A Dispassionate Dissecion Of NNB-MJC Nexus On The Kufr MMB

Monday, May 30 2011 Written by Administrator  

A Brother making a dispassionate dissection of the Kufr so-called 'Muslim' Marriages Bill, lays bare the skullduggery and shenanigans of the satanic No Name Brand Jamiat of Fordsburg (NNB Jamiat)-MJC alliance. He writes:  


The MMB is going to affect every Muslim. It is my right as a Muslim to be fully informed of every aspect of the Bill so that I can make an informed decision.
I find it highly disturbing that the Alliance did NOT consult/inform the general public of their stance and their input on the Bill before it was gazetted in January 2011, though it was in the making for more than a decade. Not a single public meeting was conducted where members of the Muslim community were briefed and where they were free to express themselves.
.  We hear about engagement but we do not hear about what their stance is on each clause of the MMB. Compared to this lack of transparency, we have the Majlis, the Jamiatul Ulama Gauteng, The Jamiatul-Ulama KZN, the Muslim Lawyers Association, and Constitutional experts such as Ziyad Motala from Havard University and Moulana Moosa Moosagie from the University of Cape Town , and many others, clearly spelling out why the MMB is wrong and unacceptable. In fact, the KZN Jamiat has conducted dozens of meeting throughout the province, meeting face to face with the community and even taking questions from them.  The Jamitaul-Ulama Gauteng is likewise conducting public programs.
This is a far cry from the approach of the MMB Alliance who conduct their programs on Radio stations such as Radio Islam where public calls are controlled and manipulated. Just the other night, Ml. Sulaiman Ravat warned the public that any 'nasty' calls would be cut off. As a Muslim I find this disturbing and view this type of  attitude to be amongst the causes of disunity and subsequent name-calling.
Often we hear that support for the MMB is in fact support for a cause started by our pious Ulama many years ago. The pious Ulama appear to refer to the previous Jamiatul-Ulama Transvaal Ulama which was headed by Mia’s Farm Ulama.
Mia’s Farm Ulama are vehemently opposed to the Muslim Marriages Bill and have informed the Government of their stance. Many years ago they only wanted Muslim Marriages to be recognised.  They certainly did not want a Bill which will have the state meddling in Muslim affairs and proscribing jail sentences for Muslims.
We hear much about leading Ulama. This is also, for want of a milder word, highly deceptive. The MMB Alliance has also repeatedly referred to eight leading Mufti’s of the country without any elaboration. My investigations reveal the following:
Three of the 'leading' mufti’s do not understand, with all due respect, a word of English. Was the entire Bill translated into Urdu for them to offer a fair and informed opinion? Amongst the three Mufti’s, one once proffered the view that the painful stunning of a chicken is similar to anaesthetic being administered which lulls a patient into a state of unconsciousness, and hanging chickens upside down for killing on a fast-moving conveyor belt is like   fowl descending from a roof.  I do not condemn him, for Mufti’s are but human. They also err. However, to accept blindly whatever is mentioned by any Mufti, no matter how illogical it be, is an insult to the intelligence which Allah has blessed me with.
As for the other five Mufti’s, I have not read ANY articles which they authored about the MMB. Really, I am serious and not joking. They have not conducted a single program in any Masjid. Whilst their names are bandied about by the MMB Alliance, they remain publicly silent. And this is another cause for confusion and the prevailing disunity and uncertainty. Anyone who allows his name to be bandied around publicly, on a controversial subject, should be able to explain himself to the public. This is common sense.
Now, here I am sick with worry about how the MMB will affect my children and I cannot find a single article written in support or in refutation or the details of what will the government be engaged upon from five leading Mufti’s – in fact eight – of the country.
Ditto with the Alliance. Like some lucky fafi number “seven out of eight organizations” are bandied about on Radio Stations. So I did a bit of research and discovered the following:
For one, I cannot find any mandate being given to the Alliance by Muslims to speak on behalf of them. Moreover, it is tragic to note that though only one Aalim was on board the Project committee of the MPL, there were seven non-Ulama. In fact there were more women then Ulama on the committee which was plotting a Bill which is in complete violation of Islam speaks about “gender equality”! The Holy Qur’aan says: “And men have a rank above women”. The MMB clearly states in clause three:
“A wife and a husband in a Muslim marriage are equal in human dignity (I agree with this) and both have on the basis of equality full status, capacity”
The Holy Qur’an says “men have a rank over women”. The MMB states both are equal.   One is wrong and one is right   One is true and one is false. As a Muslim, I refuse to accept that the Holy Qur’aan is wrong. As a Muslim I refuse to accept that the Holy Qur’aan has given us a false message.  In fact, as a simple Muslim I do NOT need the Majlis to tell me that I will be losing my Imaan if I accept the MMB version of equality between a man and a woman.
I also want to know something more: Two of the so-called 'Uucsa’s' “eight leading theological bodies in the country” hail from not only one province but from the city of Port Elizabeth!
Now how many followers has the two leading bodies who are members of the so-called 'Uucsa' have in One City? Between the two they cannot get a quarter of the Masjied full. Between the two of them, they have not penned a single article for distribution even in Port Elizabeth. So much so for the Alliance and their Radio station’s claim of “EIGHT leading theological bodies in the country!”
Which sets me thinking aloud more frequently: “Is the MMB Alliance, by refusing to meet the public face to face (like the KZN Jamiat and the Gauteng Jamiat), by not taking us into confidence about exactly what their stance is on each clause, not guilty of deceiving the public?.”
Please, it is my right to ask. Do not attempt to send me on a guilt trip of being disrespectful to Ulama or being a Majlis supporter. Not that I would be embarrassed.
Siding with the harsh Truth expressed without frills and trappings blossoms my Imaan, strengthens my spirit and gives me a sense of clarity. So all I ask is a few simple questions for the Alliance to answer:

1)    How many public meetings did you conduct in an environment of openness and frankness with the Muslim community during the last decade before the MMB was put up for comment?
2)   What is your present detailed STANCE ON EACH CLAUSE of the current MMB?
3)   Which are the Un-Islamic clauses which are no-go areas in your envisaged engagement with Government?
4)    Could you please make public a copy of your input to the present MMB?

The MMB Alliance has repeatedly stated that it is a transparent body dedicated to the welfare of the Ummah. The questions I have asked are meant to clarify my doubts. This here is my right as a Muslim. I only ask for my rights.