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From Pakistan comes the following lament:


It is a truly sad state of affairs in the Darul Uloom Karachi which Hazrat Mufti Shafi Uthmani (ra) had started with so much Ikhlaas and sincere intentions. So much Dunya has crept in that it can be seen and noticed by all. The high life style and living standard of his (ra) sons and grand children is indeed a far cry from the teachings of Rasoolallah Sallallaho Alaihai Wasalam.

The palatial constructions of the Darul Uloom are in sharp contrast of the Shariat. The Masjid alone cost some 50 crore Rupees, may be more. Just imagine 50 crore Rupees!

It is unthinkable. The main gate of the Darul Uloom resembles the gate of some rich moghul emperor's castle gate not the gate of a madarsa where the Uswah of Rasoolallah Sallallaho Alaihai Wassalam is taught and the knowledge of Quran and Hadith is being imparted to students. The gate alone must be costing crores of Rupees. And last but not the least are the Darul Hadith and more buildings, all landscaped and their construction and maintenance must be costing billions of Rupees. Whom are the Darul Uloom's inheritors trying to impress and fool?

This is more shameful if you see the poverty in the neighbourhoods around the Darul Uloom. Have they no fear of Allah, how can they spend the donations of the people so carelessly without any thought about accountability?

Mufti Taqi Uthmani Sahab once said in his bayan that my father had told us that if you can't run this Madarsa on the lines of our Akabareen, shut it down. These were not the exact words, but close to these. Its high time he gives a serious thought to these words.

Duas are requested for my Maut on Eman. (End of the Lament)

Signs of Qiyaamah predicted by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) are unfolding in front of us. One of the striking Signs of Qiyaamah is the corruption and fitnah of the Ulama and the construction of elaborate and ornate Musjids. Castigating the mad frenzy and obliviousness (ghaflat) underlying the construction of ornate and palatial buildings, the Qur’aan Majeed says:

“You construct palaces (and palatial mansions) as if you will be living forever (in this world).”

Regarding the corruption and fitnah of the Ulama in times close to Qiyaamah, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Soon shall there dawn a time over the people when nothing of Islam will remain except its name, and nothing of the Qu’raan will remain except its text. The Musaajid will be ornate structures devoid of guidance. The worst of the people under the canopy of the sky will be their ulama. From them (the ulama) will emerge fitnah (corruption), and the fitnah will rebound on them.”

What is depicted in the Lament is of the fitnah mentioned in the Hadith. The only logical explanation for the emergence of the fitnah from rationally unexpected  sources, viz. the Ulama who are supposed to be the Beacons of Hidaayat and the Representatives of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), is the incumbency of the  materialization of the Nabi’s prediction, and this being the decree of Allah Azza Wa Jal defies our logic.


The Ummah is burning and bleeding to death – spiritually and physically – in massive heart-rending upheavals all over the world. The molvis of the Karachi Darul Uloom are supposed to be senior Ulama. They are not ignorant and not physically blind to the suffering of Muslims all over the world, and even right at their door stop, all around them, dwelling in squalor, ignorance and misery. Yet, amid this misery and sordid state of affairs, they remain blind and callously hard-hearted which renders them incapable of  intellectual perception and emotional pity for the plight of their suffering brethren and the Ummah at large. Their blindness is of the kind stated in the Qur’aan:


“The (physical) eyes are not blind. But the (spiritual) eyes within the breasts are blind.”


And, the callousness of their hearts is vividly depicted in the Qur’aanic Aayat:


“Then their hearts became hard like stone or harder, for verily, from some rocks gush forth streams, and verily from among them (stones and rocks) some split and water emerges. And, some of them boulders) roll (from heights) because of fear for Allah. Allah is not oblivious of what you are doing.”  (Al-Baqarah, Aayat 74)

This is the condition of the molvis of the Karachi Darul Uloom. In fact, it has become the salient feature of the vast majority of the Ulama all over the world. They are the most wretched species treacherously betraying Allah Ta’ala, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasalam), Islam and the Ummah.


The staggering amounts of money squandered in constructions which will soon be rendered to dust, is mind-boggling. Just ruminate on the 50 crore rupees (a hundred million rands)  for building a Musjid in the yard of Darul Uloom, and  tens of milions of rands for just a gate, and the billions of rupees   on the buildings in general. This satanic squander of the ni’mat and amaanat of wealth which was supposed to have been diverted to the suffering Ummah, brings to the fore the Hadith of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam):

“Every expenditure is in the Path of Allah, except that which is spent in sand. (i.e.  unnecessary, wasteful constructions of  show and pride).”


In another Hadith, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:


“When the wealth of a person is shorn of barkat (blessings), he places it (i.e. satanically squanders it) in water and sand (i.e. in wasteful buildings, mansions, palaces and Karachi  style daarul ulooms).”

All Institutions of the Deen established by the noble seniors and predecessors deteriorate and drift from Siraatul Mustaqeem with the passage of time. No Institution has been spared from this lamentable fate. What is observed in the Karachi Darul Uloom is the Institution’s advanced stage of corruption, degeneration and decomposition, hence the Ulama of that institution are gripped in the tentacles of shaitaan. The dunya has overwhelmed them. And, this too is a Sign of Qiyaamah. Said Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam):


“Knowledge (of the Deen) will  be  (imparted and acquired) for purposes other than the Deen ..................The dunya (wealth and fame) will be pursued with the deeds of the Aakhirah.”

Ibaadat, imparting Ilm-e-Deen, acquiring Ilm-e-Deen, establishing Madaaris, etc. are all deeds whose objective is or should be only reward and salvation in the Aakhirah. But the molvis are using and misusing the Deen and its Knowledge for the goals and objectives of this world. They are totally oblivious of Maut, Qabr and the Hisaab of Qiyaamah. They have become Baatini kuffaar. That is, whilst professing to be Muslims and outwardly upholding the rituals of Islam, their hearts are corrupt and noxious with the attitudes of kufr. They are rotten to the core.


The forerunners in the process of halaalization of riba, carrion, picture-making and the like, are the molvis of this Karachi Darul Uloom. Lust for the dunya has not only stunted, but effaced their Umaani vision. They are therefore totally oblivious of the suffering of the Ummah, not only all over the world, but right at their door step. With the crores of rupees which this unfortunate Darul Uloom has squandered and is squandering satanically, thousands of small Maktabs could have been initiated in such rural villages where the children are exposed to kufr. Due to a total lack of Deeni Ta’leem, millions of Muslim children are growing up as kuffaar. But the concern and mad desire of the molvis of these darul ulooms is to establish their own mini-empires where they could bask in luxury and western comforts. Their opulence is obscene.

11 Rabiuth Thaani 1438 - 10 January 2017

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