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The BBC reports:

Halal meat turkey fraud pair jailed for five years

20 April 2017

Two men have each been jailed for five years after passing off turkey mince as halal lamb to butchers and restaurants they supplied.

Mahmudur Rohman, 46, and Kamal Rahman, 54, both from Peterborough, were convicted at Leicester Crown Court following a trial last month.

Their conspiracy to commit fraud was uncovered by trading standards.

As well as the prison sentence, the men were disqualified from being company directors for four years.

Leicestershire Food Safety team began testing produce more regularly in the wake of the horsemeat scandal in 2013.

Forged certificate

The team found meat being supplied to businesses as lamb was in fact turkey, and traced the suppliers back to Peterborough-based Dutch Bangla Ltd, whose director was Mahmudar Rohman.

The meat was being sold to butchers, wholesalers and restaurants in and around Leicestershire and also as far as Middlesbrough and Portsmouth.

The meat in question was neither lamb, nor halal, the judge in the case said.

Trading standards officers also seized a forged certificate which said the meat had been certified as halal - meaning it had been slaughtered according to Islamic ritual and was suitable for consumption by Muslims.

They estimated Dutch Bangla Ltd made a profit of between £300,000 and £400,000 between January 2013 and October 2014.

The prosecution offered no evidence on all counts against Dutch Bangla Ltd.

Rohman, of Rothbart Way, Peterborough, and Rahman, of Derby Drive, Peterborough, were given 12-month concurrent sentences for selling food not of the nature, quality and substance demanded, and giving or displaying food exposed for sale but labelled wrongly.

They were also each ordered to pay a £120 victim surcharge.


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Do not be complacent under the impression that this carrion fraud has occurred in the U.K., not in South Africa. The Muslim public even here in South Africa has all along been devouring halaalized carrion of a variety of kinds.

Those who certify meat and chickens processed in kuffaar plants are certifying carrion – filth and rot. Muslims have become blatantly shameless and flagrant in the perpetration of sin and transgression. One of the primary causes for the reckless shamelessness and immorality of Muslims of these times is their consumption of carrion. This is also a primary cause of the explosion of serious diseases in the Muslim community.

The carrion certifiers are among the worse accursed specimens of humanity who have fallen on this Ummah fleecing Muslims of their money and in lieu feeding them rotten, diseased haraam carrion not fit for even dogs. While the Qur’aan and the Ahaadith repeatedly command  the consumption of only Halaal and Tayyib food, Muslims are devouring filth and junk certified ‘halaal’ by the agents of Iblees, namely, those  human devils who  are operating the ‘halaal’ certificate trade.

23 Rajab 1438 -21 April 2017