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Please comment on the following view of some astronomer:

Hilaal Sighting

In this day and age, where only a handful of the global ummah look up into the skies, it is imperative that any report of naked eye sightings of celestial objects be scrutinized before acceptance. Natural law overrules any manmade law. Therefore the detailed evidence of a sighting must be compared with natural law before any Shahadah. South Africa is a large land mass and if there is only one report of a crescent sighting, it has to be verified scientifically.

Is there any Shariah validity in what he says?

What the moron character said is bunkum. The ONLY valid evidence for confirming the hilaal sighting is the evidence of Aadil Muslims who have seen the hilaal with their naked eyes.

The suggestions of the moron ‘astronomer’ are claptrap and his deductions are flapdoodle having absolutely no validity in the Shariah. Such stupidities must always be expected from the zindeeqs who abound in this era. 

“Natural law” which is presented to override Shar’i Law, is the Devil’s law which the zindeeq is promoting. The crank, in order to save his skin from the fatwa of kufr, deviously says “manmade law”. In reality he implies Shar’i Law, but the moron is too scared to say that “natural law overrides Shar’i Law” because he is fully aware of the consequences of such a brazen statement of kufr. 

His statement: “Therefore the detailed evidence of a sighting must be compared with natural law (devil’s law – The Majlis) before Shahadah”, is tantamount to kufr, for it is in negation of the one and only condition stipulated by the Shariah, and that is the word of an aadil. If it pertains to the Eid hilaal, it will be shahaadat. The number depends on weather conditions. Regarding the month of Ramadhaan, the plain khabr (information) of a single pious female will also suffice. 

When an illiterate villager reported his sighting, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) did not subject him to the stupid interrogation which the stupid ‘astronomer’ suggests. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) accepted his word on the basis of his declaration that he is a Muslim. Thus, ‘scientific’ verification may be dumped into the sewer drains.

15 Jamadal Ukhra 1438 (14 March 2017)


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