardah and pictures being forbidden in our deen? (In fact, he teaches that pictures are permissible. When  nafsaaniyat extinguishes the Imaani conscience of a person,  he  forgets  about Allah Ta’ala, Maut, the Qabr and the Hisaab in Qiyaamah).

All this has had such a negative effect on me that I have stopped reading any books by all muftis and ulama and listening to their audio bayaans. I really don't know what to do about this situation, for writing to these muftis and ulama is just a waste of time as they have enough ‘dalaail’ to prove their acts just and quieten you, so I am writing this to you.

Duas are requested.    --- A Sister from Pakistan   (End of the Sister’s letter)

NOTE: All statements in brackets are the comments of The Majlis.



Whatever you have written is 100% correct. The lamentable scenarios you have depicted are all Signs of Qiyaamah. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had predicted the rise of the ulama-e-soo’ – the scholars for dollars – Dajjal’s followers – fourteen centuries ago. We are witnessing the unfolding of the Signs of Qiyaamah in the haraam shenanigans of these facebook, youtube and dajjaali ‘ulama’ who are all the agents of Iblees.

As lamentable and depressing as these evil scenarios of the ulama-e-soo’ are, and despite there really being no hope for their reformation, it remains the Waajib obligation of the Ulama who have not strayed from Seeraatul Mustaqeem, to highlight and condemn the evil practices of these facebook molvis, and to expose these mudhilleen who have deceived many unwary and ignorant Muslims.

The books of these mudhilleen maajin muftis and juhala molvis should not be studied. The effect of their fisq and fujoor permeates even their writings and even such of their bayaans which pertain strictly to Deeni masaa-il. Their evil is contagious, and has to be avoided just as one would flee from a lion on the prowl.

Writing to them is to squander valuable time and effort. Their deviation is by nafsaani design, not by any error of judgment. Their error is comparable to shaitaan’s error of rebellion when he refused to make Sajdah at the Divine Command. Their flaccid arguments and ‘dalaa-il’ are a conglomeration of ludicrous flapdoodle. Their baatil arguments are of the kind of ‘daleel’ which Iblees presented to Allah Ta’ala in justification of his refusal to prostrate.

The satanic phenomenon of   ulama-e-soo’, cranks and dacoits posing as ‘buzrugs’ will be an incremental development as we move closer to Qiyaamah.  It is imperative for Rasulullah’s predictions to materialize.  May Allah Ta’ala guide us all and save us from the tentacles of the agents of Iblees.

3 Rabiuth Thaani 1438 – 2 January 2017

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