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A church in Durban is currently being converted into a mosque. It is a heritage building, hence in terms of the law the exterior cannot be changed, and the cross on top of it has to remain. In the 1990’s the church was sold and used for business purposes. It was used as a furniture store, then as a studio for photography.  A report in our local paper states:

“As a protected listed site the building must retain the original church aesthetics, including the cross on the spire.”


Is it permissible to perform Salaat in this building?



It is not permissible to perform Salaat under a cross and in a building which has to retain the “aesthetics” of kufr and shirk. Performing Salaat under the cross and in a building which retains the distinctive features of an abode of kufr and shirk is an affront to Allah Azza Wa Jal.


Nothing is worse than shirk in the Eyes of Allah Azza Wa Jal. According to the Qur’aan Majeed Allah Ta’ala will forgive all sins but shirk, and a cross is the symbol of shirk. There will be innumerable people who  had died without having made Taubah, but Allah’s mercy will enshroud them and they will be forgiven, but those who  die without having made Taubah for shirk, will not be forgive, Their abode is Jahannam.


Those who profess to be Muslims, but submitted to the haraam terms of the ‘heritage’ requisites, are munaafiqeen. Their kufr is deeply embedded in their hearts, hence having a cross and retaining the aesthetics of kufr and shirk of a church are tolerable, in fact acceptable and respectable to them. This is an evil consequence of the interfaith movement which by degrees erodes the Imaan of its participants.


The building should not be regarded as a Musjid, and Muslims who are conscious of the demands of Imaan and of Allah’s abhorrence for kufr and shirk, should never perform Salaat in that church being currently camouflaged internally with the trappings of a musjid.

Mosque On Samora Street 


27 Jamadal Ula 1438 – 25 February 2017

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