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A huge hole has developed in the haraam boodle pocket of SANHA in the wake of the drastic curtailing of operations by the SANHA halaalized carrion chicken Rainbow plant. 

Since Rainbow is unable to compete with the Haraam imported chickens, it feels compelled to close down a substantial section of its carrion operations which SANHA has halaalized for decades thereby feeding diseased, haraam carrion to Muslims.

With the decrease of tens of millions of carrion chicken in Rainbow’s production, the discomfort and consternation of SANHA can be imagined. In the wake of Rainbow’s drastic curtailment of its operations, comes a massive drop in the haraam, riba boodle which SANHA used to earn from halaalizing Rainbow’s Maitah chickens.


Now that the boodle pocket has been severely affected, SANHA attempts to jump on to a ‘deeni’ bandwagon in desperation. For the first time in its rotten, stinking carrion-certification shaitaani trade, has SANHA sounded a warning, couching it with a ‘deeni’ flavour. In its recent pamphlet from which exudes desperation and consternation, SANHA disgorges: 

“Poultry from these exporting countries are, in most instances, not slaughtered in accordance to the rigorous required standards. Machine slaughter is commonly being used, slaughter-facilities do not conduct exclusive Halaal slaughter, laxity in the continuous monitoring, auditing, storing & transporting, and issuance of certificates in both countries of origin and destination lack credibility.”

Coming from a carrion halaalizer such as SANHA, this statement is indeed laughable. SANHA must be labouring under the ludicrous notion of all Muslims being idiots and morons who will swallow all this drivel which is now being belched from their foul mouths which halaalized filth and disease. 

Every charge which SANHA is now directing at the overseas Carrion Certifiers and killing facilities, applies to SANHA, MJC, NIHT and the other members of the foul and vile Carrion Cabal. Every single item in the aforementioned statement of SANHA, applies to SANHA as well. It is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. In all these years, SANHA has not criticized Rainbow’s machine slaughter facility in the Western Cape halaalized by the Istinja MJC sheikhs who are scandalously ignorant of the rudimentary requisites of the correct Islamic practice of Istinja. Now that SANHA’s haraam income is being drastically affected by Rainbow’s plight, SANHA is clamouring about the machine slaughtering accepted by the carrion halaalizers of the exporting countries. But, it remains dumb and mute regarding the millions of chickens killed by machines in Rainbow’s Western Cape facility halaalized by the MJC. Who is SANHA fooling with its mock ‘deeni’ protestations? 

The jaahil carrion halaalizer, SANHA, now screams: “GUARD YOUR IMAAN!”  Rainbow’s suffering has brought heart-breaking suffering to SANHA. SANHA’s carrion trade is suffering, hence the mad shout about ‘saving Imaan’. For decades SANHA has been ruining the Imaan of Muslims with halaalized diseased carrion chickens. The very same issues which SANHA is accusing the overseas carrion exporters apply to Rainbow and every other South African chicken killing facility halaalized by SANHA and the rest of the illegitimate progeny of Iblees. What affinity does a carrion halaalizer have with Imaan? The Deen is being used and misused in a desperate and stupid attempt to patch the huge hole which has developed in SANHA’s haraam boodle pocket as a result of the deluge of filth being imported from Brazil and elsewhere. 

The Muslim community should not allow itself to be deceived and befuddled by the holy pontification of SANHA. ALL CHICKENS AND ALL MEAT PRODUCTS CERTIFIED BY SANHA AND EVERY OTHER CARRION CERTIFIER ARE HARAAM CARRION.

Muslims should have mercy on their own souls by struggling to cure themselves of the addiction of devouring carrion. The halaalized carrion ruins Imaan and destroys Islamic morals. The emphasis on Halaal-Tayyib food commanded by the Qur’aan and Hadith can never be over-exaggerated. Allah Ta’ala states in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“Verily, We have ennobled the Sons of Aadam (Mankind), and We have saddled them on the land and ocean, and We have provided them Tayyibaat (Pure and Wholesome Rizq), and We have granted them superiority over numerous of Our creation.”

4 Jamadul Ula 1438 – 2 February 2017

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