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Regarding the ongoing strife and fitnah which has torn the Tabligh Jamaat apart on all levels, Mufti A.K.Hoosen, has issued the following statement: 

“The only problem in Nizaamudeen today is maal (wealth/money). There is a person there, who is self-appointed, who wants to be the Ameer. And if you do not accept his leadership then they (Sa’d’s goondas - thugs) want to assault you. They threaten and intimidate you. Therefore the aalam-e-shura (the world Shura Body of the Tabligh Jamaat) – the world shuraa has decided that the status quo cannot prevail like this.

The Jamaat’s work must continue everywhere but they must bypass Nizaamuddeen as long as things stay like this. (i.e. as long as the Goonda Sa’d remains in the premises which he has usurped by violence with the aid of his thugs, and from where he has  proclaimed himself to be the ameer of the Tabligh Jamaat of the world).So remember there is no problem with the markaz. The problem is with the self-appointed ameer. And remember he is causing havoc there for his own agenda. So we make dua to Almighty Allah that Almighty Allah removes him or he comes to his senses, because he is doing a great, great disservice to the Ummah for his own hidden agenda and ulterior motives.

Let me make it clear! Maulana Sa’d who is self-appointed is not fit to be ameer. Remember that. That is our fatwa and the fatwa of a thousand ulama.  He is not fit to be ameer of the Tabligh Jamaat. So we need to understand.  There is no sense playing games and those type of things here.

In Islam you can’t be a self-appointed ameer. An ameer must have profound Ilm, taqwa, and wisdom. One cannot be the ameer because he belongs to a certain family. He lacks in these attributes.

The nonsense he spoke about these types of things and about Nabi Musa alayhis salaam and other issues, disqualifies him from being the ameer.”  End of Mufti A.K. Hoosen’s statement.


This Sa’d character lacks in every attribute necessary for an Ameer of such a huge movement as the Tabligh Jamaat. He has descended into the dregs of villainy by employing gutter-level tactics of goondagerry (thuggery), using his Mewati ignoramuses to employ violence, smashing property and assaulting those whom he perceived are aligned against him. He has brazenly claimed that those who do not accept his leadership are Jahannamis (inmates of Hell).

In South Africa, the agent of Sa’d’s fitnah is one Rashid Norath who is spreading false propaganda in support of Sa’d. More information about these fattaan shall be published, Insha-Allah. The workers on the ground are all caught up in this web of shaitaani fitnah. They are disputing among themselves to the eternal detriment of the tabligh work.

17 Jamadal Ula 1438 - 15 February 2017


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