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While the Barelwi Qabar Pujaaris have been relatively stagnant in their acts of bid’ah, having restricted their baatil functions to their age-old milaad and urs merrymaking  festivals,  the new brand of molvis posing as ‘deobandis’ and the zindeeq  sheikhs of the MJC are fabricating  such acts of bid’ah which were unheard of in the annals of Islam. In fact, they have surpassed even the Barelwi Bid’atis with their Bid’ah compounded with Bid’ah –zulmat piled on zulmat. 

The latest acts of shaitaani Bid’ah innovated by the evil  so-called ‘deobandi’ molvis and the zindeeq sheikhs of the MJC are the “Ta’ziyah Jalsah” organized by the former evil group in Pietermaritzburg, and the “Qur’aan Remembrance Programme” fabricated  in Cape Town by the latter group in collusion with the followers of the Marhoom Maulana Makki (Rahmatullah alayh). Both groups are mudhilleen (those who mislead Muslims). These acts of Bid’ah  are being organized ostensibly for the deceased Maulana Abdul Hafiz Makki (Rahmatullah alayh) whose body was severely mauled, mutilated and on which humiliation and indignity were piled when the body was denuded (stripped naked), punctured,  pumped with alcohol and vilely desecrated, and buried almost four days after his death.


The stupid ‘Ta’ziyah’ notice reads:

“Taziyat jalsah in honour of Marhoom Hafeez Makki Saheb (RA) – lecture, durood and dua.”

It is clear that the morons who have organized this so-called baatil, bid’ah ‘taziyat’ jalsah of riya, have no understanding of a valid Masnoon Ta’ziyat. The Masnoon Ta’ziyat (Condolence) practice of Islam consists of only a person visiting the home of the bereaved at any time during the first three days of the death, and to offer support, sympathy and encouragement to the bereaved relatives. This is the BE ALL of the Ta’ziyat commanded by Allah Ta’ala. All other frills and fancies are acts of bid’ah and shaitaaniyat which the morons have satanically innovated to promote themselves and their bloated nafsaani egos. They seek to promote themselves as ‘sufis’ on the basis of the death of Maulana Makki whom these very morons had subjected to grotesque and haraam treatment.


There is not a vestige of the valid Masnoon Ta’ziyat practice in the bid’ah ‘ta’ziyat jalsah’. Ta’ziyat is not a jalsah. The jalsah is a haraam bid’ah sayyiah. An organized gathering in the manner contemplated by the morons is in emulation of kuffaar ways and practices. It has absolutely no truck with Islam. The simple Masnoon Ta’ziyat is a private act by an individual at the home of the bereaved within the three day period. But these morons have organized a function at the Musjid, where the additional acts of bid’ah – the lecture, congregational durood and dua will – will be flaunted vociferously in total conflict with the Shariah. This bid’ah so-called ‘ta’ziyah’ jalsah has absolutely not even a semblance of resemblance with the Masnoon Ta’ziyat act. Shaitaan has indeed convoluted the brains of these morons who have desecrated the body of their shaikh most despicably. By what stretch of Islamic logic can they ever describe their stupid bid’ah function as ‘Ta’ziyat’?


After the gruesome desecration, they compound their haraam with more haraam – with their fraudulent act of ‘ta’ziyah jalsah’ which never existed at any time in Islam’s more than 14 century history. Not even the Qabar Pujaaris had resorted to this satanism. The salient haraam acts of bid’ah of the Bid’ah Ta’ziyah Jalsah” are:

  • The bid’ah gathering in the Musjid
  • The congregational dua
  • The congregational durood
  • The lecture
  • The enactment of the Bid’ah a week after the death and desecration of the Marhoom, and this is after the three-day period allocated for Masnoon Ta’ziyat by the Shariah.

The motivation for this bid’ah ‘ta’ziyah’ is nothing but riya and ujub. This is the way in which bid’atis stay in business. They seek to project themselves as ‘sufis’ whilst they are morally corrupt and spiritually bankrupt. Hence, with  public functions in the name of the Deen they endeavour to stay in their baatil ‘tasawwuf’ business to project themselves as ‘sufis’ when in reality they are the followers of Iblees. The only imaam of Bid’ah is Iblees, and these Bid’atis of all persuasions, whether Barelwi or Deobandi or Tablighi, or Zindiqi, are the muqallideen of Iblees. It should be clearly understood that these moron molvis who innovate their bid’aat are not Deobandis. They have no valid and no genuine relationship with the Ulama of Deoband or with Deobandiyyat which is another name for the Sunnah and Shariah which have reached us via the Channel of the Hanafi Math-hab.



This bid’ah has been organized by the zindeeq sheikhs of the MJC in Cape Town. They have dubbed their new bid’ah: “Qur’an Remembrance Programme which is ostensibly to commemorate the passing away of Hadhrat Makki (Rahmatullah alayh). This in reality is another bid’ah motivated by riya and nafsaaniyat. It has absolutely no basis and no sanction in the Deen.


The programme advert says that the ‘khulafa’ of Hadhrat Makki are inviting the public to participate in this new-fangled Bid’ah. These are the very same miserable ‘khulafa’ who had condoned and actively connived the despicable desecration of the body of their Shaikh. They should be repeatedly asked: “What did you do to your Shaikh?”


Reciting the Qur’aan Majeed as an act of Isaal-e-Thawaab for the mayyit is permissible and meritorious. But what these khulafa and the MJC’s zindeeq sheikhs are doing is Bid’ah clownery and coonery. It is not a valid Ibaadat of Isaal-e-Thawaab. In the Sunnah there is no such function as “Qur’an Khatam program”. The moron organizers of this Bid’ah stupidly say: “Shaykh Abdul Hafeez was near and dear to the hearts and minds of the Muslims, both laypeople and scholars alike, of Cape Town.”

If this is a truth, then why do these laypeople and scholars not recite the Qur’aan Majeed  in privacy and with Ikhlaas  at home without any advertising, without blowing hot air, without  making  a noise and in  the pure Sunnah way within the precincts of their homes? Why the function? Why the gathering? What is the origin of this practice? What status does it have in the Sunnah? It is nothing but a dark Bid’ah fabricated by the nafs of morons under the spell of Iblees. Devotees who hold their shaikh dear and near in their hearts are not in need of functions and reminders to goad them into reciting the Qur’aan for the thawaab of their shaikh.


The Bid’ah advert reads: “All attendees will recite a portion of the Qur’an and we will collectively complete the khatm along with a short dhikr and some anasheed.”


These people are bereft of any shame and fear for Allah Ta’ala. They are making a mockery of the Deen and of the Qur’an Majeed, and all of this vile Bid’ah in the name of their Shaikh whom they had desecrated with their own hands. What part do ‘anasheed’ have in Isaal-e-Thawaab? Which Hadith or which Qur’aanic Aayat or which Fiqhi Mas’alah teaches us that songs should be sung as acts of Isaal-e-Thawaab for the mayyit? These morons and zindeeqs are in emulation of Christians who sing hymns in their churches.


What basis do they have for their bid’ah ‘collective’ thikr and bid’ah ‘collective’ khatm. They have borrowed the basis for their new-fangled bid’ah practices and merrymaking functions from the Barelwi Bid’atis.


The Deen has been transformed into a hotch potch of innovations and merrymaking functions by deviates, bid’atis and slaves of the nafs for their personal aggrandizement and other despicable worldly motives. In the process of   achieving their lowly desires, they are mangling the Deen and submitting the Shariah to gross baatil ta’weel, hence they are branded as zindeeqs and deviates. About these mudhilleen, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Verily, I fear most for my Ummah the aimah mudhilleen.” They are these bid’ati molvis masquerading as ‘sufis, the zindeeq sheikhs and the like who mislead the ignorant and the unwary. They destroy themselves and the ignoramuses who follow them.


People of intelligence should understand that all these innovated functions have no relationship with the Deen. It is not permissible to participate in any way in these bid’ah functions.

24 Rabiuth Thaani 1438 - 23 January 2017)


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